B E T T E R   L I V I N G   W O R L D  

Literal as can be: the Blessing of God

It is Black and White, Noir sure Blanc, clear as a Bell, Literal as possible:

“ Until now, Me and My father are busy working”; Jesus said

Working through you and with you….

Doing what;......you may ask?

Getting us back, taken us back from under the grips of the devil

“ God is reconciling the world to Himself through Christ”; helping you take back territories from the devil and give them back to you.

“ Occupy until I come”; Jesus said.

You have a duty and responsibility to keep people from undermining your progress; foreign and domestic.

“ Occupy” means diligently looking for people who are out to make you loose your gain. The devil has people working for him as well as God; “ We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, spirit of wickedness in high places, rulers of the darkness of this world”, emissaries of the devil, doing the biddings of the devil. People may not know what they are doing consciously, but you do; they are undoing your progress, trying to take back from you what God has taken back from the devil for you.

Reality Check!
By now, it should be apparent that this is a fact of life; it is literally what it says it is; God promised to bless all of the family of the earth through the seed of righteousness is real as can be. It is literal in meaning and it is a fact. It does not matter that you are a Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or Christian; this promise is for you if you can conform to His standard of righteousness. God is fact regardless of your religion or nationality, He is a reality, a consciousness, He does not conform to religion, or race; He is a fact of life, there is no way around Him, the blessing out of poverty, lack, backwardness is through His standard of righteousness. You cannot prosper in life or excel forward in life if you let corruption gets its way in your country, crimes, instability. If there is no stability, there is not prosperity. Jesus is not called the prince of peace for nothing, blessing and peace are intertwined together; He is the seed of righteousness through which God will bless you. It is therefore your duty as a citizen to fight corruption, crime, injustice wherever you see it in your country.

As you do these things, God will take notice and transfer you from under the rulers of the darkness of this world and put you under the rules and leadership of His Son Jesus Christ.

“ No one come to Me, except the Father sent Him”; you cannot come under His rules, under His leadership except God sent you. God can only sent you if you obey His rules, His statutes and commandments. Your standing against corruption will not go unnoticed by God. He wants to be sure that you are His; His standard of being, His measure of righteousness. Your blessing out of poverty literally hangs on His standard of being, and His measure of righteousness. The only way that you can have full access to His blessing is that He puts you under the rules and leadership of His Son Jesus. You must leave the rulers of the darkness of this world and become part of the ruler of Hs kingdom, the kingdom of light.


Is the keyword

Translation from under one ruler and to be placed under another.....

This is the blessing, literally out of poverty; a new Demarche in life…

You can see it clearly happening in Haiti right now. Before the people working working in the Haitian government were working for themselves (Self), taking care of their family, their lifestyle, etc; now they are working for the people (Selfless).

“ Except a man denies himself and take up his cross, he cannot follow Me” you cannot be part of the ruler of the kingdom of God and be selfish, working for self. Selfishness is the antithesis of God. Any country that put self before the people will fail; it is that simple. Self is concentric not expansive, like a fist, it takes in and does not let out, it does not open up; it traps people in.

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