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A_NEED_to_KNOW And God said to Moses: "These people are stiffnecked people; I will not go in their midst less I consume them on the way". They are stuck up, shallow minded people; Godís presence will destroy them. Godís presence will destroy anything that is false, untrue and if you are holding on to a lie, His presence will destroy it and whoever that is holding on to it. This is why God stays away from falsehood, lies; this is why you see evil persists in the world, because God does not want to destroy us while destroying evil, the lie or the falseness about us. God loves us so much that He shields Himself from us.





Falsehood: Vs Truth

ďFalsehood is what seems to be; it is naught and shall pass awayĒ
What is: Truth?

ďThere is no religion higher than truthĒ
ďTruth is that which is. It is ought, it changes notĒ.

Truth belongs to God, it resides in the heart of God, when we are expressing ourselves from a level of truth we are fulfilling our highest aspiration as human beings. Falsehood is what seems to be."A person can go to hell believing in a lie"; if you live a lie for too long and not confront it with the truth then you start passing for what you are not. I believe that you donít know the truth with certainty until God reveals it to you. There is always something you donít know that is responsible for the way things are; unless God reveals it to you; you are in the dark. There are thousands of reasons that you can use to justify the evil that exists in the world. You know deep within you that it is not truth but for the perpetuation of evil a person will find a reason to justify an evil deed. You cannot reconcile the world without God; there is no way to justify the past, the suffering of blacks during slavery, Jews in the hands of the Nazi, African during apartheid; etc without the truth.

Making an Impact
We cannot be afraid of engaging cultures; God said that we are not to love the world, because the world system is in enmity with God. We are in the World System and not of it, but while we are in the World System, we need to influence the world for Godís glory. We are not an influence to the cultures because we have not been willing to understand them. In order for us to influence these cultures it requires of us to engage people in conversation; not with religious catch phrases, but with real applicable discourse that can change their lives. Our incompetence in engaging an occupying culture robs us of the harvest we seek. We need to enlarge our spheres, cast down stronghold, vain imagination, false reasoning and speculation where principalities and powers still have dominions over the minds of people. You cannot impact a culture if you are not willing to learn from that culture and understand it. Let us take the Haitian culture for example; for many of us it is an enigma, a contradiction, something that we must leave alone because it is beyond our grasp and understanding. While we make no effort to understand the culture, whatever is false and untruth about it persists and the myth, lies and falsehood solidify stronger and stronger. Godís intent is for us to know the truth, we must know why things are the way they are, know the story behind them; for it is the truth that we know that sets us free.
Today I will talk about the reason why some cultures stagnate and unable to move forward.

What is evil?
The question you and I need to ask ourselves is when does something becomes evil and when does it ceases to be truth and becomes falsehood? I am sure that at one time something may have been truth; the question is when did it start getting distorted to a point of becoming falsehood or even evil?

There are truths that pertain to us human beings, they are universal, they are Godís truths, while they may change, their essence never changes. Even though humanity is growing, evolving, maturing, the core of what makes us human never changes. Let us take the life force that you receive at birth, you may call it your will to live, the Indian call it pure desire, kundalini, Westerners call it Libido, it is the engine of what motivates us to live, to seek out, to express ourselves. Whatever culture you may be born into, it remains the same. The name may change, the manifestations of that force may vary but the essence remains the same. In the average human being this energy is stable; we can say that for the ordinary human being this energy rises up down the spine or the ladder of consciousness uneventful, with no drama. But in many cases some human beings have an extra (um) a double portion of that energy, they are more eccentric, unstable, some human beings at an early age may show some sexual deviancies, a young boy may appear feminine but at the core he is all male. This manifestation may be reversed in girl. Depending in the culture, this energy can be manifested as creativeness, madness or even alter -ego. All of us are born to operate at a particular level of awareness, though we may climb up and down the various levels of the ladder of awareness, but each of us has a particular level we operate. That double portion of energy is responsible for the eccentric behaviors we see in people rather it was Michael Jackson, Madonna or Albert Einstein. It is the same energy manifesting at different levels of awareness. Still in other primitive cultures or cultures that are still holding on to the past like, in Haiti for example, a person born with a double portion may be label as a chosen one, a claim one, he or she has a lwa or loa dancing in his or her head trying to possess that person. This energy because it rises up through the spine in a snake like fashion, it is associated with the snake. In some of the cultures that are still holding on to the past like Benin and Haiti this energy is manifested by intermediaries like the may lwas we have in the voodoo religion like Damballa representing the energy rising up the spine or Erzulie the sexual aspect of that energy. Why is there this communality of the symbols for the life force energy in all of the ancient cultures is because they are all talking about the same energy, a universal truth, that is not man made but of God. While the truth may be distorted in some cultures, their essence remains. This energy is call pure desire, this is where we get our drive to live, procreate; everything we ever want is in that energy. In a primitive culture, going back to the days when man needs intermediaries to help him deal with these forces that energy is manifested as a female goddess with sexual desires and depending on the purity of that desire you may have many variations of the same goddess. In the Haitian folklore the goddess of desire may easily flip from benevolent to malevolent, the dark side. God has been working with man for a long time, trying to take our consciousness out of matter where he is fully conscious of his identity as spirit where the spirit no longer comes upon him, but is within him.
Time waits for no one, humanity today is not the same as the humanity of the past yet there is always a remnant of a former something or a humanity of the past that will stay behind.
ďI said that humanity is like a large elongated snake crawling its way through time, the tail is not that far removed from the head. The tail represents the past, humanity of the past and the head represents the present, humanity of today. Why the past is a problem for the present is because those that are left behind, unable to catch up, they donít simply disappeared, they are still trying to find expression in a world that no longer fits them or accommodate for them.

Why is the past persisting?
These cultures persist because there are truths in their belief system that are real, they are not man made, they simply lost something over time, the truths are hidden, some how distorted and many cases become evil. God is God in the now, in the present beckoning us to join Him but some of us prefer the past where we are comfortable and some of us fear the unknown or simply too lazy to do what is required of us. God will not change for us; we must change in order to conform to Him. There are simple spiritual processes of development in human beings that can be easily distorted; sometime circumstances may shift a person from the normal process of development. It is like the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, the stages of a caterpillar enters into a cocoon to become a butterfly may be skewed. The metamorphosis may not take place properly instead of becoming a butterfly; the caterpillar may become something else. There is a thin line separating madness and genius. In a culture like Haiti where people are holding on to the past, a personís extra (um) or energy, the double portion may be hijack by unknown personalities. This is common in Haiti; the voodoo ceremonies which are rituals practiced from the past may be hijack by other unknown personalities that pup up after the ceremonies are over. They are consciousness that have plunged too deep in their lower nature, they are stuck earth bound trying to find expression in a world that no longer fits them.

The reason why you donít see what is happening in India, part of Africa and in Haiti happening in most modern Western cultures at least at the same scale is because God is doing something new with humanity. God is doing something marvelous with humanity; the past no longer applies to us today. Most people who are born today, by the time they reach thirty years old, their energy get balanced, they are self corrected. Christianity is a new thing, a new stage in human development; today you donít need a deity to express your level of awareness. You have a self guided spiritual guidance inside; the Christ in you guiding you. While the past is full of deities that represent the different levels of human awareness, today you can reach your highest level of awareness, the divine, the highest chakra ( ) without having any outside help from any intermediaries, the Christ spirit is in you. You donít have to seclude yourself in a cave, you can be I the midst of the world and be spiritual, achieve your highest level of spiritual development. Comparing to the past, specially the voodoo religion of the past where you have a host of hierarchical deities with various personalities. God put an end to that. You can be in the world and not of it. As greater light is shown on these things, you will find people easily leave them for a greater truth. Think of it what God has done, you can be in this system of things and not be of it. This system of thing thrives on the past because God is no longer in it. God was preparing us for this coming age using the Jews, first Abraham then Moses and Jesus. He dealt harshly with them, preventing them from using deities, intermediaries to get access to God or represents their levels of awareness. He was preparing humanity for this new age where the spirit will guide us from within, not from without, in us and not coming upon us. The old humanity is no more; the life force at the base of the spine is no longer represented by goddess and demi-gods, intermediaries but as pure energy that is the driving force in our lives. This pure energy or pure desire may often misinterpret as sexual before it is purified. A person may take a different persona in order to express aspects of that energy and when guided properly this energy can be expressed in great creativity and spirituality.

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