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   Don't Complained!
    Why not?
  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation; God’s word has the power
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.

Claim Your Rights!
    What rights?
  • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
  • Only by becoming sons of God through Christ can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, you need the spirit to help free yourself, Jesus will baptise you with spirit and fire; Christ is the answer against Negation

N E W S   U P D A T E

   Understand the Haitian Culture from the greater Perspective

The Haitian Culure: From a Godly Perspective
Intermediaries Culture is the engine that is driving people forward or backward; it is a reflection of the spiritual development of a people, the collective consciousness of a people. Culture is not only about the past, but also the present, our belief system, a reflection of our current spiritual identity and our spiritual development. We cannot speak about our standing in the world, without first talking about our identity. It is all about who and what we think we are that gives us our unique identity. God wants to give us first our identity as sons, then our country second; this is all He wants. See: Right Identity . It is oke to hold on to what we know as long as God says that it is oke; we didn’t know who we really are until God says this is who and what we are. And when God wants to expend our territory, enlarge us, we refuse to let go. As long as we are holding on to our past; we cannot move into our future. God is on the other side of our past, beaconing us to join Him so that He can take us to our future. Christ is the future of humanity; God is redeeming Humanity through the person of Jesus Christ; therefore we need to accept Jesus Christ as our path to God and God will take us to our future. To deny Jesus Christ is to deny our future, because there is no one else that God is using right now that can take us to our future except the person of Jesus. This is why Jesus is called the Christ; God is using Him to take us out of our situation and give us a better future. The Haitian people traditionally don’t believe in Jesus; they think that Jesus is God and therefore too lofty for them to get close to; they rather get close to intermediaries, lesser spirit for help. This is the fundamental problem, where they go wrong. Jesus takes the place of intermediaries; they now through Jesus can reach God directly and boldly without fear. If you don’t believe me, take notice around you to see who is leading humanity. Yes there are rules and there are requirements for us to be part of the future; but they are simple. We must deny ourselves, that is we must let go of the ego, the things that make us boastful, prideful and we must embrace the suffering of our fellow human beings and God will do the rest. Have Questions, please ask our assistant Zbob
Assistant  Silence Zbob Close

Our Passport : To Our Future
Our future is in the hands of God and Jesus is the one that God is using to take us to our future. Every culture must acknowledge Him; because He is the pattern that God set for us to follow for our spiritual development, our connection to Him. A culture is a reflection of the spiritual development of the people of that culture. You cannot separate a culture from its religion, because a religion is an expression of the spiritual development of the people. If the Haitian culture is to be able to push the Haitian people forward, the people must first understand their own spiritual nature and their standing in God, the relationship between God and man, between culture and religion and the provision that God has made for the spiritual development of man.

Culture: What is it?
It is all about the spiritual development of man on a collective level. It does not matter of what country that you are born or what religion that you choose to practice, eventually, we all have to develop spiritually enough to reflect the character of God. The closer that you are to that character, the less define your religion becomes. See Religion according to Zbob: Religion
It is all about your eligibility to take part in the abundance of this world, to get access to the power of God to prosper you and excelling you forward, to create better world for you to live. As long as you are holding on to the past, you will not be part of the abundance of this world.

What am I trying to do: In Haiti?
Levels_Of_Awareness This is my attempt to explain the Haitian culture to people, help them understand the past so that they can embrace their future. God is talking to us in our present circumstance, the condition that we don’t like and inviting us to join Him in our future. Deny Christ is to deny God's intention to fix your situation; it is to deny your future.

Every thing that you need to know about the past is here, click to revisit the past. We are taken you into the past in order for you to assess the present, to know the reason why you are where you are. God said that our past, He remembers no more; therefore, we will not dwell on the past, just enough so that we may know how we get to where we are. There are many things that we don’t like about the present; God can change them, Jesus is the way to that change,

There is no condemnation for you who is in Christ, for Christ is the redeemer; whatever depth that you can fall into or stuck to, God can pull you up; He is your redeemer. I personally think that that there are certain countries in the world where people are stuck because of their culture. They cannot separate the past from the present; I believe that the Haitian culture is one of them. The Haitian people belief system is of the past. The majority of the Haitian people believe that God don't take part in their everyday living. They believe that certain things are too lofty for God and they are better left to the intermediaries to help them. The Haitian Voodoo religion is centered primarily on the premise that certain things are better left for other spirits to take care of. So, instead of the Voodoo religion centered on God as it is done in other religion, it is centered primarily on lesser spirits to help them. The Haitian Voodoo religion is stuck at the lower levels of awareness where these spirits operate and God wants to help the Haitian people up where their consciousness can be fixated on Him rather than on intermediaries. These intermediaries are no longer capable to take man where God wants to take them. The flow of energy, the vibrational frequency, the rhythm must flow upward; the energy that is needed to drive the Haitian people forward is stuck at the lower extremities and cannot flow upward. This is all that I am interested in. I want to help free the Haitian people, help them understand the forces that are at work in their lives, responsible for their condition.

Fear Not: God wants to enlarge your territory
I believe that whatever it is that makes the Haitian people unique, will not change if the Haitian people start focusing their attention on God, rather than on the Three intermediaries. God wants to take them somewhere, but they are rejecting Him, His way, His method and His provision. Jesus is the pattern for the sons of man to follow so that they can become sons of God. Son ship is the only access we have to the blessing of God. Unless we are apprehended by God, imbued with His spirit, we are not yet sons of God. The eligibility requirement for us to participate or partake in the abundance of this world is son ship. “I come so that you may have life, and have it more abundantly”. He came to show us how we can become eligible to the blessing of God. “In you and in your seed, I will bless all of the family of the earth”. Jesus is that seed, the seed of righteousness, and the pattern for the sons of man. Righteousness is the key to the blessing of God. You cannot access that blessing until you are vested with righteousness. “Take my yoke upon you and learn of Me” You need to become Him, just like Him, learn how He walked on the earth, how He stood up against the weaknesses of the flesh, hunger and thirst; how he showed compassion and love for others. His life is the pattern that we must become before we can partake in the abundance of this world. “I give my life as pattern for the sons of man, for what I am, they shall be and what I have been, they shall be. This quote is the truth; you can see today, how prosperity flows in the world. Countries that treat the citizen with respect, not tramping on their rights, give them the freedom to express their thoughts, etc., prosper and those that don’t, lag behind, < Simple as that>.   Silence Zbob Close

Power: The need for recognition
Power_Self_Importance_Level_Three Hitler despites all of his exploits could not go over the hump, cross over the threshold to the next level. He has reached a plateau in his human development where he could no longer go higher; he was stuck at the level of power. He could only see the world through the prism of that level, compassion, love was nothing for him. The Haitian culture is in the same predicament; it is stuck at the first two levels, unable to cross over the threshold to the next level of awareness. Individually, some people can flow up and down the ladder of awareness, but collectively, the Haitian people as a whole is stuck at the first two levels of awareness. God made provision for us through the Jesus Christ. He is the ladder that is set on the earth upon which we can climb up or down, from God and to God. With Christ we are like the wind, capable of flowing and moving up and down the ladder of awareness. “As such are those that are born of the spirit” “With His winnowing fan, he shall separate the wheat from the chaff, the chaff, he will burn with unquenchable fire” He will baptize you with spirit and fire, which means that if God is working with you, the chaff, the bad habits, the things that are holding you back, He will burn them, take them out of your life, thus making you fluid and flexible, free like the wind.

Our Level: of Awareness
Levels_Of_Awareness Need, awareness, attention, motivation, consciousness are all intertwined together, because where your unfulfil need is, there your attention is directed, that is also your motivation, that is where your consciousness is. Where your attention is fixated, this is also your level of awareness. All of us have a particular need that we cannot fulfill on our own; this unquenchable need is your level of awareness. God can help you break that fixation, set you free to experience other levels of awareness. There are other needs that are higher on the scale of the ladder of awareness that your attention cannot yet get to, God can help you get to them. He is doing that through the person of Jesus Christ. He is setting you free, free your spirit from the prism that it is fixated on. You only see the world through the prism of your fixation, of your unquenchable need.
After me shall come One who shall baptize you with spirit and fire”. Unless your spirit is apprehended by God, free to go up and down the ladder of awareness; you are a prisoner. Your consciousness is in prison, stuck at one level of awareness. Jesus is the insurance plan that God has for you. He is the whole package; do not underestimate the plan of God to free you. He is the power of God working for your salvation. He can empower you to excel, help you take part in the abundance of this life.

Pin Pointing: Our Problem
The fundamental problem of the Haitian culture is the premise that it is based on. It is based on the premise that God is too lofty, too high up to get involve in the small things of life, those small things are better left for the intermediaries or lesser spirits to help man. As a result, the Haitian people depend more on these spirits than God. They do not know that these spirits are of the past and that the past and no longer fits for the present. Jesus is the present; Jesus replaced the need for these spirits. The spirit no longer needs to come upon man to guide him, God spirit can now live inside of man. Jesus Christ made that possible. The veil that separated the spirit realm from the earth realm is now rent trough Jesus Christ. Faith in God is the principle by which man can get access to the spirit of God. The Haitian people need to know the will of God for their lives before the law of faith can begin to operate in their lives.
Faith cannot operate where the will of God is not known”, because there is no expectancy. “Faith is the substance of things hope for” Hope = expectancy. It is not God’s will for the Haitian people to live in poverty or insufficiency. If the Haitian people know that, they will believe in the word of God for their lives, they can expect a better life than what they now have.

Simplifying the Equation: Making things easier for you to understand
Levels_Of_AwarenessThe testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple”; one word from God can clarify things, simplify things, make complex things easy for us to understand. “The entrance of thy word gives light”;.
Simplifying the issues, physicians use equations to simplify complex mathematical ideas, making things easier for us to understand. Spiritual teachers use parables, metaphors to explain to people complex and intricate working of the universe. God is making it simple for us to understand, using analogies and comparison making it easy for us to understand the mystery of the Haitian culture.

Voodoo is what is and no longer is, it belong to our past, a different era. It is like me for example who is living now in the US still sending money to my dead mother in Haiti. She was and no longer is. There is a clear line of separation between the dead and the living. Something of my mother still lives in me, her good deeds and bad deeds, but her physical existence in my life ceased the day she died. Voodoo is making my mother a physical reality in my life, a contradiction, a violation of the order of the universe that will not stand. Understand what my mother was, rather that her deeds need to continue live in me or cast out; it is up to me. Something of the past we reject and something of the past we embrace; which we allow to live on is up to us. I cannot deny the fact that she was, but the manner I continue to acknowledge her is totally a contradiction. My mother was; this is a fact, I cannot dent that, how I go about it in the present could determine rather I conform to the order of life, with reality or not. What was and no longer is; when you delegate your spiritual authority. You have authority in the name of Jesus, when I send the transfer of money to my now dead mother, the recipient will someone other than my mother. Whoever is acknowledging the reception of my money transfer is not my mother, therefore, I am giving my right and authority to someone that has no right in my life. You are delegating your authority to someone else, because my mother is no longer physically in this world. Voodoo is the same thing; this analogy only explains one aspect of the belief system of the Haitian people the voodoo religion is based on the belief system, what we believe.

Now that you know what is wrong; how do you fix it? You have given your authority to someone that you don’t know. Now you need to assume your authority and take back your money from the stranger; how do you assume that authority. Well God gave you a password, a name that give you access to his power; His authority; you can use that name to gain your authority back, take your money back from that stranger.

Then and again: the kingdom of God is like?
There are many facet to a problem, a reality; you cannot explain entirely complex problem and intricate or reality with just one metaphor or just one parable. Jesus used many stories and parables to illustrate the kingdom of God, he said: “Then and again the kingdom of God is like this or like that…..”;. He used many stories to explain to people what the kingdom of God is. Today we face the same dilemma explaining the intricate and complexity of the Haitian culture. The Haitian culture is a mystery because it has to do with the spiritual nature of the Haitian people. Anything to do with the spirit is complex and intricate; nothing is what it seems to be. God said that He will give us the treasures of darkness. The Haitian culture is a mystery because it is shrouded in darkness; you cannot understand it until God shine His light upon it. God is doing that now, revealing the things that were hidden, exposing them to the light so that we can move on to a greater future.   Silence Zbob Close

Practical Steps: Toward that freedom
Son_ShipA public divorce from these intermediaries is necessary before the spirit of God can begin to live inside of you. You must publicly denounce your former attachment and dependence on these spirits for guidance and protection. This spiritual divorce is done trough the baptism by water. “Except a man is born of water and spirit, he cannot see the kingdom of God”. “ If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me”. He must renounce his former life, the things that make him proud, boastful and turn his life to Jesus. Every household in Haiti is yoked to a spirit or intermediary for protection; that must be stop. It will not stop without a fight; these spirits will not let you move up to the next level without a fight. This is the reason why you need to use the whole armor of God, which is the word of God, the faith in God, the Gospel of Hope. You may feel depress or harass in the spirit, don’t let that detour from moving forward. They are demonical activities trying to hold you back, keeping you under their grips. Press on, this is all they can do to you is making you feel sad; call on Jesus and He will deliver you. “Whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved”. God has made Jesus Lord over our lives and His name is a password for us to get access to God. That name has the power to summon God to your rescue. There is no other name on the earth or in heaven greater than that name. Now that you know the importance of that name, use it; it is your password to God. You no longer need intermediaries to help you; with that name you can access God directly. There is no greater power on earth or heaven except God, so why fear. Faith is the opposite of fear; faith in God is your ticket to freedom.
Now that you know the truth; you know the will of God for your life, faith will work for you.

Applying what we learned: in real life
God will not change for us; the sooner that we accept that fact, the faster we can change our lives. Take this invitation from Jesus: “ Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me”. We need to learn from Jesus, learn what it takes to obey God. He said that: “what does it profit a man to gain the world and looses his soul? God will not change for you; the way that you are going about with your life is a waste of time; at the end, your soul will profit nothing. God will not credit you for anything that you done outside His will. But if you do anything according to His will; He will reward you. Learn of Me, obey God is the only way for us to win. Even when you are not pleased to do His will, at the end, you will live. It is His way and live or your way and die or left behind. Learn of Me; your peace of mind is on Me.
the chastisement of our peace was upon him”. It is our right that we come to him for our trouble; for He is the redeemer; He is the Christ. The title fits Him; therefore lay it all upon Him. I personally need to be rescued by Him, rescue from poverty and lack, therefore I come to Him.

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