You don’t need resources, you need unity!

"Where the unity is, there the Lord commanded the blessing".

See why you can not yet come together in unity: Cause


Learn from countries like Iceland and Israel, what they can teach the Third World

Israel was chosen as a Case Study because:

1_ There is no country on earth where the landscape is more challenging than Israel; a very tiny country where the land is eighty percent desert, yet still, the people are able cultivate it and turn it into a green land. You need to ask yourself why; what is it that makes it possible for them to succeed and we don't?

2_Israel is a country smaller in size in territory and population than Haiti, yet they are so advance that their standard of living for their average citizen is equal or surpasses that of the United States.

Note: Many people may hate Israel, but they are the best example for our young people to emulate. That trip will serve as an aspiration to them, give them hope and courage in the face of insurmountable odds, knowing that there is still hope for Haiti. If Israel can do it, Haiti can do it.

I choose to call this effort “Future Hope for Haiti” this will be the theme of this effort. I believe that there is still hope; this project will serve to encourage young people and instill in their hearts the fire and the zeal to work for the betterment of their home land.

Goals and Objectives

To give every Haitians a chance to participate in the vision and the reconstruction of their home land The goal is to raise the consciousness of t he people, take them out of their state of despair, rekindle the spirit in t hem to love their country, to bring unity in the hearts of those who have yet to embrace the spirit of reconciliation.
“Nothing will be refrained from them which they imagine to do if they are one” God said it and I believe that is the truth. If white Haitians, red and mulattos can join together with poor blacks Haitians in one accord in the spirit of unity and reconciliation, there is no limit and no boundaries for Haitians as a hole.

I ask you: How do we help reconcile the differences in the two dichotomy of thinking of the Haitian people, how do we bring them together?

Visit Israel:
ISRAEL The answer is simple: You help reconcile them by getting them involve in doing something that they all share the same interest. the goal is to help raise awareness in Haiti, helping the Haitian people become aware of the needs of their environments and the depravity around them, helping them participate in addressing those needs, help unite the different segments of the population trough participation in various projects especially targeted for the reconstruction of Haiti, helping them embrace their Haitian identity, unite them as a nation. In order to engage every Haitians in that effort, all Haitians in the homeland and in the Diaspora are invited to write an essay describing their aspiration and vision for Haiti. Three prizes will be awarded to the winner; criteria for winning will be based on the selflessness and the universal approach to solve problems. First prize is given as a trip all expenses paid to Israel to serve as an example and aspiration for all Haitians in the reconstruction of their homeland. Israel is similar in size as Haiti with enormous challenge, 70% of their land is desert, and has very few resources, yet despite it all they thrive and flourish. The second prize is a digital camera and the third prize a DVD player. Sponsors are welcome to participate and offer the well deserve effort of those who participate more prizes and better prizes worthy of their efforts. With a small donation starting from $10.00 we can ad more winners and more prizes. Without vision the people run wild, we need people who can see vision for a brighter future, let us help them to express those visions. Donate today: For entries please go to our website and click country of the week, “Haiti” then download Future Vision for Haiti pdf file.

See our Country of the Week:  •  Haiti • HAITI You can fill in your information and mail it back with your essay in order to participate in this grand prize drawing taking place in March, 2008 There is a need for innovative ideas, people are waiting for your input, use this site to express your vision. Your ideas can help improve the living condition of people in the Third World in places such as: West Africa, Central and South America, the Caribbean, people that are left behind, people that are lagging behind cut off from the possibilities of this world. Send us your inputs, views and ideas and we will make them available for others to share: For taking interest in our site, Comeback for new ones!

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