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God is here now!
Consciousness Man is essentially a consciousness, a frequency in God. God wants to bring us to the reality of the consciousness He created us to have, who He created us to be. God is pure consciousness, when you miss Him for whatever reason, you stay behind; you are stuck in the consciousness of the past. The present is where humanity is currently, the reality where God is taken us. Are you current with the time? Do you know where God is at this present time? I mean, what He is doing at this time for humanity? Humanity is moving forward, trailing behind it is the reality of the past, leaving behind different points in time when God was doing something in our consciousness, working with us. They are the consciousness of the past; they donít go away, they become the tail of humanity. ďIt is all about consciousness, rather you are fully aware of the reality that God created you to be, becoming a fully conscious human beingĒ


Humanity is a collection of : Different periods when God has engaged the human consciousness
Humanity is a collection of different points of awareness in the spiritual development of man, this is why we have remnants of those periods of human consciousness lingering in the present, seeking expression in a time or period when God is doing something else with humanity. Trouble happened, conflicts happened in the world when the reality of the past no longer fits the present. In so we have remnants of the human consciousness that can be traced as far back when humanity was only an infant spiritually, reconnecting to a spiritual awareness that it has lost. God is walking us back in time, getting us back to the reality that we once had with Him when Adam, the first man walked the earth. Somehow man has lost awareness of this spiritual reality, his consciousness began to be imbeded in nature. God is reconnecting us to the spiritual reality that we once have, the spiritual awareness that we once had. The past is the different periods where God was reconnecting us with the spiritual awareness that He created us to be. Where He is now with the human consciousness, the reality that He created us to be; we need to be aware of it?

Periods when God has Engaged our Awareness : Human Consciousness Past


Sin separated man from God, man lost awareness of his spiritual reality, the human consciousness plunged deeper into nature; Godís plan of redemption is put in action. These periods of human history are actually points in the flow of time when God has engaged our consciousness trying to bring us back to the reality that we once had with Him.
Some are so far back that they are about to be cut off from the consciousness of humanity.

Periods when God will engage our Awareness : Human Consciousness Present and Future


The Tribal World: taken the leap of faith from one world to the next
Man lived closer to nature and nature was his god. He is no longer conscious of his spiritual reality; he relied on intermediaries, third class spirits to guide him and gave him knowledge of the plant world for food and medicine, the survival skills against the forces of nature. This period of human consciousness is still embedded in our consciousness, inside all of us; it should no longer be out there as a way of life. God is not there in it anymore; He is here now in the reality of the present. ďGod is not God for the dead, but for the living Ē. Those that insist of living in the reality of the past will create conflict. Those who insist in keeping their way of life will be too far removed from the head to be sustained spiritually. The love of God can reach to any depth to get us out, but if they willfully chose to stay behind; they may not be able to take the leap of faith to catch up.
The number of people living in the consciousness of the past diminishes as humanity continues to move forward in time. .As people take the leap of faith, to meet God where He is now, the number become smaller and smaller.

Our Present Reality : The World as it is now, with consciousness of Past and Present


The Present, where we are now
Christ does not negate us, and cut us out of the possibilities of this world. This is the attitude, the tone, the tonality of the world He wants for us to live. He wants us to take up our cross, that is to embrace the shortcomings, the weaknesses of our fellow human beings, the frailty of life. He came to give us life and that we may have life more abundantly. This is the fundamental difference between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. God does not negate us, He affirms us. The difference is clear, negation and affirmation, the cross versus the self; you embrace those that are left behind and help them move forward. You donít cut them off, deny them their possibilities in life, and boost your ego in order to elevate yourself at their expense. You deny your selfish ego and take on the likeness of Jesus Christ, the only ego that God intended for you to have.

Worlds of People: Industrial, Emerging, Third and Tribal world of People


Humanity is a similar to a snake moving through time, crawling its way toward the consciousness that God intended for us to achieve. We are slowly getting closer to the reality that God intended for us to be. For a long time the human consciousness was separated from God, losing awareness of its spiritual reality. God is slowly getting us to where He wants us to be. Jesus is the final reality, the consciousness that He wants us to achieve in Him. He wants to release us, gives us full access to His creative power, the power to create first class world for us to live.

Countries and Regions : People are separated by countries and regions, goat and sheep nations


Every created being has a consciousness in God, a distinct frequency that tells God what class of created being you belong to. Jesus is the standard by which God measures humanity, which tells Him the class of being that you are, rather that you belong to the Humanity that He intended when He created us; Jesus is the measure of that consciousness.

Countries, nations are formed because not all of us are conscious of the reality that He created us to be, some of us have issues, things that we need to work on before He can gives us access to His creative power. Some of us have missed the marks He set for us; we need to work on them collectively. He groups us by regions and countries, different worlds of people. Some of us are so far back, removed from the consciousness that He intended for us; they are the tail of humanity. We have the tribal world of people, the tail of humanity, people with consciousness that belong to a far distant past when human beings were living close to the earth, close to nature. We have a Third world, a chaotic world of people, a sea of individuals driven by the need for recognition, they are in a state of fixation of attention; they can never join collectively to achieve great things. The Emerging world of people is in between, not quite, on the verge of becoming. And finally, the industrial world of people is capable of working together collectively to achieve great things. They are not so driven, fixated on a single need; they can defer their egos for the greater good.

Culmination, Crescendo, the Finality, what brings us to this point

Summary, Revision
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ďGod declared that race is no longer an issueĒ

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