The Inequity of Us All:
And the Lord has laid on Him the inequity of us all

What is the one sin; the one violation that we are all guilty of? It is self awareness, partaking in the fruit of separation, better than. “Who told you that you were naked, have you eaten of the tree that I have commanded you not to eat from”? We become aware of our nakedness, the moment that we consume the fruit of self, partake in the fruit of better than. This is the one and fundamental reason for Jesus to come. He came to give us back our awareness of oneness. The antidote against self awareness and separation is Jesus. He is the life, His life is the pattern, His way of life is the way to selflessness. He came to demonstrate to us the path in action. The cross is self denial; He denied His throne to come to demonstrate to us the path, teaching us how to embrace the shortcomings of our fellow human beings. The cross is the suffering, the pain and shame He endured for our ignorance. We could not see or perceivve the truth [perception], therefore we esteem Him not; we could not see what He was about. Actually the main reason for Jesus to come down to sshow us the path is because we don’t have the perception, the awareness of who we are in God, who and what God created us to be. Had Adam knew, he would not have partaken in the fruit of the self, the fruit of separation, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil?

C_Church Our identity is tied up with our perception. All is in all, our ability to see, to perceive the reality of this world is tied up with our perception and our perception is tied up with our identity. We know that the whole demise of humanity began with the original sin, which is a violation of the law of God. What is it about the original sin that makes it so terrible and so bad that we must die for it? What is it about that sin that is so bad that it causes us to loose our capacity and right to dominate? What is so terrible about this sin? I am going to show you what that sin really is and what was the main reason Adam committed this sin. I want to show you how the consciousness of self is a direct result of the original sin and how the consciousness of self is responsible for keeping us apart, take away our inability to come together as a unit to achieve great things. We are perpetually consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil; it is the original sin that is fuelling this system of things. This system of things relies on us consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and we are doing it subconsciously everyday. Every time that we assume our identity as an individual, we consume the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Because the process that gives us our self identity is false;. we must negate others; deny others in order to assume our identity. This is the cause for separation; this self identity is contrary to what God’s originally intention for mankind. Jesus is the pattern, the true identity that God wants for us, the sooner that we accept the true identity that God intended for us, the sooner we will stop consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.


The Inequity of us all was laid on Him, with Him, by Him and for Him Conscious_Identity Look for the “but” because the grace is in the “but”; “But, He was wounded for our transgression”. We are in our condition, because of our own making, because of the law of cause and effect. There is always a reaction that comes when we violate the law of the universe, change the order of things, violate the law of God; that reaction is called sin in the Christian world. It is real and it is the consequence of our action, our violation of the law that causes the reaction and that reaction can be measured.
God created us to be whole, one humanity, the consequence of our self consciousness, our individual identity is that we become. We become a sea of individual rather than a collective whole. We deviated from the course, what God originally intended. “All we like sheep have gone stray; we have turned everyone to his own way ”. [Individualism] and the Lord has laid on Him the inequity of us all”. The consequence for our individualism was laid on Jesus. He is t he key for our wholeness. Surely, t he bible says, whatever He endured, He endured for our sake. The beatings, cuts and bruises, the wounds on His body, all He endured so that we can find wholeness. God so desire that we are whole, as He intended us to be that He was pleased to see Jesus endured the pain and the sufferings to show us the path. “Who told you that you were naked ”, God asked Adam who has just partaken in the fruit of self awareness, the fruit of separation, individuality. Had he not partaken in the fruit of better than, self awareness; he would not be aware that he was a single entity, apart from everybody else. “Except a man denies himself ”, denies the process by which he arrives at the self awareness, he cannot be whole. The cross is the wholeness; you cannot see yourself without taken in account of the greater whole. The needs, the shortcomings of your fellow human beings are also part of you. Jesus is literally the way, the pattern that God set for humanity. You must deny the self, take up your cross and follow the pattern that God gave you in Jesus. He is the way to our wholeness.

The Individual Consciousness is the Problem: Self Awareness
Look for the “but”, for the grace of God is in the “but”, “But, He was wounded for our transgression”, which means that everything that He endured, He endured for a cause and the cause is because we were like sheep gone stray and we have turn to his own way’, our individuality. And the consequence to bring us back to God original intention is that Jesus must come down to show us the way. “I am above and you are beneath ” there are consequences for Him to come down to show us the way, “but”, it pleases God to do so. He wants to see us whole again. We are what He loves and His love is to see us whole as He originally intended.

Jesus did not look like a king; we look at Him and we could not see His greatness. We did not even like His message. He was beaten, cut and bruised. These are the consequences for Him coming down to show us the way. God was pleased to do it, because He wants to see us whole again. He had an intention in mind when He created man. Man is His loving creation; He wants us to be as He envisioned us, whole. He could not stand to see us a bunch of individuals, a sea of people, separated, each doing his own thing. He wants to pour His Spirit on us and make us whole again. Jesus is the One to do it.

To each his own and God is for all; this is the attitude of self in the world, but has God has a response to that, He laid the consequence of that on Jesus. “And everyone turn his own way, and the Lord laid the inequity of us all on Him”; which inequity that the bible is talking about, the one violation, the one sin that we are all guilty of. God has laid on him. Surely, He endured all because of us, yet still, we don’t appreciate what He did. God was pleased that He did. He accepted the task of coming down to show us the path.

Fixation of Attention

Bewilderment Where there is bewilderment and confusion, much evil spirit
You can easily say that where there is a vacuum, empty space, chances are evil spirits will take residence. This is a fact; God is ever present, in the moment; where the spirit of God is, there is clarity of mind. If your attention is lost split between two objects, your object of attention and someone else; some other reality will slip in between the space between you and the object of your attention. I don’t know how to line up people with me; force them to enter into agreement with me; I don’t know how to do that; convince them to see the reality I desire to manifest, the vision I have; people need the spirit of God to do that. There is a curse on humanity or a judgment pronounced against humanity for wanting to be whole, joining together without God; it is called The Babel Syndrome. It is a state of bewilderment and confusion that proceeds anytime that we try to get together without God. It takes the Spirit of God to join us together and become one. Jesus came to baptize us with the Spirit of God and makes us whole again.

The lines are falling in the pleasant places; but me, I am always one step behind reality, recollecting the moment that was. If only I had done this or that, but always short of the reality I desire. I can never catch up with time; the right time is when you catch up with reality; the reality that you desire. Therefore a man is not in charge of the time, the when does not belong to him. It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and it is the glory of king to find it. Ceasing the moment rests upon us; a man will the world into motion, the reality that he desires, but when that reality shows up, he is not in charge of. God is God all by Himself; He does not want us to interfere with His sovereignty. “The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord” I am always one step behind reality because I am trying to make the world without God. I have no power to convince people to join me; however, what comes to me easily is the understanding of the world around me. This is the work of the comforter; He will never leave you nor forsake you and will teach you all truths.
He is Lord of lord"; a man waits for God to deliver, for time to shows up whenever. Whenever God shows up, the time deliver, is the right time. “Assiez toi a ma droite jusqu’a ce que je fass de tes enemis to marche pied” this verse sounds better in French that it is in English. Even Jesus does not control the when, but He is deliberately waiting for God to deliver. The earth is waiting, groaning for the coming of the sons of God.

The Spirit of Bewilderment

Bewilderment I was so deep into myself, so fixated on my need that my attention was lost in the object of my desire and I lost track of time. Something happened and I have no recollection, no memory of what took place. The timeline I forgot, events took place and I had no recollection; I lost the timeline. Bewilderment happens when your attention is wrapped, split between your fixation and other people competing for your attention. When your attention is split between the object of your desire and other people trying to get the same object through you; you are bewildered. Bewilderment could also happen the other way around, you may be trying to get something through a person whose attention is fixated on the same object but not in sync with you. Since you are not complementing each other; you are working against each other and the reality that you both desired easily escapes you both. Some people bring with them a state of confusion and bewilderment; their own presence creates the atmosphere where coming together to catch a reality is not possible. I am still not able to pin down the reason, but I can only experience it

Note: you lost track of reality or you can say that your attention is split, the timeline is split and you are bewildered because reality escapes you. Continue……………….. Christ is the consciousness you need for God to operate in your life, to empower to prosper and excel forward.

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