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N E W S   U P D A T E


- Negation
- -

Dear Friend, Understand Negation..

What is Negation?...

Understand the Forces of Negation!

Negation is a force that restrained people, denied them the possibility to attain and to partake in the abundance of this world. It entered the world through the curse of humanity; it is used primarily by the devil as an instrument to maintain the adversarial system in the world. There are various degrees of Negation, but the main purpose for Negation is to provide us a sense of self image by creating disparities among people, create division and set people apart. Every time you assert yourself in this world, defined your identity; you are renewing the first sin, consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil

The Entrance of Negation into the World
Man consumed the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil through pride. He lost view of his spiritual identity and identified himself with the forces of nature. Man became subject to the devices of the devil through nature. The attributes of nature are imparted to man, gifts and possibilities to attain and to partake in the abundance of this life are woven into nature. A world of opposites came into being, good versus evil, positive and negative, black versus white. The two poles of this adversarial system can be seen in the struggle between blacks and whites, one represents the forces for Negation and the other the forces for Attainment

Perpetuating the Works of Darkness
As man continued to consume the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil through pride, Attainment and perfection in life are sorted out among people at the expense of each other, what is not so perfect is rejected and negated. The attributes assigned to radiant energy are attributed to man by affinity to his color. Nature took precedence over the spirit and the devil strived to keep humanity in bondage. Hence was born the two major extremes of life, Attainment and Negation. Attainment became the impulse that drove man to attain and Negation became the impulse that restricted man. These two major impulses are found behind every aspects of human existence. The forces that restrained operate under the impulse of Negation and the Forces that propelled people forward operate under the impulse off Attainment. Attainment and Negation became the two major impulses that drive humanity, the two major impulses behind our adversarial system.

The Many Faces of Negation
Behind the human conditions are forces, we can trace negation in many devastating conditions in the past
. Today negation is no different than the past; it is the same song, the same old story that gave rise to James crow in America in the past, apartheid in South Africa and ethnic cleansing in Darfur and in Sudan. Negation is a tool that the devil uses to divide humanity and sustain the kingdom of darkness.

Negation as a Tool
Negation has been used by the forces of darkness since the beginning of time to create a self awareness in man. This self awareness is achieved in man by negating, resorting differences so that people can assert themselves. As an adversarial tool in the hands of the devil, Negation is used to create disparities in human achievements so that an adversarial atmosphere may exist in the midst of man. Without awareness of how these forces operate in human lives we are bound to be at their mercy, seeing ourselves separated from each other instead of the oneness that God intended for us.
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That's That...

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Now that you have learned about Negation, you are better equipped to deal with it. You will be more conscious when dealing with people, assessing the disparities that exist between you and them, careful not to succumb to the impulses to negate them.

Hap ..hap... see you around the bend of time until the next subject..

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