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The_Author Jean NoŽl, is proclaiming Godís word that He is putting an end to Third World Mentality, Third Class Rated World and ushering a new World of Accelerated Living. He is helping people tap into the realm that will make them influential in their assignments, helping people tap in their anointing so that God can work with them, helping them make Godís dream a reality. Through his website Jean is teaching people about their possibilities in Christ, helping people understand the forces that shape human existence, the forces that restrain and keep humanity behind, moving backward and the forces that propel and excel humanity moving forward; the forces responsible for stagnation and retardation, the true cause for racial prejudices and discrimination in the world. His website is about knowledge and understanding, revealing truths that were hidden from us, exposing the works of darkness and making ways for Godís truth to take roots in our heart. In living color his illustrations are teaching people about what God wants, what moves God and what God is looking for in us, what essentially is a human being, why God must apprehended us before calling us His own. His writings are teaching us about the tonality of this world, the standard of being that set us apart, the measure that makes the universe personal to us, the measure of the universe, the seed of greatness that God places inside of us and how this seed becomes the source of terror when it is not develop.


ZbobZbob the Sidekick [P.O. BOX 641101, Miami, FL 33164-1101] Zbob is his sidekick, an assistant to his website, a helpful guide to illustrate concepts and ideas. Email: betterliving@bitesizeawareness.com

God gave me a gift and my gift is to help people understand the forces that restrained them, keeping them behind and reveal to them the possibilities that God has for them. Whatever it is that has to do with human spiritual development, I can help, please contact me and let me know me if there is something I can do to help you resolve the challenges you are facing. If it has to do with human social and spiritual development; I can help!

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