Translate_From_Darkness_to_Light Christ is the Power of God for our Salvation against Poverty, Stagnation, Retardation, etc..
It is the truth that you know that set you free; when you know the truth about something, you can approach it without judgment or ego; you can accept it for what it is and move on because it no longer has power over you. God is all there is, everything in the universe is in God, the devil tried to separate us from God, now Christ is the only consciousness or the frequency that we must operate to get access to God and His power. God does not respond to us because the devil separated us from Him, the consciousness of separation we inherited is of the devil, God only responds to the frequency of Christ. Christ is God working through us to give us back what the devil has stolen from us; that is what redemption is all about. We are learning to surrender to God so that He can help us take back the territories that the devil has stolen from us. Jesus said that “My father does the work”. Jesus is the embodiment of that power; this why humanity is forever intertwined with Christ. Christ is the redemptive power of God working in us to redeem us from the grip of the devil. The devil is the consciousness that separated us from God; we must shift gear, change frequency from one consciousness to another. We are been translated by Christ from the kingdom of the devil to the kingdom of God. As long as you are operating in the consciousness of separation, God cannot deal with you.

Jesus has the Power and the Authority
The only person who went down to hell and not affected by it was Jesus. He went down to hell on Calvary to get the key from the devil. “Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, he is the King of glory".
Tracing the source of our problems
It is the past that refuses to die that is the source of our problems. Why is the past a problem? Energy can never be destroyed, it can only be transformed. This is where the concept of transmutation flourished in the early centuries, transmuting lower metal to higher metal, from lead to gold or translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. The question of ancestral ties, ancestral worshipping, loas, the cult of the dead, or lower spirits that we don’t even know their origin that are still seeking expression in our time. The concept of vibration, standing waves help us understand why cultures stagnate, stand still, unable to move forward, what forces are at work restraining them, keeping them behind. The devil thrives on the past, the left behind, those that have missed their marks. This is why Jesus called them everlasting doors. They are called so because they are doorway through which we enter this world to experience hell on earth. Without the power of Christ; these doorways would be everlasting; we would not be able to close them. The devil controls the gates of hell, the ghettos, the slums, places where we experience pain and suffering. Jesus who is the Lord strong in battle, who defeated the devil at the cross has the authority to tell the devil to close the gates. Wherever you see chaos, stagnation, retardation look for the past. Rather it is poverty in Haiti, stagnation in Africa, tribal terror in Afghanistan, and Pakistan; they are all remnant of the past in someway creating problems for us in the present. There is always going to be a remnant of something from the past that is causing trouble for us in the present; the question is when do we take action to confront them? What happen when we ignore them and let them have their way? This is when we have chaos, terror, stagnation, retardation and it becomes necessary for us to confront them. Is it right for us to confront those who want to maintain the practices of the past, like the Taliban or the Pashtoon tribes in Pakistan? I say yes because they are infringing their way of life on us. Why we are not so concern with tribes from Africa and the Amazon? We are not concern with them because they are not trying to impose their way of life on us, those of us who decide to live in the present. We are concern with poverty, stagnation and retardation because these people cannot help themselves; they are not aware of the real cause of their condition. This is what I am doing; I am trying to get at the source, the root cause of poverty, the fundamental reason why there is a third world where people are incapable of creating a Better World for themselves.

YOU_and_I God gave us the key to close the Gates
God gave Peter the revelation, how to open and close the gates of hell; that revelation is the key. It is the measure of faith that you need to operate the power of God. The key is the knowledge that you know about Jesus, who He is and what He represents. Jesus is the embodiment of the power of God in the person of Jesus Christ for our salvation. You need to be in the consciousness of Christ for God to accept you. Everything else outside that consciousness God rejects. A time will come when our consciousness in Christ will be complete and death shall be no more. But for now be contented that you are part of the family of God when you accept that revelation that Jesus is the Christ the embodiment of the power of God for your salvation. God is all there is and Christ is the consciousness He operated in. The devil took humanity out of that consciousness and now there is a misalignment of our bodies with that consciousness. Our bodies are at war with the spirit of God; this is why the flesh cannot understand the things of God; the consciousness of the flesh is no longer in alignment with God.

The Responsibility is on You
It is on you, the ability to operate in the power of God to get wealth and prosperity is no longer from without; you must choose to use it. The reason why the people of Haiti and Africa are still holding on to those spirits is because they rely on a power from without, external of themselves. They don’t want to accept the fact that the power to get wealth is in them. They are as much a part of it as it is a separate entity outside of themselves. To operate that power is on them; they must deliberately choose to do it. They don’t need a third party spirit to operate in the power of God except the Holly Spirit of God that lives inside of them. All they need to operate that power is the Measure of Faith, the knowledge that Jesus Christ is the embodiment of the power of God for our salvation. That knowledge is sufficient to operate the power of God for our needs. “Upon the revelation that Jesus is the Christ” Christ is the consciousness that God must use to work with us. Jesus embodied that power. There is power in the name; you can invoke the name and that is sufficient to set the power in motion.

Continue……………….. Christ is the consciousness you need for God to operate in your life, to empower to prosper and excel forward.

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