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Breaking Down: This system of Things

Providing you awareness in a nutshell on how this system operates, why it is not serving God purpose. Breaking down this system of thing in bite size, in tidbits of knowledge so that you can understand it, (swallow it). Let us start with Godís intention about this system, and move on our way to find out the reason why God does not want this system of things to continue.

#1_ Godís intention.
ďFor that He came, to undo the works of darkness, to destroy the works of the devil"; this is Godís intention. .

#2_Let us proceed with the reason why God wants to destroy this system Why would God want to destroy this system of things, this dispensation system that regulates how people experience this world, your possibility to attain and enjoy the abundance of this world? .
ďIíll put enmity between his seed and thy seed, between the seed of righteousness and the seed and the seed of wickednessĒ. There is a moment is a moment in the development of the seed of greatness that God placed inside of us when it becomes wicked as the devil. When that seed fails to develop for one reason or another; it becomes wicked. This happened usually when we fail to make the choices that God places before us. Whatever the reason for our failure, either because we are too complacent or get too settled in our routines, we fail. This failure is a direct opposition to the will of God. When we are in opposition to the will of God, we simply are in alignment with the devil.

#3_Why this system uses Negation as a platform, why people of darker complexion are negated? .
This antagonistic stance that exist between our seed and that of the devil, between the seed of righteousness that is in us and the seed of wickedness that is in the devil, there is an antagonistic stance that exist between the two. The devil is our enemy since day one; God ordained it that way. It is this antagonistic stance that is serves as the platform for this system of things. The degree in which a person is negated because their seed has stopped growing or developing is the foundation of this system.

Dispensation: Illustrating the Crux of the Problem

HERITAGE Here is an illustration of Negation how the possibility to attain is distributed among the races by their affinity to Negation. There is one human race; however there are various shades of pigmentation or (colors) that made up the human race. The possibility to attain is directly proportionate to the degree of Negation in the color spectrum of light in relation to the color spectrum of the human race. Why is this system of dispensation based on Negation?

#4_This brings us to the final piece of knowledge that will help make you understand why the face of poverty is black in the world. The face of lack, nay, having nothing is black simply because of the antagonistic stance that is the foundation of this system of things. There is no adversarial system without Negation. There are no disparities and no differences to resort between the various shades of the human complexion if Negation as a force did not exist. Negation is a force as such it exerts a pull or a push. In the past even as today, blacks are negated subconsciously, the pulling of the force of Negation on blacks to negate them their possibilities in this world, to partake in the abundance of this world was so blatant. Thanks to the grace of God these forces are releasing their grips off humanity. A Blackman is more likely to enjoy the fruits of his gifts and his talent without Negation. There was indeed a time all that could be attained in this world were pertaining to the white race simply because of the degree of negation inn the color spectrum of light in proportion to the skin color. Contact me: Zbob

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