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  • Because the word is night thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
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  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
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By ZBob

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“The difference between them is in their life style; it is all in the life”.

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Gadhafi: the poster child of the Middle East and the Third World

God is their God too, speaking for the Third World some of the grievances he had are legitimate. Yet still he is not looking in the right direction for the cause of the problems. The forces of change are not forgiven as he wants them to be; they will roll over anything that stands in their way. He is not ready to let go; this is his plea, but as long as his world is not ready to change, these problems will persist. These grievances he is pointing out to us will repeat; Israel will still master over them as long as they remain unchanged. No one is immune to change, the mightiest countries, even the United States of America. Had we not embraced the forces of change, we too will be left behind. See how you can help change the human condition in that part of the world.

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Two Worlds in the Making: two separate realities

There are two worlds in the making, two separate realities where one world is moving forward into the future and the other is moving backward into the past. Each world sees the other as a hindrance, a stumbling block to their progress, some thing that they must change. There are two worlds out there, two sets of people where one set is moving at a faster pace, accelerating into the future and the other is moving at a slower pace, more sluggish, less cognitive and responsive to the world around them, moving backward into the past.

“Wounded man”

People in one of these two worlds are of the past; their way of life is of the past. They want to maintain their way of life, yet they cannot see that their way of life is the cause for their retardation and that their retardation is the cause for the disparities that exist between them and the other world. Because they cannot overcome the disparities that separate them and the other world, they lash out, blaming the other world, holding them responsible for their condition. “It is all in the life” This statement should be sufficient to explain their condition’ let me explain. The whole reason why they are angry, lashing at the Western world, blaming the West for their condition is because they are wounded, wounded in the spirit.

Here in these words is the remedy for their condition: “For that He came, to set at liberty them that are bruised”. They are wounded, bruised in spirit; they need to be delivered. Why would they rejoice or clamor at their brother’s calamities and misfortune? Why would they claim victory when their defeat is obvious? They are so desperate to be acknowledged that they will bend the truth just to gain recognition. They are in a state of fixation; their attention is fixated on their need, this overwhelming need they have to be acknowledged.. They don’t want to destroy the West, they want the West to acknowledge their way of life, not trying to change them, not knowing that their way of life is mutually exclusive or incompatible with theirs.

Gaddafi is a perfect poster child for the human condition that exists in the Middle East or even the Third World, the world that is left behind. He represents the psychic condition of the Middle Easter World and the Third Word, the world that that is left behind. They are caught in a bubble, in a time warp so to speak; their attention is fixated on the world around them and as long as they keep on talking about what they see, the reality of their world, their condition will magnify. Cert Gadhafi was a reformed man, but as long as the world around him doesn’t change, he will snap back to his original state of mind. This is the condition of the people of the Middle East; you cannot be one hundred percent certain that they will not snap on you, go banana. There is a deep wound in their psyche and the more they try to hold on to their world, the more defeated they will feel. It is not that the other world is deliberately putting them down; they feel defeated because the world they are trying to hold on to is disappearing. They are wounded; they have a deep wound only God can heal. The solution is in the problem; it can be found in this simple verse. “It is all in the life”. As their way of life changes, they will expenentially change. They are in a bubble right now, only God can free them. Their consciousness is caught in a time warp; they are encased in a bubble and forced to focus their attention on the world around them; if attention is what makes the world; then as long as they have something to focus their attention to, that world will go on.

They only see the problem, yet the solution is in the problem. From outside looking in one can see that there is a wounded man, no matter how hard he tries to change, as long as the world around him remains the same, he will snap back. The only solace he has is to lash at the world, the other world, not his own world. He sees the other world as the source of constraint or the cause of his problem, the reason why his world is lagging behind. .

He is bruised, in spirit.
It does not make sense for us to try to change them; all we can do is understand them. May be through our understanding of the cause, understand the reason why they are the way they are, we may help them see themselves. All is in all, the cause and the solution is in the problem; it is all in the life. Can they change their way of life; give up their way of life, adjust their way of life? What is it in their way of life that is the cause for the disparities that exist between their world and our world; two worlds in the making. The Israeli/Palestinian conjoined condition could be solved if the less advance twin can vibrate at the level of the more advance and stronger twin. If the Palestinians can change their life style, they could see an exponential shift in the attitude of the Israelis toward them. Jesus said that I am the way and the life; if we live the life He prescribed for us, we are guaranteed an increase in our spirit. It is the spirit that gives life, the abundant life. Even if we were not part of that world, the life style He prescribed for us is our ticket to that world.
“I am the way, the life and the light”
“For that He came, to set free the captives, to set at liberty them that are bruised”.
“For the heart of this people (
Middle Eastern People, Third World) is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them”.

 • • Change

Turn_the “Change is the unavoidable, inevitable condition of life” “All things are in a state of becoming” For those who refuse to change, we see the consequences; we see the results all around us in the form of stagnation, retardation and lagging behind. Every now and then God gives a gift to humanity, to help ease the transition and facilitate a change. In my life time, I have seen a few that helped ease the transition for their countries and for humanity at large; Ronald Reagan for the United states, Gorbachev for the Soviet Union, Aristide for Haiti and now Obama again for the United States; they are all gifts for humanity. Resistance to change is evil. What is evil; evil is resisting the will of God.
“Time I am, I have come to engage all beings” Those who oppose change do so because they have holes in their psyche; the winds of change pass right through them and they remain unaffected; they are not moved; they are stuck in a state of fixation. See: Psychic Sailing There will always come a time when there is a Breaking Point, see: Breaking Point What is the Breaking Point? The Breaking Point is a point of intersection where the forces that oppose change intersect the forces that are moving ahead; at that point in time God always intervenes to ease the transition, so that there is no upheaval. Sometimes the lessons we failed to learn we will be forced to learn on the battle field, because one way or the other, the world must moves on. See: Battlegrounds; other related subject: Middle East • • Third World; see also Conjoined Twins

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