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Day Light: Casting out the darkness of this World
Points of Progression

Much obliged: they will be forced to pay attention

The question that is often asked by people I met that feel marginalized, left out of the possibilities of this world is that white people are closer to Asians than they are to blacks. They want to know why is that so. They feel that Asians are treated much more as equals and with respect by whites than whites are to blacks. My answer to them is that the disparities that separate them (Asians) and (Whites) are not as much as blacks or as much as they used to between whites and Asians. There was a time when Asians were not well treated by whites, no better than their treatment of blacks. They were looked down upon and given to the lesser things of life just like they did to blacks. As the gap narrower and the space that separate them in term of their achievements continue to shrink, there is not much differences to resort between them. So whites and Asians (yellow) seems to get closer to each other and blacks seem to be left out. As long as there are disparities that separate people in term of their achievements, there will be differences to resort and these differences will serve as means to separate them. The system that is running this world, this system of things feeds on our differences; our differences become the fuel that is maintaining this system of things. This is the reason why we have poverty disproportionately in certain parts of the world, especially where the populations are predominantly black or darker skin complexion, and abundance and prosperity where the populations are white or lighter complexion. Without these lopsided achievements, there are do differences to resort between people, no fuel to sustain this system of things, no need for separation.

God is compressing time

Does it matter when you catch up with the rest and start performing like them, at their level? What matter is that God wants a humanity that is whole moving forward? Even though you enter late, you still have the capacity to perform at their level. It does not matter why you lag behind; your sins, He will remember no more. Why you get stuck in the past, miss your marks, lagging behind is not important, what matter is that you take on the identity that He has for you in Jesus. What matter is that you become the standard He wants you to be?

They are all called to function at similar level, the need for continuously resorting differences among them will no longer be necessary. The fuel that maintains this system of things will dry out, negation will be a thing of the past; affirmation will be the new reality. The darkness of this world is cast out.
They will be forced to pay attention to the new reality, they will not be able to deny you as they did in the past; the reality of the past is no longer is; there is a new reality; they will have to conform. A new system is coming, actually this new system to come will be about consciousness, how much you are aware of your identity, the identity that God intended for you to have. God wants to be sure that you know who He created you to be before He can trust you with His awesome power, His creative power, His power to create first class world, better Living World.

System: what is a system?
Points of Progression
A system is a mechanism in place to make things work more efficiently; hence we have a system of things.
What kind of system is running this world? This system of things that is running the world is a system of dispensation based on the model of propagation of light, the wavelength of radiant energy. It is literally a model of a wave, light wave propagating light at different points of progression of light. White light being the maximum brilliance of light becomes a point of attainment. This system was to distribute as see fits; to give merit, the possibility to achieve, to attain and to partake in the possibilities of this world, to partake in the abundance of this world. This system however became a point of contention between God and the forces of darkness, causing man to continuously consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, the fruit of self. This system serves its own interest, fulfilling its own aim, separating man from God.
Rather than us becoming the model of His Son Jesus Christ, who is the true light of the world, this system tried to make humanity achieve whiteness, physical light, white light as the true light of the world. Therefore Attainment in life became a white thing, all that was to be achieved in life, was to be achieved by whites, and the world of Attainment belongs to the Whiteman. This is a devilís lie; God intended for us to become sons after the image of His Son Jesus Christ. You see the falsehood of this system of things and why God does not want for us a system that separates us. He wants a humanity that is whole, one.

What is wrong with this system of things?
Because it hides its true intention; it manipulates and it is used for other aims and these aims are hidden, therefore these aims are not part of the conscious reality, our conscious/mind, they are the darkness of this world, this system has a hidden agenda.
God also has a dispensation system that He wants to use to run the world; He wants to give us all access to the abundance of this world. This system of dispensation is called Sonship. Hence you become a son; you will have full access to His spirit which is the creative power og Gof to help you create Better Living World. I say become, a son, because sons are made or born of the spirit. Hence you are born again, you have full access to the power of God to create first class world to live, to take part in the abundance of this world. Jesus came to give us life and that we may have life more abundantly, which means that we will have life worth living. He is the one that gives us access to spirit of God which is the creative power of God, the power to create first class world, better living world for us to live. What separates worlds of people is their ability to create better living world, first class world; in Christ, we will have full access to the creative power of God, which will empower us to partake in the abundance of this world.

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