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What We discussed thus far on this site
I showed why blacks were systematically destroyed by this system of things. I also showed why this system of things thrives in keeping the adversarial stance that exists between blacks and whites. I also showed why the white race is promoted by this world system and why the black race is restrained and kept behind. I also showed that the adversarial stance that exists between blacks and whites is also the fuel that maintains this system of things. Blacks are restrained and kept behind and whites are promoted and excel forward so that there may be differences in their achievements, so that the disparities that exist between them can be used to resort differences between the two races and that these differences are used to separate them. This is the original sin of humanity, the fruit of separation, the fruit of better than, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is consumed to promote the self, the ego.

I also showed the tone that exists in this world, the attitude that we have toward what we see is what thwart our perception of reality, see the world as it is. This is what makes this system of things the darkness of this world. You cannot explain it, you just experience it. I also showed you why this system uses negation as a tool to maintain and sustain itself, I also so how the consequences of negation, which is cutting off the darker skin complexions out of the possibilities of this world in order to keep the adversarial stance going, keeping humanity consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. I also showed that it is through the choices that we made or failed to make that cause us lag behind, left behind out of the attainment of this world thus giving the forces of darkness the legal right to keep us under this system of things. The moment that we miss our marks, failed to make the choices that God placed before us, we become the enemy. There is an automatic adversarial stance that exists between the seed of righteousness inside of us (Also called the seed of greatness) and the seed of wickedness, the adversary, the devil. This happen by default, the sooner that you are not fulfilling God’s will, you become the enemy. Hence you miss your mark; you give the adversary access to you or the right to keep you under his grips. If it was not for the grace of God, you would be left behind forever. God is continuously working through Christ to take you back from under the forces of darkness to the leadership of His son, His kingdom.

This system is regurgitating; it takes what was and no more and uses it to create this façade that we call world. This is why as people become aware of their possibilities in Christ, this system has no choice but release you out of its grip.
There are two fundamental problems for blacks, the fact that they are lagging behind is one, and the fact that they are negated; cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world is another. Anyone can miss their mark, failed to make the choices that God placed before them, but the fact that the consciousness that was is not only cut off, but also made to negate that which is black and dark and promote that which is white and light. As a result the tonality of this world has changed. The possibility to attain and to achieve in this world is given only to whites and blacks are negated, cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world.

If a soul wants to achieve something in this world, it has to take a white body, for white is promoted and back is negated. For a long time, all that was to achieve in this world were to be achieved by whites, the white race.

A soul that has gifts and talents to bless this world has no choice but to take on a white body.

Today the Tonality of this world is changing, the possibility to achieve and to attain in this world is extended to the entire spectrum of all the colors that made up the human race, black is no longer a color to be negated. God is pouring His spirit on all fleshy, the reaper shall overtake the sower. He is compressing time and accelerating time, making things moving at a faster pace. Jesus came to give us life and that we may have life more abundantly. But in order for that to be true, He must destroy the works of darkness, cast out the ruler of the darkness of this world. “And for that He came, to destroy the works of the devil”. “I came so that you may have life and have it more abundantly”; Jesus.

What is it that I do?
I take complex and intricate things and present them in a simple and easy way for people to understand. This is my gift; this is my talent. God wants me to take all of this complex and intricate world that we call humanity and present it in a simple and easy way for people to understand. In a nutshell, in one bite, I present to you what people have not been able to do for centuries, why blacks lag behind, why whites excel and prosper, why we have different layers of world of people, an Industrial World of people, an Emerging world of people, a Third World of People and finally a Tribal World of people. What happen to the consciousness of the past, why it lingers in the present, seeking expression, why God separates the world into regions, countries? I am making this one single video available which is a summary of everything I discussed on this site, culminating to one single thing Humanity and Christ in one bite. I am making people aware of what God is doing for humanity at this present moment in time.

Current Reality
Hate me all you want, but this video will help you, cure you of all human prejudices that may rise in your heart, free you to express your full potential as a human being, not as a Blackman, a Whiteman, Red or Yellow but simply human, a consciousness in God as He intended you to be. You are a class being; this class being is called humanity. T he standard of that class being is Jesus Christ. He is the standard of what God wants you to be before giving you access to your power, your full potential.
I showed how the white race become the dominant race and excel forward. It is of the possibility to attain and to achieve in this world. If whites are promoted and blacks are negated, there is no possibility to bring gift and blessing trough a black body.

There was a time; even the gifts given by God to a Blackman were suppressed, unless it was a particular gift, a special gift. All that could be attained in this world belongs to the white race. There was no way for a soul to come in the earth in a black body to bless the world; it has to be trough a white body. The devil tried to literally make whiteness the light of the world. He failed with Hitler, Apartheid, and Jim Crow now hat left are just those who have not yet caught up with the reality of the world.

Free yourself of human prejudices, which you have no control, support this project, become fully aware of your possibilities in Christ, take your place as a human being in the consciousness that God created you to be. I need people of all races, who understand what God is doing and step up. Race was controversial, but thanks to God, with the light of Christ dispensing knowledge and understanding we can now see through the works of darkness, race is no longer an issue.

What God wants is for you to know why we have people in the world that cannot create Better Living World to live, why they lag behind? I am sure that this is a subject that anyone would be interested in, even the government. I want you to partner with me in making this project a reality.

Where God is with us right now, Present Reality

Developing the seed of Greatness
"a new approach to education"

The Seed of Righteousness is the seed of Perfection, the Seed of Greatness

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