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About_Robert_Noel I think that problems related to human spiritual and social development can be easily resolved if you can get leaders to understand what is at stake, help them understand the real truth behind the reality that they see or facing. I sincerely believe that if the head is straight and right, the body will follow. If somehow, we can get the leaders of every Third World country, be it a leader of the Palestinian people, the Afghan people, Pakistan and other countries in Africa; help them understand the true reality of the world around them; they will be able to transmit that understanding to the rest of their people and thus change the world for the better. Rather it is the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians or poverty in Africa; whatever type of conflict it is; they all have to do with human spiritual development. ďMan is a spiritual being, encased in a human body; everything that he does, and everything that he is, repose on his spirit. ďMan is the seed of God, destined for perfectionĒ; he will fulfill that which God intended him to become. God is perfect; therefore, we are all striving for perfection. People will not be denied, left out, left behind indefinitely; they will do everything to fulfill Godís intention. His word will not comeback to Him void until it has fulfilled that which He intended it to do. This drive for greatness, this drive for recognition will not subside. There are only two types of people in the world; those that are been purged and ascending to God and those that are coming down from God with blessing to relief those that are been purged. I donít think that people know what is at stake; there will always be this lopsided type of relationship between those that are on the ascending side of life and those that are on the descending side of life. The problem is that their egos get in the way, where one side refuses to acknowledge their condition and the other side wants to lord themselves over the other. God gave me a simple equation as the formula to resolve conflicts around the world; H=a/n, meaning that embracing your humanity is balancing the degree of attainment over the degree of negation; if we can balance the two forces shape human existence, society can change for the better
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I can create a tool that can help them understand their condition so that they can approach solving problems, resolving conflicts without the human ego involve. This tool will also help people understand how worlds of people are formed, why we have different layers of world of people within our world. I want to help them create Better Living World for themselves. I can create a tool that can help leaders receive the understanding they need to help their people catch up, change their world from Third World to first class world, help them take the quantum leap to a Better Living World.

I need the financial support of government to do that. I believe that it is in their best interest to have a world that is on equal footing, where there are fewer disparities that separate people. I am giving my contact info; I need support of private or government to help me create this tool that will help leaders around the world take an active role in changing the lives of their people.   Silence Zbob Close

Let me give you an example how this tool can be useful in the hands of leaders around the world. Right now there is a conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, between Christianity and Islam in the context of which ideology is more capable of leading the world. If you were to ask the ordinary citizen in the street about their true feeling toward each other, you will not be surprised to hear that one would be glad to get rid of the other. However, if you were to ask the heads, leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad, you would not be surprised to hear that all they want is for the other side to be converted. If only they were the same, believe in the same thing, there would be no war. This is wishful thinking; however I believe that they are sincere, but I must tell you that this is not going to happen. It is mutually exclusive without a fully conscious awareness of what is at stake, what forces are moving them. I can explain to them; this tool will help them understand the forces that are at work in their lives which are making them enemies to each other. This tool will help them understand what they must do to avoid heads on collision like we see going on right now between Jews the Palestinians.   Silence Zbob Close

I sincerely believe that if the head is straight and right; the body will follow. If you can get the leaders to understand what is it that is driving them, causing them to hate each other; they will be able to take deliberate steps to avoid butting heads with each other. I am going to give you a simple snap shot of what forces are at work driving this conflict between Israel and Hamas.   Silence Zbob Close

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