Nut Shell Awareness
“The Babel Syndrome explained in one bite,
making you aware in a nutshell
why people cannot join together as one
to create better living world

Bewilderment All is in all, [tout est dans tout], with Him, by him and for Him; it is possible to do everything right and has all of the elements in place and still come short. Everything can be truth and still your life does not conform to what is truth. Here is a truth that we are all familiar with; it is universal. It applies to all: “Whatever you place your attention on, you become; attention makes the world, your world, your reality. Reality escapes us because our attention is distracted, or split and we loose focus. We have holes in our thinking. There are spaces between our thoughts trough which reality escapes. We need others to fill in those spaces so that the reality that we desire does not escape us. God created us that way so that we can depend on each other to be whole. “A man finds wholeness in the midst of his fellow human beings” God said that” Nothing will be refrained from them which they imagine to do; if they are one. His job is to disrupt our lives, keeping us from joining together. the reason for it is because if we join together without Him, we will make a mess. “Thou they build, I will tow down”. God said; so everything can be truth and still, we cannot create the reality that we desire. Because of our nature, the way God created us, we require others to fill in the spaces, the missing links that complete our thoughts. We need other people to be whole. This is literally a catch twenty two; we need others to become whole, yet our selfish nature stands in the way. Our individuality stands in the way; there is a need in us that is driving us; it is the need to be right, to be acknowledged. This need stems from our selfish nature. We have a need to surpass everybody else, to rise to the top above everyone else. This need stands in the way of us coming together. This is one of the many reasons why we cannot come together as one to achieve great things. Who shall save us from our wretched self? Where is the missing link that will help us overcome this flaw in our nature, suppresses this drive for individual recognition, the selfishness in us; that missing link is the Spirit of God. John said “After me shall come One, He shall baptize you with Spirit and fire”; that person is Jesus. His way of life is the pattern, the standard that we must follow before God can pour His Spirit on us. Serendipity, the so called discovery by chance or the idea that a man has faith in God; he not only hope, but he also believes that God will deliver in His own timing. He is waiting; he is deliberately waiting for the moment when God will deliver his expectation. “Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength”; these are the sovereign workings of the Holy Spirit of God; a man has no control over the time or when the Spirit will manifest, [deliver]. But, he can set the spirit in motion; “Whosoever asked, received” Jesus said and “If a man knows how to ask, he shall receive. “You asked and not received, simply because you asked amiss”. Then again there is the question of acquiescing to the will of God. “If we ask according to His will, He will do it. You must know what you want and what restriction there is on what you want so that when it comes, you can know that it is what you are waiting for.

Note: This was a brief overview on The Babel Syndrome, the subject of Attention, Manifestation, the reason why people don’t see their wishes come true or manifest what they want to create the world or the reality they desire. This is a bite size, a nut shall awareness from

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