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On the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Postponing the inevitable; they will not know the line until they try to cross it. They are so accustomed to the past; their old way of doing things, making the transition to a new reality is not easy. Doing what they do is normal and right for them; until they understand that this way of life, their way of doing things is no longer allowed; they will not stop. They must try to do business as usual; doing things their customary way until they realized that their old way is no longer acceptable. They must find it for themselves, live the reality in action, weight the cost against the gratification and make a decision. I am hoping that we can learn without having to be forced to learn.

Postponing the inevitable; the lessons that we failed to learn willingly, we will forcefully learn on the battlefield. Sometimes, the battlefield is not necessary arm conflict; take Haiti and the Dominican Republic for example; after years of negating their black population, cut them off out the possibilities of their land, denying them access to the abundance that their country has to offer them, leave them to have a sub class of citizenship. Had they learned to take up their cross, be the Good Samaritan, this crisis that exists now between them would not exist. The Dominican Republic with its new imigration policy (Pogrom) is laying the foundation for a greater conflict in the future if not resolved. I urge the Dominican Republic to help change the living condition of the Haitian migrants in their country. I also urge the Haitian government to set the condition by which such level of negation may never again be repeated. The Haitian Government must create the environment through which true equality can take place. They need to create the environment where it can no longer be implied in any direction for or against. This equality should rest solely on the individual, and be vested with what the land has made available to all of its citizen. This environment should be as such that it can no longer be an inferred or implied equality. This should be the indisputable right of the individual born in the land; rather implied inequality exists in other land and culture. Haiti shall forever be the land of equality to all its citizen, whatever the color of their skin.

China: Applying the formula H=a/n
Levels_of_Awareness The Chinese can easily apply my formula and save themselves lots of problems. You cannot suppress the human spirit; it will find expression somehow. The Chinese are gobbling up all of the resources, takeover everything and suppress the people. If they can learn to balance the equation a little, take up their cross and help the people a little, give them access to the wealth of their land as well; they would have avoided all of these reprisals. There are certain things that Government must do; you cannot leave it to the people to do it; the weak cannot help themselves; but they will cause trouble if left uncared for. They can try this heavy handed policy of repressing the people, but inevitably, balance must be restored. More than any other culture they should know the meaning of balance in nature.

China in Africa
As they grow and expanding their presence in Africa; they must apply the spiritual teachings accustomed to their land; as they take, they must also give back in order to restore balance. Take blacks in America, after years of suppression, cutting them off out of the possibilities that this country had to offer; the frustrated black kids find expression in the Rap Music. The recession of the 1980ís was the breaking point, rap gave them an opportunity to express their anger and frustration and also compensated them for their gifts and talents. This helped restore balance in a world that was rapidly moving toward chaos. I can remember vividly (what I saw in the news) that there was a time gangs of frustrated kids (people called them tugs), they would trash people houses, defecated on their property after robbing them to show their anger and frustration. I personally think that rap helped restore balance in this country.

Parallel world
Battleground Similar phenomena are happening right now in Russia, a country where public decent is not acceptable, freedom of expression is restricted. This is what gave rise to the term donít be a pussy; meaning that you donít complain, take it like a man. You cannot suppress the human spirit forever, it will find expression somehow; this is why there is a new phenomenon in Russia, it is called defiance. Young people are finding a new way to express themselves, by scaling high buildings. The idea of defiance is so woven in the psyche of the new generation that they are willing to die to find new ways to express their spirit. The question asked is why these teens are scaling tall building; the answer is simple; they want to be defiant; they donít want the status quo; the old. Since they donít have the power to change things; they are expressing themselves doing the impossible; give freedom to their spirit. Donít be a pussy for them simply means that they cannot suppress their spirit; they will find way to express themselves; death cannot hold them down. Putin represents the past, a society that cannot yet adjust to the freedom of the spirit; he represents them. They will not know where the line is until they try to cross it. The old is gone, the new is about to begin. Young people are finding new way to express their frustration against an antiquated mentality that is no longer fit for todayís reality. The earth is groaning for the coming of the sons of God; meaning that the earth is crying out for those who will be led by the spirit. They can no longer be contained, restrained; they are moving by the flow of the spirit.

The reality in Russia
The Russians are not willing to let go of the past, while this new generation is slowly coming up, replacing the old. There will be a point of intersection where one will intersect the other, the forces of the past that restrained and the forces of the present that are pushing forward. God has always sent someone to ease the transition, minister the change. The sooner that we can learn what God is teaching us, the faster that we can enter into the future that God wants for us. The challenge is to let go of the past, while resistance is necessary for the new to take roots, but too much resistance can create disruption. Change will take place; this is the nature of things. The world is moving in one direction, forward and toward upper mobility. The other direction is not of God; it is of the devil; for where God is not, the devil takes over. God is not living in the past, but in the present; He is not God for the dead, but for the living.

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