B E T T E R   L I V I N G   W O R L D  


Rather that you are an instrument in the hands of the devil bringing pain and suffering to your fellow human beings or a victim in the hands of those who are bringing you pain and suffering, at the end we are all victims of the devil. He is stealing your humanity. He is slowly creeping down on you, reeling you in, clamping down on your freedom, setting up the stage for the great tribulation. Like some previous leaders of the past; they provoke their people to anger, pocking their eyes and hope for them to react and use that to justify their actions. Their intent is what you have to look at. He is using t he Muslims extremists to for you to curtail your freedom. Slowly you are giving your freedom away to the devil and not even aware of it. He is using the Muslim extremist do achieve his aim.
While you may not be able to do anything about it; you ought to be aware of it. Your awareness is what is going to stop you from selling your humanity or giving your humanity to the devil.

Those who are doing t he biddings of the devil and not even aware of it are selling t heir humanity to the devil. You must not let t his slip by you and not aware of it. I damn Islam for not facing to the truth and enlighten their people; letting them just becoming puppets at the hands of the devil. You can blame the West all you can; at the end killing yourself in order to kill more people only serves the interest of the devil. Humanity is what is at stake, not you and me as individuals. You are selling your humanity to the devil and makes it possible for t he devil to steal mine. You have nothing else to fight t he devil, except your awareness.

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