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The Illusion of Defeat: there is no defeat for those that are in Christ
Defeat Now that they are defeated, they did not succeed in making him a one term president; they will get behind him to push the country forward. Defeat was unavoidable, but for those who are guided by the inner light of Christ, it is also an illusion; there is no defeat. “Whosoever is born of God, overcame the world, this world system. Christ is the victory that overcame the world, this system that is running the world system”. Defeat is an illusion because hence you are in Christ; you can see what is happening behind the scene, the reality around you. You can see what matters, what is essential and don’t have to waste your time after things that will serve you no purpose. Ted Kennedy bid for the US presidency failed, but he also became one of the most powerful Senators in his party. His failure made him realized his purpose in life; he did not have to campaign again for re-election, he was a permanent fixture in the US senate until his death in 2008



The Truth on Benghazi: Integrity in action:
Integrity I think that President Obama is like Jesus facing Pontius Pilate; He did not say anything to defend Himself against His accusers. I will tell you what I believe happened in Benghazi Libya; it was the ambassador good intention that caused him to overplay his hands and in the process tied the hands of the State Department. The ambassador wanted to preserve the same condition that helped the US get rid of Gaddafi and continue to have a favorable relationship with the new Libyan Government and the people of Libya. The ambassador did not want to surround himself by too many arm guards and lived in an arm fortress; he wanted to be seen as one with the people of Libya. He dressed like them and spoke their language. The ambassador wanted to create an atmosphere of trust with the Libyan people.
He stood in the way of US government doing anything that could undermine the image he created. It is unfortunate that he had to pay with his life for a cause that he believed in. Most passionate people would do the same in order to protect the object of their passion. He new the risk, but security was secondary to him.
I think that the President has too much integrity to put the blame where it belongs. I believe that this is the truth to the degree that I can understand it. The ambassador’s word of advice carries great weight and cannot be ignored, for he is the eyes and ears of the US government in a foreign country.
The ambassador advice to the State Department carries a lot of weight and cannot be ignored”. They are not interested in the truth; they are looking for faults to sacrifice him. Jesus explained in the gospel who these people are and what kind of people they are. He said that: “They are like children playing and said that we tell stories and you did not dance”. They are expecting the president to dance; but he is not that kind of man who will dance and sway by every tune.   Silence Zbob Close

Integrity means that you don’t have to tell them anything that they don’t already know; they are not blind; they are pretending, using pretext, looking for something to justify their true motive. The President cannot allow himself to be part of their game; this is not his mandate; the ambassador said exactly what happened; the event was a trigger, but it is unfolding…………………………………………….

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