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“The Lord shall be magnified among the nations”, please join me to Magnify_the_Lord the Lord, click to support our site; we are are promoting Jesus, answering the call of the great commission, which is to promote Jesus as the path way for God to bless humanity, all of the family of the earth. God has a need, and we are all commissioned to help Him fulfill His need. God wants us to reflect the image of Jesus so that He can bless us. Jesus is the measure of our being, the standard that God set for humanity. Jesus is revealing who God is, His nature, His character and His way of doing things. God wants us to pattern our lives after Him. Please support us with your money; you can start with any amount. With a donation of $20 or more you can get a site that is truly interactive with the latest features available, more uploading space, secure access to files. Donations of $30 or more will make it possible to hire professionals to build the site that you would want and take this site to the highest level possible.

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Put your money where your heart leads you! Sponsor the cost of running this site, we are helping people understand their possibilities in Christ, what they can become. Your money will help make that possible. Donate

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