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Induction: to the Hall of fame

You get to be inducted to The Hall of Fame, meaning fulfilled the seed of greatness that God placed inside of you, take part in the glory because of what your big brother has done. He is now seated at the right hand of the Father, as so you are. You donít need to know the intricacies and the complexities of it, the fact that He was processed, paid a price for admission; you too can now be admitted into The Hall of Fame, seated in heavenly places with Him. When He said that it is finished, that means He is a finish product, He completed the task, anyone who is willing can now use Him. God made Him available for you; this is why you no longer have to live in a cave, away from society or be a hermit living in a monastery to experience the spiritual life. Jesus is the path to the spirit.

God is doing a new thing, the way to the Buddha is made anew; Christ is the new reality, He is the dharma in action. Those who have achieved enlightenment through the path of Buddha hood will now rejoice to see the ease; how easy God has made it for us now to see the inner light. God is making Himself personal to us and us personal to Him through Christ. This new reality requires of us to live by faith, to trust in what He has done. The analytical mind does not have to get involve; it requires of us only to have faith in the product. The product is perfect; Jesus is the finish product, the final concretization of all that God has done. Now we have full access of what God has done by using the product. The only thing that is required of us is to have faith in the Jesus. Faith is the key that gives us access to the complexities and the intricacies of the product. It is the interface between us and all that God has done for us. We need to have faith. Faith is the interface between the complexities of the spiritual world and us, faith in the new reality that God is doing. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam are all the past. God is the only reality, wherever He wants us to be; this is where we should be. He is pure consciousness and we are a frequency in Him, He had a standard in mind when He created man, a measure by which He identifies us and Jesus is that measure. He is the measure that makes God personal to us and us personal to Him.

What is religion?
Religion is really our capacity to understand God, who is an infinite and pure consciousness. As our capacity to understand grows, as such God reveals Himself to us to the capacity that we can understand Him. So what was may no longer is or what still is yet not. What matter is where the head of humanity is; right now Christ is the head; this is where God is; this is the reality of the present.
Islam is an amalgam, a little bit of Christianity together with what the people needed at the time Mohamed walked the earth. I am sure that their time will come; when they will see God through Christ redeeming humanity, working through them and with them to free them of oppression and repression and give them the freedom that they so much desire.

Get on With the Truth:
Go on with the program, you have no chance but to accept the affirmative action that God puts in place to help you. Affirmative action is a cross, the plus sign, the positive sign of the cross. You cannot do it because you simply canít; you have no choice but to accept the affirmative action that God put in place to help you. ďApart from Him, you can do nothingĒ. Sure there is a system working against you, but whatever the reason why you are behind, the system has a right to hold you down. You give it that right when you failed to make the choices that God placed before you. When you missed your marks, you gave the system the legal right to keep you behind. Now when God delivered you, take you from under the grips of the devil and put you under the leadership of His son; you are affirmed. You can no longer be denied, because Jesus has made a way. All power and authority had been given unto Him; if you make Him your Lord and Savior. No power on earth can keep you from accessing the blessing of God.

Come to God as you are: you must acknowledge that you cannot do it by yourself
You must come to Him as you are; you must first admit that you are where you are in poverty, in lack because you cannot create first class world for you to live without His creative power to help you. There is a cause; it is not just the system is working against you. There is a legal right for the system to work against you; you give it that right. God wants to take you from under the control of this system and return you your right to access His creative power. You cannot create first class world for you to live, because you donít have the spiritual maturity to work collectively with other people to do great things. For one reason or another; you have missed your marks. You are not where God wants you to be. If you are not in the light of God; you are in the darkness of this world. You cannot sustain the reality of the present. The devil wants to negate you and deny you. What God wants to do is to affirm you as His own. <Affirmative Action
>, grafted you to His son so that you can have access to His spirit.

Show me the money!
ďYou shall know a tree by its fruits
Ē. It does not matter why you lag behind, the fact that you are, is important; the fact that you cannot do anything about it by yourself. All that you are doing is beating around the bush, going around in circle, playing outside the field where your scoring does not count; you are where you first started. ďApart from me, you can do nothingĒ I think that it is the time for you to acknowledge that you cannot do anything without God; the system will not let you. It is simply a question of maturity; this is why God groups people together as Third world, Emerging World and Industrial World. You cannot join collectively as a whole to do great things simply because you cannot. You donít have yet collectively the spiritual maturity to do it. As individuals, you may be able to fit in certain places, within certain groups, but collectively, you cannot do it on your own. The sooner that you acknowledge that fact, the faster God can take you to the next level. He alone can take you to the next level collectively.

You are probably tired of having me repeating myself, saying the same thing over and over again, but God wants you to succeed. I am doing what God wants me to do. Human prejudices and discrimination will not entirely go away until everyone catches up, until there are no more differences to resort between peopleís achievements. When you catch up with the rest, the system will have no choice but to let you go. Negation will have no more power over you, because you are now operating at the same level with them; the playing field is even.

God wants to empower you with His spirit; gives you access to His creative power. He wants to give you the power to create first class world to live. He wants to make you a son after the image of His son. His son is the pattern of obeisance that you must copy, you must mirror, in order for Him to give you access to His spirit, His creative power. His promise will stand; you are to accept it and take hold of it. Beating around the bush, beating on your chest trying to do it on your own power will not work. The system will get you and keep you behind without God. Apart from Him, you have no power against this system of things. Jesus is your only way out of this system of things, out of the darkness of this world.

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