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C_Church Redeeming the Past
Most leaders donít start as dictators; they become bitter along the way because they cannot separate themselves from their assignments. Until you are delivered from the people you are sent to (help) you are not ready to be a voice of change in the culture. Some leaders may be outright bad from the start; they need not be in leadership positions. However most start with good intention but because of inadequate preparation before they enter into their assignments they get caught in the intricacies and the complexities of the assignments. They ended up with a bitter taste in their mount instead of dealing with kindness toward the people they are sent to help they see them as incorrigible subjects that they must bend and mold into submission like iron and not people. If you cannot see them for what they are and what they can become; you will loose focus of your assignment. The flipside of this dilemma is that there is as much a challenge coming from those that are close to you, people who you may consider as family, close friends, acquaintances, because you donít want them to see your disciplinary side; you may keep yourself in check and function with reservation. You cannot be in that position of leadership and not be able to vibrate at a higher frequency than those that you come to help. You can see them as children yet still they are masters in their own right and what they do is second nature to them, manipulating you to get what they want is a flow; you need the speed, the quickening, and the fluidity of thought to deal with them. You need to be fluid and flexible enough to make the slightest adjustment if not you will get caught in their web and succumb to them.
What choice do you have?
You need to be in convergence; you have no choice because if you want to be the leader that God calls you to be; you must learn to be under God and learn to move in the power of the spirit and not ego. Convergence can prepare you so that you donít drink the bitter cup of ego but the sweet cup that comes from moving in the flow of the spirit. There is a bravado that comes with the position of leadership; you know that you are vested with power but to delegate people to do what you want. You may find that getting things done your way is a challenge; dictating may be easier for you than communicating, then you begin your road to dictatorship. Convergence is a deterrence for ego but a pathway to help you move in the power of the spirit. We are not trying to make you a religious leader; we are helping you to get into the flow of life. You will be deal with people even thou you come to help them; you must know that they are masters in what they do, changing them and impacting them the way God wants you to requires that you are working under God. You may ask yourself what convergence is; well convergence is using your calling, your gifting, and your assignment and placing yourself under God so that you can be effective and fruitful.
What you are called to do
You are called to plunder, take over the enemy camp; you must be tested by all of the elements that are there to disqualify you; convergence prepares you for the test. Only after a successful process of testing can you be vested with real power and authority to do the job that you are called to do; your fame, your influence will only come afterward. After a successful process, facing all of the elements that are there to disqualify you from accessing the next level, the position that you are trying to take over; only then can you boast with certainty that the authority that you need has been given to you. You can now do the work and leave your mark for posterity and God will write your name in the book of remembrance for eternity. Government Sphere

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