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Speaking about all, nothing in particular
World_System God speaks to all, but He does not conform to all, because not everyone understands Him when He speaks or even hear Him or conform to His standard of being, His measure of righteousness. God has a standard of being in mind when He created man; He has a goal and objectives for humanity. Go ahead, continued to gorge each other in His name, the more He will stay away from you. Did Mohamed speak for God, I say yes, he did to the degree that his people could understand, but he did not reveal God to them, the nature of God, because he could not, because he hasn’t lived in the heart of God. The spirit of God may have come over him, but like all of us, his message got clouted by his human nature. Except He who lived in the bosom of God can reveal Him, “No one has seen God at anytime, except the son who is in the bosom of the father, He who made Him known”. Jesus did not simply talk about God, but also walk the way to show us how to get to God in our daily lives. “He, who sees Me, has seen the father; Me and the father are one”.
His life is a demonstration of the way to find God. Unless you can walk His steps, follow His way of life; you cannot find God. I say dump them all, Mohamed, Krishna, Buddha they were good for their times, but now, the revelation of God is in the son, Jesus Christ. The precepts in His teachings He also lived; they are His way of life, a lifestyle that guarantees you access to the spirit of God, His life is a pattern. God rules; this is what He came to show us; God’s way is final; His way is the only way.

He Jesus did not want to go to the cross if there was another way, but God’s will is final, He knows what is best. He did not push Him, but showed Him what was waiting for Him; if He goes to the cross. He went to the cross knowing the joy that will come after, not only His resurrection, but also a saved humanity that belongs to Him. Was there any other way besides the cross, yes there was, but they could not give the result that God wanted. His way is always the way, this is why He is the father. He does not deny us in anger, but in love, knowing what is best for us. The devil thought that it was weak for Jesus to humble Himself to go to the cross, but God knows best, what will bring result. I hope that they get it, God is not Hindu, Islamist, Buddhist, and Judaist or even Christian, He is God all by Himself, His way is the way, final, unless you are in Him, you cannot know Him or reveal Him. Moses got it wrong until Jesus walked the walk, showed us the way. Buddha, Krishna, they all got it partly, besides, He reveals himself to us to the capacity that we can understand Him. At their times, humanity was not ready, the greater works of God have not yet taken place. He is busy working to save us. “Until now, Me and My father are busy working ”, Jesus said. Their time was not right for God to reveal Himself to the capacity that we are now able to understand Him. “The son has not yet ascended to Him”, now that He is seating on high with Him, at the right hand of the father with the pattern that he has in mind, He is free to reveal Himself to us. He wants as many Jesus on earth as there is in Heaven.

No one come to the father but by Me”: Jesus He will never leave you nor forsake you whence you are in Christ, until then, you are on thin ice. Unless you are made a son, know how to deal with Him, He will not tolerate that which does conform to His standard. His spirit will not strive with man forever. Sometimes He will turn His back to us and will not speak for days, two, and three to four days at a time. In His time, that is about three to four hundred years at a time. He is patient the bible says so that He may not be blame in the day of His judgment. There is a day when He fix things, re-arrange things and put things in order. This day is fast approaching. Things are moving at an accelerated pace, what used to take years, will now take days. Justice will be dispensed swiftly. No more places to hide, no place to run to, but to Him; He is all encompassing.

The law is universal; it is impersonal; it takes no regard to anyone; it applies to all. There is nothing personal about the law; if you break it; you will pay a price. Is God universal; yes, His law applies to all. As it is in nature, the sun, the rain, the weather affects us all; in this sense; He is universal.

Is God personal, yes, there is a personal side to God. “Good and faithful servant, now enter into the joy of your master”; He is well please with Jesus; because “I always do the things that please Him”, Jesus said. If you are well please with Him, your righteousness is of Him; this is the personal side of God. There is nothing personal about me, but I still personally would like to see these frea<>ing people change. Even God has a personal side; He takes care of those who do what please Him. He is well please with Jesus because He always does what pleases the father,

God places choices before us
CLEAN_SLATE_PRIJECT Do you know that it is easier to choose death than to do what is required? This is the nature of the flesh; it makes you feel good as if scoring outside the field counts. This is why God called these people stiff-necked people. They take the easy way out. They are fleshly oriented, they are not spiritually oriented. Do you know that the true way to measure your spirituality is by how much you can walk the fine line that separates the two worlds, the world of he flesh and the world of the spirit. The true measure of the spirit is how well you can walk between the lines, between the constraints set by God to guide you in the spiritual path and the pull of the flesh to oppose God. These stiff-necked people are more interested in ceremonial law than to live by the constraints of the spirit. God will engage you; your time has come. He has the right man in place. Sometimes you have to go to the source, get into the nest to solve the problem. The weeds have to be uprooted to allow the good seed to grow. It is coming for you. Because we are at a time when things are happening at an accelerated pace; God will not allow evil deeds to go unpunished for too long; they need to catch up, there is no glory in death.

The reality of the present
Where is the reality of the world? The real struggle is not between Kim Jong Un and the United States; it is between China and North Korea, between Kim Jong Un and China. The Chinese will not let him be for fear of (whatever that fear is); I am sure that the man wants to enjoy the benefits of a free society, just like their brethren The K versus the S is not necessarily the K versus the S that you believe, there may be or will be a K versus another S which is not the United States. It is coming

The Jew and Arab thing
There is a hang up between Jews and Arabs; I personally think that Arabs hate Jews; it could be the same on both sides. I personally think that it is pure crap, devil’s lies. Abraham who is called the father of many nations originally came from a region that could easily be modern Syria today. God used the Jewish people as He could have used any other group of people. He chose them, because everybody else was worshiping idols. God wanted to use one people as example for the rest of the world. He wanted to teach people what it means to serve one God. They paid a heavy price, God dealt with them harshly. It is rightly so that God eyes are on them and that they have special favor. This jealousy, this hatred has no merit. “God is able to raise Abraham descendents out of the history of Abraham”, Jesus said.

Nature’s Whims
The flat posterior of the white person, with two dimples to accentuate the shape, I used to see growing up is no longer around, may be in just a few older people. The flat posterior of the white body, (ass) the freckle skin are almost non-existent, not because blacks and whites are intermingling, but because there is a leaning toward plum, more protruded posterior, (more junk) is a new attitude. Plump (asses are becoming more acceptable. Thin lips are out and fatter lips are in. The tonality of the world is changing; the world is "adjusting to itself". Wide nostrils are not in, but thinner noses are in. Nature will give you what you want; somehow these changes are happening subconsciously. People are seeking them and nature is obliged to make it happen.

God Vs this system of things: World_System God wants to replace this system of things that is running the world with His System of Righteousness, His way of doing things: Everything that you need to know about this system of things, the system that is running this world, the dispensation system in just three steps

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#3_ The Solution

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