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The Faces of Poverty

   Don't Complained!
    Why not?
  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation; God’s word has the power
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.

Claim Your Rights!
    What rights?
  • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
  • Only by becoming sons of God through Christ can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, you need the spirit to help free yourself, Jesus will baptise you with spirit and fire; Christ is the answer against Negation

N E W S   U P D A T E

Bite Size Health: Remedy
Jesus is the healer; healing humanity from the disease of separation. Humanity caught this disease when man gave the devil access to our world. The devil is the spirit of separation who brought separation into the world and separated man from God. He the devil is like a parasite, consuming us daily through the process of separation. Every time you affirm yourself in the world; you are renewing the grip of the devil on you. He uses Negation as an instrument to create disparity in our achievements and forces us to resort differences and making us use these differences to affirm our identity, to boast our egos. He instigated us to sin against God, violating the law of God to justify using us as fuel to maintain his system of things that is running the world. The devil needs permission before turning us into fuel to maintain his system of things. Every time we consume the fruit of separation, consuming the fruit of better than, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, we are giving the devil permission to use us as fuel, consume us. Jesus is the only remedy against the spirit of separation. He is the antidote that God gave us to protect us from the spirit of separation. Every time we do what Jesus asked us to do, emulate Him, pattern our lives after Him, consume Him; we are making ourselves unpalatable for the devil to consume. He cannot consume us at will; he must first separate us from God by instigating us to sin against God, violating his law. The devil literally turning humanity into a serpent, a snake like formation by keeping some of us behind, trailing like a tail. God set Jesus as the head of humanity. He made Him Lord over us, leading us to our future.

Jesus the Healer:
He is the healer, the remedy against the devil, “By His stripes we were healed”, The chastisement for our peace was laid upon Him” Jesus said: “And when I’ll be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me” We need to lift up Jesus, promote Him as the remedy against the devil. “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, as such the Son of man must be lifted up”. We need to lift up Jesus to be healed of the sickness of separation. Moses lifted the serpent in the desert as a symbol for humanity so that God could heal the people. As such humanity is similar to a snake, crawling its way through time and space with a tail of people trailing behind. God does not want humanity to remain the image of the serpent with a tail of people trailing behind. He wants a humanity whole in Christ Jesus. Jesus is the head of humanity, in Him we are are one, with the same spirit. We can take the quantum leap to be where He is, seating with Him in heavenly places. “God wants us to be the head and not the tail” Jesus is the head of humanity, leading us to our future. When we lift Him up; we are healed. Those who are left behind can literally take the quantum leap of faith to seat with Him in heavenly places. He gave us the formula, he said for us to deny the devil, deny the process that lead us to separation and take up our cross. Every time we take up our cross, embrace our humanity, we are denying the devil a platform in the world for expression. He can only rule over us when we are divided; but in
Christ we are one, one spirit. Every time we apply the precepts of the teachings of Jesus in our lives, we are renewing our ties with God, bringing us closer, making us acceptable for His spirit to live inside of us. The devil is defeated for sure, when we deny the process that brings us to our false identity; deny the process that leads us to separation.

Why He came:
”I have come to show the possibility to man; what I am, all men can be; what I have been, all men shall be”. Jesus came to show us the possibilities, what we can become, if we do what He says; if we follow the
precepts in His teachings, we can be what He has been. He is busy working with us and through us, creating space for us to operate freely in the world. For a long time, all that could be attained in this world, were to be attained by the white race, the world of Attainment belongs to the white race. The spirit of separation created the system that is running the world to promote himself as light. Negating blacks, while promoting whites was the only way he could pass whiteness for light. He wanted to make the white race the standard for humanity, instead of Jesus Christ the true light of the world. Negation was his tool; separation was his aim. Jesus came to show us how to defeat him, deny him a platform for expression. Every time you deny yourself and take up your cross; you are taken the world back from the devil. He has no power, except through division; our strength is in embracing the weaknesses, the frailty of life, everything that makes us human.

Even for a black man, he could not stand the acceptance of his blackness in the world. Something has affected his psyche; he could not conceive that black has a place in the world. Jesus made it possible for black to stand next to white as equal, without feeling inferior in anyway. “Falsehood is what seems to be and it is naught and shall pass away”. The falsehood, the lie of the devil has been unveiled. The light of Christ has shined upon the darkness of this world, “the ruler of the darkness of this world is cast out in Christ Jesus”. All of those who opposed God, opposed His son are put under feet, all of the enemies of humanity. “Seat to my right until I make of your enemies your footstool”; it is time to identify with God, instead of the devil; our identity is in Christ Jesus, the savior of humanity.
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