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Dream and Reality: not too far apart
World_System I am amazed to see that dreams are not too far from reality; people will say or do what is true to their character in real life as in dreams. I had this dream last night; I was in a classroom, sitting down with a professor. He was a white old man; he was explaining to me an illustration that was on the wall of the classroom. It was the poster of Thomas Jefferson, an American hero. The poster was an illustration of the good things that he did for the country. There were different scenes in the poster, illustrating something that he did. Each scene had people in them and all of the people were represented by animals, similar to a children illustrations book. He was the only person represented by himself as human in the poster. The professor was proud to show me American history in color. He was showing me in the poster symbols that represented the GDP of America during that time; there was a (%) percentage sign among the symbols, etc. He was writing these symbols for me to see on a piece of paper that was on the table where we were seated. I told him angrily that despite all Jefferson did, there are people who still hate him for what he did not do or done; he supported slavery. I would probably have the same reaction in real life. I don’t know the point for this dream, what I need to learn, but I feel that it was real and true to my character.

Putting the blame where it belongs: blaming the system
I don’t blame the guy; he came short of his assignment because those days when he lived were horrible. There was no room for him to express fully the blessing that God intended to bestow on humanity through him. I understand the reason why he came short; God will make up for his shortcomings. I am sure as the devil continued to loosen his grip on humanity, greater space will be given to souls to express their gifts and talents in any race that made up the human race. The devil’s way of negating one race and promoting another to create division, forcing human beings to consume the fruit of separation is no more. Thanks to Jesus who came to expose him, destroying his works; “Now is the ruler of this world cast out, the darkness of this world cast out ”. Even a white guy as powerful as Jefferson was could not express fully his gifts and talents those days without opposing the system. It is the system that needs to change to give room for souls to operate in this world in every race that made up the human race, to express their gifts and talents, to bring the blessing of God to humanity. See

Singing along:
Shout with a voice of triumph, shout the victory “. The Lord mighty in battle; Jesus is Lord over us all, God has made Him Lord over us all, He overcame the world, this world system. Today Jesus said that "today this scripture is fulfilled in your ears". This means that what you had been expected to hear for a long time is now public knowledge. It is no longer hidden. The truth that you have been waiting to hear is now in front of you; you have no choice but to accept it. Today, I am revealing the truth about black people as God revealed it to me; your time to express freely in this world is now. The restrictions that have been put on you are no longer; you are free to express your gifts and talents as God given them to you to bless humanity. Your possibility to achieve, to attain in this world is given without restrictions. You just have to accept the word of God as the truth. Jesus came for one purpose that is to give you access to the abundance of this life. If you are alive; you have the right to participate in the abundance of this world.

Why you don’t have?

Why you are not part of the abundance of this world?

Why are you lagging behind?

You don’t have simply because you have been denied access to the possibilities of this world? How this happened; is the difficult thing to explain? This is the challenge; only God can reveal it to you; it is too complex, too intricate; it is part of the darkness of this world. Hope showed up in the form of Jesus Christ redeeming humanity from the grips of the devil. “Sit to My right, until I make of your enemies your foot stool ”, all of those who oppose God, sowing division are enemies of humanity. God created one humanity; He intended humanity to be one, no division, but the devil entered the world, sowing division and discord. “Who told you that you are naked God asked Adam ” Adam did not know that he was naked and apart from the world around him. He was one with God and with the world around him until the devil tricked him to consume the fruit of separation. God had warned him not to partake in this fruit for He knows that the day he does, he will separate himself from Him. This is death, for apart from God, there is no life. “The day that you eat of it; you shall surely die ”. This is the truth that the devil concealed from Adam, separation and division bring death.

God is One; He will not be One where there is division and discord; this type of spirit is of the devil. He is the spirit of division; he entered the world when Adam gave him access by partaking in the fruit of self. Except we deny the self, deny the process that gives us this ego, this pride, we cannot be in the light of God. This is what Jesus said, you must deny this kind of activity, it belongs to the darkness of this world.

The Darkness of this world:
The world without knowledge is a terrible place; we don’t know what moves us, what is driving us to behave the way we do. We need the light of God to shine on the darkness of this world, to show us what is affecting us. This site is devoted to bring the light of Christ to the world. We are here to bring awareness to the world. We offer tidbits of knowledge, bit size of understanding, helping people understand the forces that affect them, shaping their existence.
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The System Got to Him:
World_System He too was restrained and could not carry out to the fullest of what God intended for him to do. The constraints of the time would not allow him to perform the assignment that God gave him. He could not include black people in his human rights declaration. Even if he entertained the thought; his actions were contrary to his belief. The denying of the self, renouncing the process that gave him his identity as lord and master over other human beings he could not do. This is a public declaration that we are all required to do before we can follow Jesus. “Except a man is born of water and spirit ”, a public statement renouncing the self, the ego, the way of the devil is a prerequisite to follow Jesus. “Let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me ”, the self was his lordship over the slaves that he owned, the denial should have been a public statement that included the rights of the slaves and the cross was for him to embrace the suffering of the slaves. This self, this selfish ego, God does not want us to have. He wants us to pattern our lives after Jesus, a selfless life, free of ego. He was above and we are beneath, that He said it himself, but His position did not stop him from reaching out to us to show us the way to God.


What excuse fits him?
The grip of the devil on humanity was too strong at that time; he could not do what God intended for him to do. “And when you are converted Jesus told Peter ”, for now, you are excused. To deny the self and take up the cross is the true conversion. Peter still had an ego that stand in the way of God using him to the fullest. Jefferson could not embrace the suffering of the slaves, because he had his ego to protect. He was still creating his identity through the process of negating others to elevate himself, the old way, the way of the devil. We must deny that process, before we can be true followers of Jesus Christ and be in the light of God.

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