It is all in the life; Jesus way of life, the way that you must live; He gave you pointers.

Pointers to live by: How to receive the Creative Power of God

1_ Be the Good Samaritan, which is to help people in need
2_ Turn the other cheek, which is to seek alternatives to resolve conflicts, avoid butting heads collision with each other
3_ Forgive as many times as necessary, which is not to hold on to un-forgiveness, living in the past, holding on to negative energies that are destructive to your wellbeing
4_ Treat others as you would like them to treat you, which is respect for others boundaries, civil rights, give others their spaces
5_ Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you, self explanatory
6_ Love your neighbor as you love yourself, which is to put yourself in the shoe of the other person, knowing that you will not do anything to hurt yourself
7_ Deny the self, which is not to place yourself above everyone else, boasting your ego, stepping on others in order to elevate yourself
8_ Take up your cross, which is to embrace the frailty of life, the shortcomings, the weaknesses of your fellow human beings, waiting on God before you act on your own.

The Benefits
These are some of the pointers that Jesus gave us to follow in order to live the life that He would want us to live before receiving accesss to the creative power of God. If we live by theses pointers, He and God will come in and live with you. This is the only way to quicken our spirit, making us fluid, flexible enough for the Holy Spirit of God to live inside of us, deal with us. God wants us to be able to create first class world, Better Living World for us to live, but this will not be possible without His spirit, His creative power. The quickest way to receive the spirit of God, the creative power of God is to accept the life that Jesus prescribed for us to live. His way of life is the way and the life, the path to the abundance of life. He came just for that purpose, to give us life more abundantly. BSA know how you feel and how you can participate. Your participation will remain anonymous; unless you otherwise request disclosure. Until you take the first step as a show of commitment, there is a chance to back down, providence will not get involve. God will back you up and blesses you when you support His plan. Building this site as a platform to bring people together to rebuild their country is in the plan of God. There is no greater love Jesus said than when you give to others in need, give yourself in service, your money, your time, ect. Go ahead, send BiteSizeAwareness a note as a show of commitment, give us your ideas, your views, your thoughts, your money, yourself, sponsor this new site, it will be a true platform for expression.

How to Give
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