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The Babel Syndrome: A Third World Sickness

Individual_Syndrome In a nutshell, the Babel Syndrome is the antithesis of oneness, the fundamental reason why people cannot come together as one, as one body or one nation to achieve great things. We are a sea of individuals; with no ability to join together as one. It is a vortex, a singularity that traps our consciousness and will not allow other people to be part of our vision or take part in other people's vision. People who suffer from this disease are driven by a particular need that cannot be satisfied by themselves; their attention gets trap on a single need that becomes their level of awareness. They see and deal with the world trough the prism of that need. Hence they are fixated on that need, nothing they do will fulfill that need; it is an insatiable need that only God can fulfill. At this stage of fixation, their consciousness can only remain individual, unable to take part in the vision of the collective they belong, either country; organization or family. That one need takes precedence over every other need.

The Babel Syndrome is a real disease; it is called the sickness of the Third World simply because; the people of the Third World cannot join together collectively to achieve great things. They remain a sea of individuals, not a collective; they are too self centered; they have too much ego; their need for recognition is too great; it stands in the way of them functioning as a unit, as a whole. The challenge for them is that they can never be a whole, becoming a functioning unit without God. God will not allow them to be one without Him. Mutually exclusive; lo our God is one; His spirit unites us all, but in order for us to have His spirit; we must first accept His plan. The Babel Syndrome is a real disease; it is the sickness of the Third World. Jesus came to cure us of that disease, to make us once again one, one humanity; one people. This is His prayer to God for us: “Lo, our God is One; I pray Father that they remain one as you and I are one”. “And God said, lo the people are one, nothing will be refrained from them which they imagine to be”. “Let us come down and confound their language and scattered them around so that they don’t remain one”. This is the curse of humanity, to be one without God is the intention of man; that will not happen; God will not allow it.

Asking the Questions?

Bewilderment Jesus is the remedy, the cure for this curse that is on humanity. The inability to come together, to understand each other, to share each other vision is not possible without the spirit of God. You must possess the same mind in order to be one, which means, the same spirit, the same mentality. “Let the mind which is in Christ, be also in you”. The only reason why the Jews and the Palestinians are not getting along is because they have separate mind set; they are not of the same stock. Only by following the pattern, the standard that God set for us, to give us access to His spirit, His mind set, His way of doing things, can we have access to His spirit.

The Remedy:

It is too easy for them to understand; they are looking for complexity, intricate solution, but the remedy is very simple. It is all in the life, the way of life, the lifestyle Jesus prescribed for us that makes it possible. Take heed of His words, they are as literal as can be; when He said that “I am the way and the life; the life and the light”; they are literally true. The precepts in His teachings, however simple they are; they are the way that give us access to the spirit of God, the mind set of God that will make us all one and the same. You don’t have to understand the mystical side of them, but you must understand the fundamentals, what God wants, what He is looking for; His standard of beings for you, His measure of righteousness. Understand what God wants and do what He wants and the mystical side will follow. Without conforming to the dictates of God, the standard of being He set for us, His measure of righteousness; you have no access to Him and His creative power. Like a password is to a program; Jesus is the password. He is the standard of being that you must become before God can give you access to His spirit. See the literal description of the Babel Syndrome or click help and use the Google search engine to search this site for more reading on Babel Syndrome. Send Zbob Away

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