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Illustrating the cause, the effect and the solution

The Cause
NEGATION Negation is the cause. This is the simplest way to justify the cause of stagnation and retardation that affect people of darker complexion in this world. What is Negation in the context use on this site? Negation is a force as such it exerts a pull that restrain people of darker complexion. People are negated or affirmed by affinity to the attributes associated to the color of their skin. Blacks are negated by virtue of the attributes associated to the color black. Black has a negative attribute, nay, not, less, therefore everything black or done by blacks are negated, cut off and cut out of this world. People are negated in order to resort differences and forced to use these differences to affirm their identity. Negation is the engine behind this system of things, it is humanity consuming once again the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, it is a tool in the hands of the devil maintaining control over humanity. While negation is not limited to race or just to resort differences between people of darker complexions and lighter complexion, it is also a mean to set us apart from each other. There is no adversarial system in this world without it. The flip side of Negation is Attainment, the two work together to shape humanity to what it is today. The whole site deals with Negation and Attainment and how they interact together to propel and restrain humanity. My original intent was to bring to light the reason why blacks were lagging behind and to show the reason why Negation affects people of darker complexion in so doing, I am hoping to erase the stain resulted from the effects of Negation on black people.

The Effect
Babel_Syndrome Using Maslow's hierarchy of needs to illustrate:
The Babel Syndrome
The order should have been reversed by every account; the need to be divine should have come first, the whole struggle of life is about that fact. All of the drama in the bible from Genesis to Revelation is about that struggle, where God is trying to reverse the order of life where the spirit would take precedence over the body. Reversing the structure of human needs starting from top to bottom rather than bottom to top where the needs of the spirit comes first before the needs of the flesh. The highest need for any human being is the need to be divine. The whole aspect of the bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament has to do with covenant relationship where God is exchanging His way of life in exchange to provide for all of our needs. The need to be divine is the primary motivator for God relationship with man. While we give all of our attention to our needs, God desire is for us to focus our attention on Him and His ways of doing things in exchange He will satisfy our needs. The first three levels of human needs have to do with the body or the physical, actually only the first two have to do with the physical, the third may not be entirely physical. The need to be divine should dictate how we go about satisfying all of our other needs. Every human needs is associated with a levl of awareness. When we give our attention to a need, that need becomes our level of awareness. Fixation of our attention on a need is what creates the condition we called "The Babel Syndrome"

Explaining the Babel Syndrome
Let us use Haiti as a country to illustrate the effect of Negation, how it helped create a third rated world or a Third World in our midst. Negation causes deprivation, stagnation and fixation of attention, a person may be so deprived by Negation < may have an unmet need> or unable to fulfill a primary need that later in life it becomes a fixation, which in turn becomes a driving force that captures the attention of the person. This condition is called the Babel Syndrome. Pac-Man the game is the best example we have to illustrate the condition created when our attention becomes fixated on a need. Before there was a game called Pac-Man people in Haiti were already familiar with this concept of avidity. I used to hear my aunt said to her son: “This boy is a head” which means that he was like a head gobbling up everything. His whole body was reduced to his head and his mouth was gobbling up everything. This is a true depiction of avidity. This game was not introduced to the market until 1980’s yet the concept of the game was familiar to the people of Haiti since I was a kid. “He is like a head gobbling up everything”. Their avidity knows no bound, hoarding everything; only God can satisfy their inssessable drive. This is a true description of the person suffering from the Babe Syndrome also calls The Babel Syndrome. He is fixated on one need, totally oblivious of anything else outside of that need; he or she is gobbling up everything trying to satisfy that need. He or she doesn’t know it yet, but only God can satisfy this need. When it comes to the people in charge of Haiti or any country of the Third World, Pac- Man comes to mind, it is the best icon to represent the disease that is driving the leaders of the Third World Countries. It appeared to be that this disease remained dormant, inactive until the need for recognition comes into play. Until the person is ready to make the shift, this disease remains inactive. We see that disease comes to life among party leaders, anyone who is in the position of power; rather the person is a drug dealer leader, a gang leader, or anyone in high position rather in state governments, or private sector. Here is what happened to a person who is in a state of fixation; he or she is literally reduced to a head gobbling up everything.

The Characteristics of this disease
People who are suffering from this disease are driven by an incessant desire to satisfy an insecurity in their lives, usually it is the need for subsistence that refuses to relinquish control over the individual. The forces pertaining to that need will do everything to keep this individual prisoner. It is like a dying star that will not go without a bang. It will expand until it gobbles up every planet in its system. This is closest description of this disease and how it affects people in the Third World; people that are trying to emerge, making the shift from a lower level of awareness to a higher level of awareness. They are totally blind, unable to see anything outside of that need. If you study that need carefully, you will see that it is the need for recognition that is still caught up at the level one or two, either to survive or to procreate. The person is really at level three or should operate at level three, but he or she is withheld by forces from level one and two. Because these forces are spiritual in nature; they are very engulfing. They will not let go without a deliberate, conscious effort by the individual. We have problem in the world with these two levels of awareness; they are selfish and petit. They will not allow the person to make an easy transition to the next level. There is problem or more importantly problem begins the moment that the person is placed in a position of power that requires a higher level of awareness. If this person consciousness is still stuck at either of the two lower levels, one or two, that person’s live will be driven by the needs pertaining to those levels. See More…Babel Syndrome

Making the Transition
We need to stop taken human needs as just needs to be satisfied but rather Levels of Awareness that require our attention. The sooner we make that transition; the sooner we can help these people deal with their fixation. When the human attention is fixated on a particular need, that person enters a state of fixation, fixation of their attention. Hoarding things, their incessant drive to hoard things, this avidity that is driving them, making them blind, insensitive to the world around them is caused by a disease called Babe Syndrome or The Babel Syndrome. This disease is real because its effects can be measured quantitavely. The devastating effects of this disease on society are too great for us to overlook. We must tackle it heads on, see what motivates people to behave the way they do. See Human Motivation What I am saying may be offensive to some but because it is the truth; it will free them.

Think of a human being as a consciousness and that consciousness has scales or levels. Just like a ladder with steps our attention is fixated on a particular level at birth. This becomes the level of awareness we operate on. While we are at any given moment fixated on a particular level, we ought to be flexible enough to place our attention on all levels, move our attention back and forth from one level to another. There is a moment in life when our attention becomes fixated on a particular level. Either because we could not satisfied the needs associated with that level or disregard the constraints that God places around us to protect us from succumbing to the flesh. The majority of us human beings are operating at either level one or two; it takes a deliberate effort to make the transition from level one and two to the third level. Most people who are in the position of leadership are required to operate at level three. This is why people who occupied a position of power are having so much hard time letting go of level one and two. They are hoarding things, their insecurity knows no bound. Level three was suppose to relieve them of the burden from level one and two but the opposite takes place; these levels have a hold on them and won’t let them go. What we have to understand is that no matter how sophisticated we may be, the majority of human beings are fixated on level one and two. Only the geniuses and the nerd, the spiritual deviants are operating at a higher level than one and two.

The condition of Third World Governments in a nutshell:
“They are caught in a vortex that is sucking up their intelligence”.
Using Haiti as an example, the condition in Haiti is no different than that of any country in the Third World . It is that condition that keeps them in their condition, keeps them from creating first class world for themselves, keeps them in Third World status. They are in a state of fixation, unable to see or hear anything outside of whatever need they are fixated on or capture their attention.
The challenge is the fixation of attention; this avidity that is sucking up all sense of right and justice from them, their intelligence, their cognitive ability, their intuitive capacity, all in all their capacity to govern their countries.
The question is how you solve this avidity, this drive to get rich at the expense of the welfare of the country. How do you break this fixation of their attention on their needs and place it on the need of the country. They are totally oblivious to the reality on the ground; all they see is their cut, their side of the deal; the consequences they will deal with later. This attitude is a universal mind set that is common to all Third World Countries.

Unless we start treating their condition as a disease, a real disease that can be measured scientifically; we will never be able to change the impoverish condition in those countries.
It is not just psychological, but physical as well .if their disease can impair a person’s ability to think and perceive the world around them.

The Solution
Too fleeting, too elusive for us to pin down; this is why is called the darkness of this world; we have been trying to fix it the longest. The more we try, the less we understand it. “ If a man walks with Me, he shall not walk in darkness, but has the light of the day”. We cannot see our way out of the darkness of this world on our own. We need the light of Christ to help us decipher the darkness of this world. The darkness of this world is too tricky, too intricate and too complex for us to decipher on our own. We need the inner guidance of Christ to unveil to us the darkness of this world. “ I am the way, the life and the light” it takes a certain way of life, a particular Lifestyle that allows us to accumulate energy and not dissipating it. It takes a certain amount of energy to increase our perception. We need spiritual energy to perceive the spiritual world, to perceive the minute things that affect us in life. We cannot see or hear the subtleties of life without the right amount of energy; this lifestyle guarantees us an increase in our spiritual energy. It takes a certain amount of energy to make us pliable, fluid enough and flexible enough to make the shift from one level of awareness to another. It is not just simply us making the shift, but also been able to vibrate at that level of awareness. The Lifestyle prescribed by Jesus Christ is a pathway for us to store spiritual energy. It is all in the life; “I am the way, the life and the light”. You cannot see your way out of the darkness of this world without inner guidance. You cannot store enough energy without living right. You cannot have the inner light without the right amount of energy. You need the spiritual light within. “If a man walks in the dark and stumble; it is simply because the light is not in him”. You cannot live that Lifestyle and be in the dark; it is not possible. This Lifestyle guarantees you to save and accumulate spiritual energy. Hence you start living the right way, you will stop dissipating spiritual energy. You need that energy for perception.

Forget all of that: God said to me
Forget all of that complexity, all that intricacy; just be concerned about what is behind the scene. Don’t be concerned about the actors or even the play; just be concerned about the director, the person who writes the script. This is a new director for the play, he has written a new script. Yeah the actors may be the same, their roles may be different, but there is a new script, a new play and this play is rated for all audience. It is not nasty nor R or X rated as the old play, children, family and all audience can see it. This is the best way God put it to me. Don’t be concerned about solving all of these problems, don’t get involve in the intricacies and the complexities of this system of things, just do this. “Seek God first and His righteousness and all of the things you desire shall be added unto you”. The new Director and His new play is all that you need to be concerned about, the role you play, the things you need to play that role will be given to you. The new Director is in Charge.
I was busy looking for answers; I was frustrated that the more answers I got, the more intricate and complex the world becomes. Understand the world would not make much difference; the world can shift as long as the old director is in charge. He may change the script and nothing really changes.
“The more things change, the more they stay the same”; is so simply because the one who wrote the script is still in charge. He can change the play. “The world is a description

” God said to me; “Seek God first and His righteousness, His way of doing things and everything else will fall in place”; the equation is solved; however you slice it, the equation is solved, balanced if we allow the new director to be in charge. “Thy will be done and thy kingdom comes”; that is simplicity at its best, yet this is the solution to this complex and intricate problem. “The entrance of thy word gives light” “The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple”. Here it is in black and white, you don’t need to try to solve the equation, just solve it.

In righteousness thy shall be established”; your righteousness is of God through Christ who redeemed you. Because Abraham obeyed the law of God, the statutes and the commandments of God righteousness was imputed to him. You are Abraham children; therefore you inherit your righteousness through him Jesus said. He said that God is able to raise Abraham descendents out of the history of Abraham. Jesus is the seed of that righteousness. He is a pattern for us to follow. “I am the way and the life, the life and the light; no one comes to God unless he is made righteous by my way of life”.
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