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The Teacher
Andre Agassi: All of a sudden like a light bulb went off; we realize that it is giving them the tools, the tools of hope which is education;
teaching these children how to make better choices for themselves. This is what get us tune in to education.

- The Clean Slate Project

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The Antidote Against Poverty

The Problem
We are dealing with the darkness of this world because none of us can say for sure with certainty what it is. Yet we see its effects everyday in our lives, in our schools, in society, wherever there are disparities between groups of people, We must look for Negation as the cause. Here is what Chancellor Michelle Rhee says seeing first hands the effects of negation on our schools:

Michelle Rhee : We have a massive challenge here; if you look at where our white students are performing as oppose to our African American students are performing; it is hundred of points. If you look at what we are facing right now and the achievement gap we have in the city; it is unacceptable.

Zbob; The antidote against poverty is righteousness, righteous living, life style; it is all in the life, how you live that will increase your spiritual awareness, your cognitive ability and your intuitive capacity, quickening you so that you can respond to the subtle changes in your environment. Sometime we are too slow to respond to the demands of the world around us, we miss the new reality that is upon us or catch with it after we are already way into it and realized that the world has changed and by then it is too late; we can then only play catch up.
“We are always one step behind reality” recollecting the moment that has just passed but if we are quicken by the spirit we can catch up with reality before it gets here.
We need to teach our kids from the ground up the kind of living or life style that will empower them to succeed. Side by side with the school education is the life style education that will empower them to succeed.

Andre Agassi: We want to create a model that proves that education can make a difference; we got to tune in to education, give them the tools of hope, teaching these children how to make better choices for themselves. We find that throwing more money at the problem is not the answer; having a teacher that cares, that invest in these children is the greatest asset the school can have. We want to affect children everywhere that don’t have the opportunity. Here is what Chancellor Michelle Rhee said about education.

Michelle Rhee: If you can create the environment and provide the quality of education. I know that they can achieve at these levels if we are doing our job. Here is a conversation with my son recollecting his high school years. He said that learning is all about the environment, the atmosphere you are in. in high school he had to spend time defending himself on the kids that want to beat up on him, instead on concentrating on his studies he was busy defending himself against the other kids. They don’t know that the school is a learning environment, a sacred place where learning will take place. If the environment is not contusive to learning, then much of the time is wasted..

Zbob On asking the questions: Why is there an achievement gap between blacks and whites kids in their academic achievements. You want to change the world, change the education system
A_ The Clean Slate Project main objective is to create a learning environment and provide the quality of education.
B_ In creating this learning environment we are helping the student creating within himself an environment for his spirit to thrive. On of the core of our belief is that we believe that everything a man does, he does it according to the degree of his spiritual development. We believe that everything that we are and everything that we do rest on our spiritual development. Since it is the spirit that gives life and sustains life it is right that we create an environment for the spirit in man to thrive. Everything in this universe is about consciousness; rather our consciousness is stuck, fixating on something, a need, an obsession, etc., or free as the wind, able to flow with the rest of the universe.

Zbob Why do I want to start this project in Haiti? Well very simple, Haiti is one of the most economically challenge country of the world where the disparities between whites or mulattos and blacks are very apparent despites being the first black free country in the world with a majority black population. There is no other country that could be use as an example for the rest of the world like Haiti. Haiti has all of the elements in place to serve as an example for the rest of the world. We want to start there and spread to the world. The emphasis is to show the world that there is a way indeed to counteract the effect of Negation; Haiti with its majority of population black can crawl from under the weights of Negation. This would be a good example for the rest of the world to follow.

Zbob: Sometime after pouring myself into finding a way to solve this problem, when I think I got it, I went to bed and when I woke up, I feel empty, void as if nothing was ever done. I don’t even know if am pursuing something real. It is like playing the lotto; you know that you can win but the odds are so astronomical that you feel frustrated. It feels useless to continue, yet you continue because you know within yourself that there is a way, if only you can stumble on it. Everyday you say to yourself, this is it; this is the one thing that will make everybody understand what you are talking about, then you went to sleep and you woke up disappointed.

Michelle Rhee: We have a massive challenge here

Michelle Martin: Six school heads in ten years, most of whom came in with passion, energy and commitment and I just wonder what is going to make you different. And something or other got them either fed up, chewed up or spit out or they decided that they could not take it, they could not take the bureaucracy, or they could not take the battle with congress. I just wonder what makes you different.

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