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The Teacher
Michelle Rhee: Does the public have the will to make this a priority; do what it takes. You can change people’s hope and demeanor if the system and the leadership show that they care.

- The Clean Slate Project

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The Antidote Against Poverty

We Need Money Money

Zbob: Thou a man may have wisdom, but ultimately it is money that moves the world. Money answers all things; We need money to build the core of the project, a central school that will serve as the foundation upon which everything else pertaining to the project will be built. Invite your public officials in your state, your country; countries governments can sponsor a particular branch of their chosen to support the school. Get your celebrities to get involve to sponsor a section of the project. There is room for everyone to get involve. Find out how they raise money for similar projects, get involve there is a real chance to make this a concrete reality. Our starting goal is fifty millions dollars to start building the core. We are looking for foreign governments to match private funds. This project belongs to the world at large; it will be a united effort for everyone to get involve. Please contact us, help us create a trust fund for this project to educate people about their possibilities as human beings:

Zbob: Why do I want to start this project in Haiti? Well very simple, Haiti is one of the most economically challenge country of the world where the disparities between whites or mulattos and blacks are very apparent despites being the first black free country in the world with a majority black population. There is no other country that could be use as an example for the rest of the world like Haiti. Haiti has all of the elements in place to serve as an example for the rest of the world. We want to start there and spread to the world. The emphasis is to show the world that there is a way indeed to counteract the effect of Negation; Haiti with its majority of population black can crawl from under the weights of Negation. This would be a good example for the rest of the world to follow.

Zbob: Haiti because of its historical ties with the spiritual underworld can play a significant role in becoming an example for other countries with similar African cultural ties. I want to prove that living the righteous life style can help people break those ties and help them become partakers in the prosperity and the abundance of this world.

Michelle Rhee: What it takes to be a teacher; why do you want to be a teacher, what makes you want to be a teacher?
I saw young people of my age who were trying to change the world through education; if you believe in our kids even though you are not African American. He chose me because he was looking for someone outside the box who was not afraid to face challenges.

What are those challenges? There are tremendous challenges in term of discipline, resources and support.

Michelle Rhee: What it takes, you see the results
1_I am convinced that at that point it was teacher's quality that makes the difference
2_Their circumstances did not change, but what change is the teacher that was in front of them every single day.
3_Teacher’s quality was everything in term of achievement for these children
4_it was possible because everything depends on the expectation you have of them and the quality of education you provide for them.
5_you benefited from the positive stereotype, or you did not absorbed the negative stereotype because you were Asian American.
6_you can change people’s demeanor if the system and the leadership cares.
7_these kids are capable; it was absolutely possible that these kids could perform at the highest level.

Andre Agassi: we want to create a model that proves that education can be different.

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