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B E T T E R   L I V I N G   W O R L D
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The Faces of Poverty

Don't Complained!

    Why not?
  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
    “The word is in your lips even in your mouth, use it, say it, and speak it”.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation; God’s word has the power
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.

Claim Your Rights!
    What rights?
  • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
  • Only by becoming sons of God through Christ can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, you need the spirit to help free yourself, Jesus will baptise you with spirit and fire; Christ is the answer against Negation

N E W S   U P D A T E

H=A/N, Where H = Humanity, A = Attainment and N = Negation
Help You Understand The Forces That Shape Your Existence

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We need teachers. I am Zbob; I am here to help you find the pathway to the teacher. God is our teacher and Jesus is the pathway to the teacher. God is spirit and Jesus is the pathway to the spirit. Without the spirit you cannot hear the teacher. Jesus will baptize you with the spirit. Jesus is the price that God had to pay to put you on the path to the spirit. I want to tell you that we are deep into the Breaking Point; God is now teaching us so that we can make the shift much easier. The forces that used to hold us back are now releasing us out of their grips; we are free to express our thoughts and feelings which we could not previously done with such ease. Things have changed; we need God more than ever to help us catch up with the reality of the time. H = a / n

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Learning Begins Now!
Seek the teacher

Your host, Zbob


• Guide to Teacher • 
Education is a field of study, perhaps as important as science and medicine; one can learn to be an educator, teacher or doctor. All in all we all, need a teacher to get us acquainted with the things that we don’t know. Salomon said:
"How can they learn without a teacher".


I am Zbob, I will take you to the pathway. Without the right way you cannot reach the teacher. You need special ears to hear the teacher; you can only develop these ears while in the right way. Jesus is the right way and His teachings will help you develop the special ears that you need to hear the teacher. He alone is qualified to baptize you with spirit and fire, without which you can never develop these ears. “Let those who have ears, hear what the spirit is saying”. You cannot hear what the teacher is saying without the spiritual ears; Jesus can give them to you. You need these ears to know that we are at the Breaking Point. We are at the Breaking Point; let God enter into our hearts and become our teacher. What is the Breaking Point you may ask? It is a point of intersection when one force intersects the other; the forces that restrict us and the forces that propel us forward. This point of intersection is a point in the flow of time when God intervenes directly into our lives to minister a change. Can we recognize the moment? Can we seize the moment? Can we hear the teacher? How can we learn without a teacher? God is our teacher, but God is spirit. We cannot hear the teacher until we have been first filled with the spirit. How can we be filled with spirit? We need a benefactor to help us. “After me shall come One who is greater than I am; He will baptize you with spirit and fire.” Jesus is our benefactor; He is our pathway to the spirit. God is spirit; we need the spirit in order to hear God. Jesus is our pathway to the spirit. “No one has seen God at anytime, but the Son who is in the bosom of the Father, He who made Him known.”.

Life is our Teacher

We meet the teacher in our daily interactions with the world. We discover the lessons for ourselves in the midst of our fellowmen. We need people to interact, to give us feedback, to get reflection of ourselves. Through our interactions with people, we discover things about ourselves that we were previously unaware of. We get our lessons daily in our interactions with people. Recently I had an incident that I am still puzzled about; I am convinced that there is a lesson in it for me. Life is our teacher; we meet our teacher in the midst of our fellow human beings and the lesson that the teacher is teaching us is through our daily living. Sometime the lessons that we learn from life are obvious, we need no introspection and no reflection on our part to discover their meanings.

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