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God Said: "Lo! The people are one, nothing will be refrained from them which they imagine to do"; God does not want us to achieve oneness without maturity

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Getting Rid of the Third World

Oneness: The one essentiality for Attainment
It is the spirit of God who gives us the ability to come together as one, join together in one accord to create first class world, Better Living World to live. This is so, simply because we have the same spirit. His spirit is departed from us when we try to join together with people who are the opposite of our spirit. I think that it is the one fundamental reason why we have a Third World; people simply don’t have the same spirit. Where there is impropriety, or semblance of impropriety; the spirit of God is departed. “He keeps us in the path of righteousness for His name sake”. If the environment is not conducive to His spirit; He will depart. There is no blessing, no abundance without the spirit of God; there is no spirit of God in our midst without righteousness. I think this is one reason why one person can bring discord in an environment where there was order. Some people bring with them bewilderment and confusion, simply because the spirit of God is not operating in them. I personally think that this is the fundamental problem of the Third World.

The Remedy:
People are driven by needs; their needs bring them to compromising position where God spirit is forced to withdraw. They then begin to operate at a state of bewilderment and confusion. They are driven by their needs without the spirit of God to guide them. They easily get fixated on their needs, while the reality of the world escapes them. They are in a constant state of want and longing that they cannot fulfill simply because the reality they seek always escapes them. The remedy is for them to “cast all of their cares upon God". I pray Father that they are one as you and I are One. This is Jesus prayer for all of us, especially people of the Third World, those that are left behind out of the Attainment
of this world. Jesus came to give you access to the abundance of life. For that He must baptize you with the spirit of God; this is the only way for you to get together as one, in one accord to create first class world, Better Living World to live. There is no creative power, no power to create without the spirit of God; Jesus will give you access to the spirit of God; you just have to do what He asked. For more click help and search the site, use key word in the navigator search box. Search from here Help

Why we can’t create: first class world for us to live
We have to look at the possibility that God may be the cause, the reason why we are where we are. It is not because He deliberately wants us to, but because we have not met the requirements that He desires. If we cannot make the grade, meet the requirements and pass the course, the results are such that we have what we see. “ Essau I hate and lay waste his mountain for the jackals of the wilderness”. Thou they build, I will tow down”. God may be busy keeping us where we are, preventing us from getting to where He does not want us to be. The potential is there, but something that we don’t do is keeping God busy, preventing us from using our potential. What are the consequences of us using our full potential without the maturity that we need. What type of maturity you may ask; it is us knowing the standard of being that He is looking for, His measure of righteousness. I think that this is the type of maturity that God wants us to reach. He wants to be sure that we know who we are, what He created us to be before giving us access to His creative power. “ Nothing will be refrained from them which they imagine to do”. “ Let us therefore come down and scattered them about, confound their languages so that they may not understand each other and come together as one”. The potential for creating great things is there, but something is preventing us from coming together as one. I say that could probably be the cause because we are not ready. God knows how powerful we can be if we are able to join forces together. I sincerely believe that there are spaces between our thoughts and that we need each other to feel those spaces. And if we are able to come together, nothing will be refrained from us. God said it and I believe it. I experienced it myself; I look in my world and there is no one to fill in the spaces between my thoughts. Reality continuously escaping me and I am unable to create the reality, the world that I want to live. I am looking for someone to join forces with me, to enter into an agreement with me that what I see is real. Without this agreement sometimes, the reality that I see will slip by me and I am unable to realize it, materialize it. In our endeavor to come together as a unit to do things, achieve things, without the spirit of God to unite us as one; we remain a group of individuals, not a collective.

Why you cannot: I am asking the question?
Is it because you can’t or is it because God will not allow you, or is it both? All is in all; “ With Him, by Him and for Him”; it is all depends on what kind of world that you want to create; what kind of legacy that you want to leave for posterity. If the kind of world that you are able to create does not please God or is not in conformity with God’s plan; He will not allow it. “ Thou they build; I will tow down”. People build to leave legacies for posterity; there is something more behind the edifices that we erect or the houses we build, we are also creating world, way of living. If the types of world that we are able to create do not please God, He will not allow you to even come together as a unit to build them. First you cannot, because He won’t, secondly, you cannot come together as a unit without Him allowing it and thirdly, you cannot do it alone. It takes something in you to be able to join with others; that something belongs to Him. You are too busy with yourself, your selfish nature stands in the way. You must deny yourself Jesus said; that we cannot do. We need a certain maturity. You cannot create legacies that are pleasing to Him without Him; therefore He will keep you in check, preventing you from coming together. “ With Him, By Him and for Him”; “ Essau I hate and lay to waste his mountain for the dragons of the wilderness”. The types of world that Essau was able to create, the type of legacy that He left, God will not allow to prosper and continue to posterity.

Lay waste means not transferable; you cannot pass it on to others. Certain legacies are not transferable to other people or to other countries because God does not want them to proliferate, expand, takeover. If you take a look at different cultures around the world, certain things in them are not transferable to other people. They remain localized and cannot spread beyond the boundaries of these countries. Those legacies God does not want to prosper.

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