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The Teacher
Andre Agassi: We want to create a model that proves that education can make a difference; we got to tune in to education, give them the tools of hope, teaching these children how to make better choices for themselves

- The Clean Slate Project

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The Antidote Against Poverty

The Challenge

Michelle Rhee: We want to change the world through education; a call was given to join young people of my age who were trying to change the world through education

Michelle Rhee: I am positively sure that these children can achieve at the standard levels we set for them; it is a matter of rather the public has the will.

Michelle Rhee: We have a massive challenge here

Michelle Martin: Six school heads in ten years, most of whom came in with passion, energy and commitment and I just wonder what is going to make you different. And something or other got them either fed up, chewed up or spit out or they decided that they could not take it, they could not take the bureaucracy, or they could not take the battle with congress. I just wonder what makes you different

Michelle Rhee: I am going to be different

Zbob: The Clean Slate Project main objective is to create a learning environment and provide the quality of education for disadvantage kids, kids that are cut off out of the possibilities of this world. By creating this learning environment we are helping the student creates within himself an environment for his spirit to thrive. On of the core of our belief is that we believe that everything a man does, he does it according to the degree of his spiritual development. We believe that everything that we do and everything that we are in life rests on our spiritual development. Since it is the spirit that gives life and sustains life it is right that we create an environment for the spirit in man to thrive.

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