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Intertwined: The world, the system of things that is running it is very intricate, complex, everything is interconnected
Intertwined The world, the system that is running it is a web of things interconnected and intertwined together that is called the system of things. It is an intricate design of things that is so twisted that the bible calls it the darkness of this world. The only way for us to understand it is to separate it to its individual components, break them down into pieces, bite size and make them simple for people to understand. Sometimes we start talking about one thing and ended up talking about something else simply because things are interconnected, everything is connected to everything else. This is what makes life intricate. Life is complex, intricate; Jesus came to give us greater access to life, shine His light into the darkness of this world, makes our path easier to experience life. God sent Him to be a light in the world. Jesus came to increase our experiences of life, giving greater access to life. He is the light of the world; His job is to shine His light into the darkness of this world. He is the Christ, the revelation that we need to become His church. We are the church and the church is His body, therefore we are the light of the world. We are bringing the light of God into the world.

We have to break things down into pieces, bite size for people to understand. We cannot give them the understanding all at once; we have to do it in tidbits, small portions so that people don't get lost in the intricacy and the complexity of life. This is what our site is all about; we are presenting to people knowledge and understandings in bit size. Today we want to talk about sheep nations and goat nations, what set them apart, what makes them behaves differently from each other. We are talking about the greater whole, the percentage of the population of a country, the number of people that are stiff-necked, rigid, and not pliable. We are talking about nation building, what makes reconstructing and rebuilding one nation possible and others not. We are talking about why the United States under the Marshall Plan was able to rebuild Germany, Japan and South Korea into successful nations and why this success is harder to duplicate in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Degree: Percentage
The_Greater_Whole It is all about the degree, the percentage of people that is lagging behind. It is about the capacity of the people to receive the help that has been given. Even though the effort may be greater in Afghanistan and Iraq, the result may not be as great as the previous countries. The resistance to change is greater in countries that are goat nations, not pliable. Sometimes it takes a strong leader to align the people in the right direction. You donít need a tyrant, but someone who has a vision. This kind of rigidity, you cannot easily overcome without a strong hand. China is well on their way, but at first the people needed a strong hand to lead them in the right direction. The percentage of the population resisting change was too great for China to overcome without a strong leader. Can a country disposition be changed; I say yes because it is all in the percentage; it is a matter of balancing the equation, balancing humanity with the forces that are resisting change and the forces that are pushing forward. If you are lagging behind, the devil has the right to restrain you, negate you out of your possibilities in this world. If you can balance the percentage of the population that are moving forward with that those that are regressing backward, you can balance the equation, fulfilling your humanity, fulfilling Godís intention.

The amount of resources put out by the United States is much greater in Afghanistan than that of Germany after World War II. Every country has a degree of corruption, people who resist change, people who cannot see the need of the greater whole, but the percentage is what makes the difference. The success could be greater in Afghanistan; if measured by the degree of resistance. The percentage of the Afghan population that is lagging behind is greater than that of Germany, Japan or Korea. The resistance in Afghanistan is on going, unending. This is what separates the goat nations from the sheep nations.

The Equation: Applying the formula H = a/n
Levels_of_Awareness Haiti and the Dominican Republic are perfect examples of the degree by which Negation can affect a country. Balancing the equation will be a reoccurring theme on this site, because H = a/n is the formula for humanity, explaining the forces that shaped human existence. We are using this formula to explain why the success in Germany, Korea and Japan is not easily duplicated in Afghanistan and Iraq. The question has always been about the greater whole, the degree of Negation. It is a delicate balance; there are many factors that can increase the degree by which Negation affects a country. Using the past in contrast to the present, we are explaining the forces responsible for human development. Life is a struggle between two poles, two extremes, two forces that shaped humanity to what it is today. They are the forces for Attainment and the forces for Negation. This formula will simplify the workings of these two forces; help us understand stagnation and retardation around the world; help us solve conflicts that can be costly in human lives. These two forces intersect each other many times in different fashion, but at the core of this struggle is humanity itself, human lives. H = humanity, meaning that embracing our humanity is the key to solve problem, removed tension, resolved conflicts. A = the force for Attainment with the United States as the leader of the Western world with Capitalism as the ideal for moving humanity forward. N= the force for Negation, represented by the Soviet Union, then leader of the Eastern Block countries with Communism as the ideal for restraining and keeping humanity behind. The struggle is always the same; it is a war between two forces, the forces for Attainment and the forces for Negation. One is restraining humanity backward and the other is pushing humanity forward. When they intersect at the breaking point; it is the time when God intervenes directly in our lives to facilitate a change. The struggle is for Humanity, which ideal is best for humanity. Those who are restrained and lagging behind, see the opposing force as the cause and those who are far ahead, see the opposing force as a threat to their advancement. At the end; if we are not embracing our humanity, we are not fulfilling Godís will. The actors may change, those who represent Negation may change; the ideal may change, but the struggle is the same. It is always about the forces that restrained and keeping people behind against the forces that are pushing people forward. Today it is no longer Communism that is the ideal for restraining humanity; it is Isis, the Taliban, Boko Haram and all of the other groups that represent people who are lagging behind. They are pushing an ideal that no longer fits for humanity. Godís will be done in this struggle, embracing our humanity is the solution, the cross is the path. Denying the self and embracing our humanity are the two steps that we need to take for humanity to move forward.

The Battle of Nations: the battle of ideals
First there was the Monarchy, the king representing God on earth. Too much excess, kings abusing their power, then there was the French Revolution, people aspired for a Better Living World transferring power to the people. They killed everyone that stood in their way. Then there was the Russian Revolution with the Bolshevik Party offering Communism as an alternative, a counter weight for advancing humanity. History has proven that Communism was not an ideal for pushing humanity forward. Any ideal that does not promote the freedom of the human spirit, the power for people to choose, cannot advance humanity forward. It is the spirit that gives life; if it restricted; there is no chance for creativity, growth and expansion. Even China had to adjust their brand of Communism to give more freedom of expression to their people. The operating word for killing people then was the word Revolution, the excuse they needed, today it is Jihad. This is what is wrong with Islam; they are using the term to impose Sharia law on the rest of humanity at the expense of the freedom of the human spirit to choose. God values our choices above anything else. We are worth nothing to Him, unless we can make a choice between Him and the devil. The West and its ideology of human freedom, free market will always stand above other form of ideologies because they championed life over death, they championed the human spirit power to choose. Every choice that we make in life has one of these two components, life or death. God is in the life giving business, absence of Him is death. Therefore if you donít value life; you are against God.

The Killing Continued: looking back
It wasnít long ago that the Khmer Rouge murdered close to two million people in Cambodia. They were killing in the name of their ideal, what they thought was better for their country and for the rest of humanity. The struggle hasnít changed; it is still about the forces that are pushing humanity forward and the forces that are restraining humanity backward. It was a struggle between East and West, Capitalism vs Communism; each represents one of the two forces that are shaping humanity. The struggle was between the West that was pushing humanity forward with Capitalism as its ideal and the East with Communism as its ideal restraining humanity backward. The struggle was about the Western block countries that were ahead and the Eastern block countries that were behind. Today there are new players representing the forces that are restraining humanity backward. The Soviet Union and Communism are no longer the actors. Today we have Isis and Islam as its ideal for restraining humanity backward. Which ideal is moving humanity forward is measured in the improvement of living condition for people? Each side is claiming that their ideal is better. Today we know that Communism is not the ideal for pushing humanity forward. Extreme Capitalism is also been questioned as the ideal for humanity. God has an ideal in mind for humanity; it is in the
life that Jesus prescribed for us. His way of life guarantees us an increase in everything that we do. The precepts in His teachings are the way. The requirements to follow Jesus are that we deny the self, reject the way of separation and division and take up our cross. Denying the self is to deny the identity that we gain through division and separation, the way of the devil. We take up our cross when we take our new identity in Christ Jesus, meaning that we embrace our humanity, take in account the frailty of life, the short comings of our fellow human beings, their weaknesses, etc.

The Cross is the solution:
The cross is us embracing our humanity. This is the second leg of the two basic requirements to follow the path that God set for humanity. Jesus is the path; He is the pattern for us to follow. Denying the self and embracing our humanity are the two requirements that we must meet in order to be in compliance with God. You cannot follow the way of the devil, the way of separation and be with God, nor can you deny your humanity and please God. These two requirements are what God requires of us in order to meet the standard that He set for humanity. Governments around the world can do a lot by putting the need of people first, help those that are far behind catch up with those that are far ahead, help reduce the percentage of their populations that are lagging behind; meaning balancing the equation.

Expanding you!
Intricate God wants to increase your capacity to receive so that you can move forward. The past is the problem; embracing the future is the solution. Jesus revealed the path that will make us fluid, flexible, easy to make the shift when the time requires it. His way of life is the path, the precepts in His teachings; if you apply them in your daily life will allow God to come and live inside of you. His Holy Spirit will quicken you, increase your cognitive ability, and increase your intuitive capacity, giving you the ability to see the subtle changes that are happening around you so that you can make adjustment. The world is not static, it is dynamic; God is always doing something new. His Holy Spirit will allow you to see what He is doing and hear when He speaks to you. If you donít have His Holy Spirit inside of you to guide you, shine a light in the darkness of this world to show you the way; you cannot see and respond to Him. If you cannot see what God is doing nor hear Him talking to you; you will be left behind in the darkness of this world and become prey to the forces of darkness. They will devour you and use you as fuel to maintain this system of things that is running the world. ď Be alert and of sober minded. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devourĒ. That someone could be you or people who are left behind in the darkness of this world.



There are three steps for God to expand you, deny yourself, take up your croos and live the lifestyle


God wants to expand you:
God is a God of increase; He is always expanding, increasing; it is natural that He wants to expand you. God cannot mold you nor shape you if you are stiff-necked, too rigid and have roots too deep into the ground; you cannot hear Him. He is an all consuming God; His power will consume anything that is false about you, restraining you. ďThe chaff He will consume with an unquenchable fireĒ. God is fire; He burns from within; only the pure of heart can stand in His presence. He cannot stand people who are too stiff, too rigid; He wants them to respond quickly. He said it Himself; ďMy spirit will not strive in man forever". You are a mortal being; you donít have enough time for Him to do what He wants to do in you; your days are numbered. One aspect of God is time; His timing is not our choosing. He does things in His own timing; we should be able to respond when the time requires us. God is love, God is time; His love is patient, but His timing we have no control over. We need to learn to acquiesce to Him. This is what Jesus is doing; He is making us ready to meet God. God's nature will not change for us. He is all consuming; His fire will consume any impurity in us. He does not want us to be burned in the process. He sent Jesus His Son to prepare us and makes us ready. Jesus is making it simple; it is all in the life that you live. He prescribed the life that you must live so that God can come in and live inside of you. He gave you the requirements that you must meet to follow Him. You must deny the self, meaning reject the way of the devil and take up your cross, meaning embracing your humanity.
Easy as butter, the simple precepts in His teachings make life easy for God to come inside of you and makes His dwelling; it is that simple.

Capacity to receive: God wants to increase your capacity
No matter how well intended we are; we cannot help others if they donít have the capacity to receive. God wants to increase our capacity to receive so that the help that is offered to us can be fruitful. I said in the beginning of this page that the success that the Marshall Plan had in Europe, Japan and Korea is not easily duplicated in Iraq and Afghanistan, simply because the people capacity to receive the help is not there. Man by nature is self oriented, until He accepts Godís new way of doing thing; deny the self and take up his cross, he will do everything in relation to himself, his need, his perception. In a free market environment; it requires people who are sharp, quick to respond to a dynamic environment. If they are too slow, not fast enough to respond, others will take advantage of them. This is why Jesus came to quicken you, increase your cognitive ability, increases your intuitive capacity, giving you the edge that you need to cope with a fast changing environment.
Case in point, President Bill Clinton is a good man, he intended well for Haiti, but there were no competent people to receive what he was offering, you see now the result. He said it himself that some of his policies when he was president did not go well for Haiti. Had he know now, he would have done things differently. I believe that if there were competent people dealing with him, looking after the interests of Haiti; they could have guided him in doing what was best for the country. It is like parents raising children; if they have one child missing a few leaves, if the child cannot do for himself or herself, people will take advantage of the child, sometimes even the parents.

The Stones Will Cry Out: History is telling us the truth
In any country where the freedom of the human spirit comes first, free enterprise, the freedom to choose; this also requires a level of spiritual maturity. You must be sharply aware of yourself and your environment. You must be quick to respond to the subtle changes that are happening around you. If you donít have the spirit of God in you to quicken you, people can easily take advantage of you.

Case in Point:
Haiti is the only country in the Caribbean that had its currency traded evenly with the US dollar for a long time. This happened because they had their own basic industries that every nation needs to survive. This was before they liquidated their sugar, cement, flour, tomatoes and other industries and started importing from their neighbor the Dominican Republic. They did not have competent leaders at the time to negotiate the future needs of the Haitian people. They listened to politicians that had their own business interests in the Dominican Republic. They even sold the railroad tracks that the country could use in the future for transportation. If you have no one to defend your interests, others will take advantage of you. This is basic human nature; we are not all yet translated out of the kingdom of darkness and come under the Government of God; follow His way of doing things. We are still operating under the system we inherited from the devil, the system that is based on self interest and separation.

Why they need God: leaders, politicians
This explains why they need God; they are too slow; they cannot keep up with the needs and the demands of the world around them. They donít have t he speed, the capacity to keep up with the world t hat is changing right before them. They need the Holy Spirit of God to quicken them. They are holding on to a past that can no longer sustain the reality of the present. People who are living in the consciousness of the past, relying on third grade spirits, intermediaries to negotiate the power of God for them. Today, people need the mind of Christ to deal with a fast changing world. We are living in the age of acceleration; everything is speeding up exponentially. God can help them take t he quantum leap of faith to be where He3 wants them to be. All they need is to accept the plan of God for their lives. God gave them a pattern to follow; Jesus is that pattern. The precepts in His teachings are the means to give them access to the spirit of God. It is the spirit of God that will quicken them, makes them fluid, flexible, able to see and respond to the needs of the world around them.     
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