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Wisdom is the Principal Thing

Knowledge and Understanding!

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Applied Knowledge is Wisdom!

In this page God is giving you the treasures of darkness, helping you understand how this system of things operate, the darkness of this world. If you want to know about the engine, the mechanism that is driving this world system, this system of things; if you want to know how you arrive at your self identity, here in this page you will find tidbits of revelations, tidbits of knowledge that will increase your awareness in a nutshell. The next page is all about the solution, the plan of God to take us from under the forces of Negation, set us free. It is all about Jesus Christ, God’s plan to redeem us from the forces of Negation. You will learn The Power of Convergence, a tool to help you learn how to subordinate your ego to God and learn to put your gift and talent under God and let God leads you to do the work that He calls you to do. God is busy working through us, taking territories from the devil and give them back to us. Begin Download
Negation = Negate
Denial of your right to partake, participate, cut you off from the possibilities or the abundance of this world. Negation is the cause of poverty, stagnation and retardation in the world. It is a tool use by the devil to sustain his system of dispensation, the kingdom of darkness.

Better Living World = Blessing
When all of the family of the earth is blessed as God promised, then shall we have a Better Living World. The blessing of God will come through Righteousness. It is through righteousness that God will bless all of the family of the earth. The path to the blessing of God is righteous living.
“The Lord has made known His salvation and his righteousness He has revealed in the sight of the nations”.
“Seek God first and His righteousness and the things that you need shall be added unto you”; and the blessing that you seek you hall have it.

Spiritual Awareness = Free Will Human Being
The path to the spirit is righteous living. All that we are rest on the spirit. It is the spirit that gives life. Who is man you may ask? “Man is a spirit being clothed in flesh!”; he shall not live by bread alone, but by every words that proceed out of the mouth of God. As the blood is the life of the body needs food to replenish itself as such the word is the life of the spirit, man needs the words to feed his spirit in order to grow. It is not by might or by power that God will do things "bless humanity", but by His spirit. It is the spirit that empowers us to prosper. The intuition that we get to solve our problems, overcome obstacles out of our paths, comes from the spirit in us, it seems right that we ought to seek the spirit. Jesus told us how; just fallow the precepts that he left for us and apply them to our daily lives and we shall be in our way to an increase of the spirit in us. Dwell in my words and me and my father we will come in dwell with you, this is a promise from Jesus Christ. The words that he left for us are the precepts that we must fallow and apply to our daily lives.


Africa and Poverty
HOME [2 A Need to Know the Truth
HOME [3 A World to Come
HOME [4 Affirmative Action
HOME [5 Are we Brothers
FILES [6 Revisiting the Past
HOME [7 Impulses that Moves US
HOME [8 Relationship Negation and Poverty
HOME [9 Awareness in a Nutshell, One Bite at a Time

HOME [10 The Babel Syndrome
FILES [11 The World is not Black and White
HOME [12 Why Blacks Lag Behind
HOME [13 How to Get the Blessing?
HOME [14 Making Connection to the Blessing
HOME [15 Can We Really Avoid it?
FILES [16 The Formula for Resolving Conflicts
HOME [17 Two Separate Worlds
HOME [18 Two Separate Realities
HOME [19 Curse is the Ground for your Sake
HOME [20 The True Cause of Racial Division
FILES [21 Human Motivation
HOME [22 What Drives Us?
HOME [23 Emissaries of the Devil
HOME [24 Escape from Poverty
HOME [25 What is Eternal Life?
FILES [26 Everlasting Doors
HOME [27 Exploring for the Truth
HOME [28 Removing the Fear that Drive Us
HOME [29 Getting Stuck Within Ourselves
HOME [30 Fleeting World
FILES [31 The Forces that Shape Human Existence
HOME [32 Solving the Problem
HOME [33 Ascending and Descending Forces
HOME [34 Activists Against Poverty

Better Living World

FILES [1 Making the Transition Poverty to Prosperity
HOME [2 A Remedy for a Third World Malaise
HOME [3 Requirements for Crossing Over
HOME [4 Solution for the Third World
HOME [5 We aim at changing the human condition,
FILES [6 Speak the World into Existence
HOME [7 Transforming the Thrid World
HOME [8 The way Out of Poverty
HOME [9 How do you make the transition

HOME [35 What the Blackman Wants?
FILES [36 Why the Global Initiative Won't Work?
HOME [37 God Has Only One Need
HOME [38 How to Change the Human Condition?
HOME [39 The Human Condition
HOME [40 I Cannot Explain
FILES [41 Your Sidekick
HOME [42 Why talking About Race is so Offensive
HOME [43 Why Race is Such a Touchy Issue?
HOME [44 What Moves Us
HOME [45 The Individual Vs the Collective
FILES [46 It Will not Go Away
HOME [47 The Key to the Blessing
HOME [48 Kingdom of Light Vs Drakness
HOME [49 Having to Believe
HOME [50 Are you a Lefty?
FILES [51 Revisiting the Past
HOME [52 Making the Transition
HOME [53 Mutually Exclusive
HOME [54 Are We Brothers?
HOME [55 There is no Black, no White, no..
FILES [56 We Are One
HOME [57 How We Perceive Reality?
HOME [58 Colors Are Points of Progression of Light
HOME [59 We Enter This World Through Portals
HOME [60 Precepts are Guidelines for our Spirit

Free Will Human Being

FILES [1 Self Denial
HOME [2 Simple Solution to Complex Problems:
HOME [3 A Reminder About the Frailty of Life
HOME [4 A Call to the Light
HOME [5 Ladder of Reconciliation
FILES [6 Increase Your Spirit,
HOME [7 You Community Forum Banner
HOME [8 Exploring the Truth
HOME [9 Applying the Precepts in our Lives

HOME [10 Warfare: Spiritual Warfare That Is!
FILES [11 Solution for a Third World
HOME [12 The Embodiment of the Spirit
HOME [13 A World in the Making
HOME [14 Awareness in a Nutshell
HOME [15 System of Dispensation
FILES [16 Seed of Wickedness
HOME [17 Seed of Righteousness
HOME [18 The Embodiment of the Spirit2
HOME [19 <-------------------->
HOME [20 <-------------------->
FILES [61 Race Will Not Go Away as an Issue
HOME [62 A Remedy for a Third World Malaise
HOME [63 There is a Truth that Needs to..
HOME [64 Something is Fundamentally Wrong
HOME [65 This System of Things
FILES [66 System of Dispensation:
HOME [67 Impossible to talk about race and...
HOME [68 The World is Not Colors
HOME [69 What God Wants
HOME [70 The world is not as people see it.
FILES [71 Negation is not limited to race
HOME [72 Why Negation is at Work?
HOME [73 Your Adversary the Devil
HOME [74 Your Mision Relative to your Position
HOME [75 Zbob Speaks the Truth:

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