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N E W S   U P D A T E

   In order to change the culture; you must be willing to understand the culture

Introduction: to the Haitian Culture
Intermediaries Nut Shell Awareness Is giving you awareness in a nutshell about the Haitian culture, awareness about everything that you want to know about the Haitian culture, tidbits of information that you did not know, knowledge and understanding that you didn’t know about the Haitian culture. In one swoop you will know all that you need to know about the Haitian culture, from a spiritual stand point, from a Godly perspective; what the Haitian Culture has in common with other cultures; what is in it that the Haitian people need to expand, enlarge so that they can move forward as a people. Culture is the engine that drives a people or a nation forward or backward; in the case of Haiti, the country is at a stand still; it is not moving forward; therefore it is regressing backward. We need to enlarge it, shine a light on the things that are holding it back, things that are stopping it from moving forward.

Everything that you want to know about the Haitian culture, the way of life of the Haitian people, their religion, the relationship between their way of life and the Voodoo religion, between the consciousness of the past and the reality of the present you will find in this page,. From the greater perspective of God, you will understand why some cultures lag behind and why some others excel, why some have more influence in the world than others. You will understand the spiritual development of man in term of consciousness, the purpose of intermediaries in the past and why they can no longer take humanity forward. Some other questions you may have about the Haitian culture could be answered by my assistant Zbob, if not, you it will take your name and email address; BiteSizeAwareness, we will do our best to answer all questions pertaining to awareness, Click on my assistant to forward your questions.
Assistant   Silence Zbob Close

God Has an Objective: He Wants to Move Humanity Forward
God has a goal, an aim, an objective and if you are not fulfilling that objective, you are not part of the order of God, the order of the universe. What is the order of the universe?
Therefore be ye as perfect as thy father in heaven” If we are to be perfect as God is perfect, perfection then is the ultimate of life, the purpose of life, the goal of living. Perfection is the true measure of our spirit, for God is Spirit.

How do we achieve that perfection?
We achieve that perfection by seeking perfection in everything that we do. It all begins with our way of life, our lifestyle; how we apply a few precepts in our daily lives that guarantee us an increase in our cognitive ability and in our intuitive capacity, making us more fluid, more flexible and receptive to the changes that are happening around us and the prompting of the Holy Spirit of God. The manifestations of the spirit are all around us; but we are too sluggish to see them and respond to them. We cannot see the spiritual world around us simply because we don’t have the speed that it requires. Jesus said that we are to become fluid and flexible like the wind around us to be able to hear and see the things that pertain to the spirit world, the kingdom of God. The world of God is a spiritual world, moving at a greater speed, a greater frequency, if we are too slow, we cannot see it or hear it, the kingdom of God.

Jesus said to see or hear that spiritual world, the kingdom of God we must be born of water and spirit that is we must renounce our perception or attachment to the physical world and accept the spiritual world, live by the dictates of the spiritual world. This is the requirement.
Perfection is the ultimate of life

What do I Want: to Achieve

My reason for putting this page is to help the Haitian people understand the forces in their lives and why certain possibilities are not given to them, such as the possibility to prosper and excel forward. The cycle of poverty will continue, unless there is an understanding of the forces that affect them, the forces that are responsible for keeping them behind. This understanding must become part of the Haitian culture; integrate in the psyche of the Haitian people. They must know that there is an alternative to the way of life that they take for granted as the absolute way for them. I want to tell them this way of life that they are living is not necessary the only way for them. They will not loose their Haitian identity by incorporate new precepts in their daily lives. As they change, so the motifs in the Haitian culture will change, enlarge and their beliefs system will change. The first thing that we need to do before reading the content of this page is to get familiar with certain scientific terms. Two terms that you need to know: Entrainment and Resonance. They both are used extensively in the Voodoo religion without you knowing about them.

The scientific principle of Entrainment is:Entrainment is defined as the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. . Entrainment is an aspect of sound that is closely related to rhythms. We also see this phenonmenon takes place when in Voodoo rituals with the Chorus or with the drum

The scientific principle of Resonance is: When one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibrational motion, this is resonace. A vibrating object will pick out its resonant frequencies from a complex excitation and vibrate at those frequencies, essentially "filtering out" other frequencies present in the excitation.

They both have to do with vibrational frequency.

Yoking: Together
There is one term that I want you to understand about the Haitian culture; it is the biblical term “Yoke”, as in yoking to somebody. Every household in Haiti is yoked to a spirit being, a deity, a Lois, an Intermediaries for protection, for guidance in getting knowledge about the plants for medicine, etc. This is fine with me, because they had no other way that was passed on to them by their ancestors. Like people of the ancient times, they depended on that knowledge for their survival. The spirit being or deity that the Haitian household is yoked to have a vibrational frequency that is unique to that entity. This frequency also has a vibrational wave pattern that is typical to that entity. This wave pattern scientifically is called a standing wave pattern. The Haitian people call it a vévé. They can summon that frequency or that spirit by replicating the wave pattern of that frequency. Now what I want the Haitian people to know is that this vibrational frequency of the entity that they are yoked to my not be high enough in frequency to get them out of their situations. This frequency may not be able to help them tap in the higher realm of creativity where other cultures are tapping in for scientific discoveries, medical discoveries, etc. The fact is that those higher realms are too high for the vibrational frequencies of those spirit beings that the Haitian families are yoked to, to tap in. The cycle of poverty will continue, unless there is an understanding of the nature of the relationship between the entities that the Haitian families are yoked to and the possibility that they have to access the higher realm of creativity.

The Term Yoke : Tie Together
Yoking Biblical reference: “Take my yoke upon you, my yoke is easy, and learn from Me. My yoke is easy and My burden is light; come to me you who is tire and heavy laden and I will give you rest”. This term yoke means, tide together, attach together. This is a call from Jesus to yoke ourselves with Him, instead of these spirits beings that are placing heavy burden on the Haitian people. He is saying that He will not put great demands on them for yoking with Him and that they can learn from Him; He will give them rest. How can the Haitian people change Frequency? The Haitian people can change frequency by changing the entity they yoke to, to an entity with a higher frequency. I am simply helping the Haitian people make the transition, because I am tired of the stagnation, the cycle of poverty, the suffering; I want them to move forward. Some of the terms that I would like the Haitian people to get familiar with are Entrainment, Resonance; these terms have to do with transfer of knowledge, leading people without forcing them. These terms are scientific terms; they are universal; they will work in any culture. They all have to do with vibrational energy. Everything in the universe is vibrating and everything has a vibrational frequency. Every entity has a particular vibrational frequency. The pattern or symbol associate with that frequency is called a standing wave pattern. The cross is our yoking symbol, the frequency that every human being on earth must yoke to in order to move forward where God wants to take us. It is that frequency that we need to tap in so that we can get access to the mind of God. Yoking with the right entity, with the right frequency can make a difference rather we lag behind or excel forward. Yoking with someone means that you are going in the same direction.

In order to impact the culture for the glory of God, you must be willing to engage the culture in conversation

Consciousness: Level of Awareness, of Being

Let us look at humanity in term of consciousness; where God wants to take our consciousness; where we come from in term of consciousness, where we are and where we want to stay. I want to tell you before hand that God is not interested in where we want to stay. God has a plan, and He wants to execute that plan, no matter what; He will not change for us; we must change to meet Him. God is only interested in us moving forward. The world falls into two categories, people and countries that are moving forward, and people and countries that are moving backward. Two fundamental questions that we need to ask ourselves; is it us that are holding on to the past or is it the past that is seeking expression in our present time.

The greater Whole: it is all about percentage

Negation_in_Action It is always the percentage that determines the state of a country; in the case of Haiti, the greater percentage of the population live in a consciousness that belongs to the past and no longer fits humanity of the present. The Haitian culture is definitely belongs to the past, to an era when the human consciousness was much closer to the earth. I don’t see the Haitian people get out of poverty soon, unless a greater percentage of the population let go of the past that is hindering them. The truth is that certain possibilities are not given to those whose consciousness belongs to the past. It is mutually exclusive to hold on to the past and expect to excel forward, the two contradict each other. It is important that those who aspire to leave the past and move forward to their future guard their eyes and ears from listening to the things that belong to the past. The principle of (Entrainment) will lead them despites of themselves, thus maintain this vicious cycle of a past that is no longer capable of sustaining them. .

Speaking to the Haitian People: A word of Knowledge
My fellow Haitians, it is expedient that I talk to you and that you take my words seriously. It is truth that I say that “you cannot separate a man from his spirituality and that God will not force you to change, the provision that He made for you in the past may still be available to you now, but you will not partake in the new provision until you let go of the past. There is an order in the universe and that order will not change for you; you must change to conform to that order. Click below to find that order. Grow up; we are no longer children; I am talking about humanity as a whole. God sees humanity as a whole, He sees us as a consciousness; He deals with us in term of consciousness. I say that the collective is more important than the parts; the consciousness that God is interested in is the one that we have now; not the one that belongs to the past. If we are holding on to the past and not growing up, we simply will not get part in the provision for the now. God is God for the present and not for the past; He sees our future and call us to meet Him in the future. He does not deal with us from our past. I say to the Haitian people to grow up and stop playing with dead things; the consciousness of the past no longer fits us, the intermediaries belong to our past; Christ is our present.   Silence Zbob Close

Remnant of the Past: the past is still here
When dealing with Haiti or any other culture that has a remnant of the past, you have to show great humility. It is the past that refuses to die, that is still seeking expression in our time that is the problem. You cannot deny the human spirit; it will find expression one way or the other. We need to understand what the past is and what period of human development that we are dealing with. In the case of Haiti we are dealing with a consciousness of human beings that were humble, wise and lived close to the earth, close to nature. They needed intermediaries to guide them, helped them deal with the forces of nature, gave them knowledge of the plant world for their medicine, etc. We cannot simply deny who they were; we need to understand them so that we can help them make their transition to our present consciousness easier. Humanity has moved on, we are living in an age of accelerated living; we are moving at a faster pace of living. The spirit no longer guides us from without; we are guided from within. Humanity is no longer a child; Christ is the future of humanity. We no longer need intermediaries to guide us, through Christ, we can boldly go before God for our needs; He now can guide us from within. We can only prolong our poverty and suffering by holding on to the past. These intermediaries that the Haitian people yoke themselves with cannot take them higher or inspire them to create a better world for themselves; they have their limits.

It is all in the life: How we live our lives
The Voodoo religion is centered on the Intermediaries simply because the Haitian people believe that God will not get involve in their everyday living; they need intermediaries to help them cope with forces of nature, give them knowledge of the plant world for Medicine. The Haitian culture is closely associated with Voodoo because the majority of the Haitian people practices voodoo as a necessity; they don't have faith in God for everything they need and depends on it for knowledge of nature, the plant world for medicine, etc. Haiti is an agrarian society; it is not yet industrialized; the majority of the Haitian population lives closely to the earth and depends on nature for their survival. They need guidance of the plant world, the animal world to survive. The religion that they practice is no different than the religion that the Japanese people practice. They are similar, because they both serve the same purpose. What separates the Japanese people from the Haitian people is the percentage of the population that is still living close to the earth and still depends on the knowledge of their religion for guidance. Shinto and Voodoo are similar as such they both have deities or spirits that guide the people in their time. You cannot separate a man from his religion; his way of life determines his religion. Jesus is the way, the new way of life for mankind because He left us with new precepts that are the guideline of our lifestyle. It is all in the life; you cannot separate a man from his religion, because as the man changed, his way of life changes and so his religion.

You just have to know when to let go; and still you cannot let go, unless you first have a replacement. As you change your way of life as so your needs change, spiritually and physically; you no longer have the same needs. The need for intermediaries will cease and the Haitian people will be free of the hindrances of the Voodoo religion, simply because the Haitian people have move on to a greater level of awareness, greater consciousness and greater reality. Voodoo is a mystery in the Haitian culture as such because you cannot pin down the spirit of man with certainty; a man religion is an expression of his spirit that is seeking expression. The moment that you try to pin the spirit down, it changes. The Haitian culture is more or less an enigma because of its chaotic nature; there are so many contradictions; yet there is an order and that order can be found in the idiosyncrasies in the tales and folksongs associated with the Haitian culture.
Haiti is a treasure trove of learning

Understand the Haitian Culture: Religion

Haiti is a microcosm, a microcosmic world of Africa Haitian Master Drummer and singer Lénord Fortuné, also known as Azor: was the ambassador for the Haitian culture, promoting the music and religion of the Haitian people to the rest of the world. It is rightly so that I use him to shed a greater light on the Haitian culture, on the voodoo religion that is still a mystery to many. In the Haitian culture, more specifically among the practitioners of the Voodoo religion; the word Voodoo means mystery. The Haitian culture itself is a mystery; first to the Haitian people and second to the rest of the world. It is full of contradictions, anomalies; things that don’t make sense to the rest of the world but make sense to the Haitian people. It is a chaotic world, complex, yet simple; too simple; to understand it; you have to trace it back, way back to a consciousness when humanity was still an infant. It is old, yet infantile, primitive; this is why we see that infantility reflected in the Haitian art work. The Haitian people sing to lyrics and dance to folksongs that don’t make sense to the rest of us; yet they resonate deeply with the Haitian people; See Resonance

Arrested Developmen:
Arrêt de développement
Level_Two The universal energy that has to do with our creativity no longer flow upward; it is stuck at the bottom, at the second level of our awareness where it expresses itself as sexuality instead of intellectual creativity. This is one of the reasons why we see that rituals in Voodoo are so overtly sexual. This is a manifestation of the same energy, the creative energy that we see in other cultures that gives people their ability to create in science, medicine, make air plane and space craft, make new discovery in medicine, etc. this is the same energy and it is no different than that you see in culture of Europe, Asia or America. This energy is stuck at the lower level of our awareness. See Levels of Awareness   Silence Zbob Close

The Fundamental Difference: Among them

all religion deals with the spiritual side of man, the difference between one and the other is how much the individual can grow in one versus another. They are all deals with the mystery that is the spirit. Voodoo is a mystery alright, not only to the Haitian people, but to the rest of us; the only difference between the practitioners of Voodoo and the rest of us is that we are not stuck at anyone level as they are; we can flow back and forth to the different levels of awareness and they cannot. The mystery in voodoo as in any other religion is that it has to do with the human spirit, the spiritual side of man, the forces that drive his existence. I was once afraid of the Voodoo religion; because I did not understand that it has to do with what every other religion is doing, dealing with the spiritual side of man. Voodoo simply stays in the dark because it has not been able to free its people from where they are stuck. All of the darkness associated with Voodoo comes from the fact that it is operating at the first two levels of awareness and cannot help free people to operate at other levels of awareness.   Silence Zbob Close

However you Name it: It is the same energy

The creative energy that resides in all of us can rise to different levels of awareness. This same energy is known in other cultures by different names. In Western Civilization it is known as the Id and Eastern Civilization, it is known as the Chi and still in the oldest Hindu civilization it is known as the Kundalini. For the seer this energy is perceives as coil like a snake at the base of the spine; the Haitians people call it Dambala. The snake is a universal symbol in every culture, it also evoke fear in us. This fear is more pervasive in the Haitian culture because of fact the Voodoo religion is stuck at the lower levels of awareness.

Love is where: We need to be

Level_Six No one has been able to explain spiritual reality using language of the physical world, not even Jesus; He himself spoke to us in parables. Voodoo to the Haitian people it is that mystery that they cannot explain; the different manifestations of that same energy. The different persona associated with that energy come from the intermediaries that are operating at that level of awareness. The longer that the Haitian people remains at that level of awareness, their creativity will not rise. You will continue to see explosion of primitive arts, but the creativity that we see in science and medicine they will never reach. They will always depend on these intermediaries for guidance. What the Haitian people need to know is that these intermediaries are at their limits; they cannot help you. You can only break the barrier by reaching the fourth level (4) of awareness. The fourth level is where Jesus wants us to operate; from a level of love, out of the heart of God. From there you can climb either up or down, unencumbered. You can climb the ladder of awareness to God in order to receive inspiration from Him or climb down the ladder of awareness from God to bring down compassion to your fellowmen. “And behold a ladder was set on the earth and its top reaches to heaven, there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it”; the angels of God are you and be, ascending to God and descending, coming down from God to bring blessing to those that are been purged. That ladder is love. Jesus is that ladder, the love of God manifested to mankind, the vehicle for us to climb up to God or coming down from God. He gave us the precepts that are to serve us as a lifestyle that guarantees us an increase in our cognitive ability and in our intuitive capacity, quickens us so that we can see and respond the subtle changes around us. See these precepts   Silence Zbob Close

It is all in the Life
They are simple, but powerful; they will help you operate in love at the fourth level of awareness. Jesus is Love, the love of God showing us how to love one another, how to operate in love. When Jesus said that:”I am the way and the Life”, it is as literal as can be. Without love, you cannot break the barrier to reach the higher levels o awareness.

Cause and Effect: Understand our Behaviors life

align=center vspace=2 border=0> In the Haitian culture, the Haitian society has been reacting to effects, rather than trying to understand the cause. Now that God is revealing the causes behind our behaviors, the reason why people behave a certain way; why they are in their current condition; what can they do to get out of it. A simple example of cause and effect is in the manifestation of sexuality in the Voodoo religion. The overtly sexual behavior in Voodoo, plunging the Haitian people deeper into their sexuality is the same energy manifesting at its maximum at the level where it is stuck. This energy is stuck at the second level. One can say without hesitance that the Haitian Society is stuck at the second level of awareness. The operating word is ”stuck”.   Silence Zbob Close

Why they are stuck is not important; God has made provision; Jesus is that provision, the way and the way of life. You can begin with the precepts and the rest will follow; this is also literal.

Other cultures are not stuck as the Haitian culture is stuck simply because they can climb up or down the scale, t he ladder of awareness; this is the fundamental difference.

See: … The Collective Vs the Individual; collectively the Haitian culture is operating at level two (2), but individually the Haitians people are at different levels of awareness. Some ore free to operate at any level on the Ladder of Awareness and some other are stuck at the bottom.; but the majority of the Haitian people are functioning and operating at level (2) Two. Number two is where the Haitian people are stuck.

A Greater Light: on the Haitian Culture

Synergy People are fascinated by the Haitian culture, this is why today, I am shedding a greater light on the Haitian culture; more specifically on the voodoo religion. I am talking about consciousness, why cultures persist even when their influence have wined away. The Aztec, the Mayan cultures are still here with us, because the consciousness of their time is still here with us despite the fact that their influence have diminished greatly. Human beings use idiosyncrasies to make sense out of the chaos of the world around them. When the world around them is too complex, too fluid, too intricate, too fleeting for them to explain or deal with things; they use idiosyncrasies to help them make sense; this is what Voodoo is. It is people trying to make sense a world that is too complex and too intricate for them to explain. You can hear it in the folksongs; they don’t make sense, yet they resonate with the Haitian people. See Entrainment

  Silence Zbob Close

The Freedom to Operate: You cannot pin down the spirit

Since President Aristide gave the Haitian people the legal status to practice voodoo as their religion, efforts have been made to clean up the dark side of the voodoo religion and makes it acceptable to main stream of society. “The first shall be last making way for the new; this is the way of things, what was once prominent must gives way for the new, and recluse into the fringes of society. Since it becomes apparent that man cannot be separated from his spirituality, we have to give him the freedom to express his spiritual nature. Man by nature is a spirit being, enclosed in a physical body. His religion is an expression of his spiritual development, an expression of his inner being, his need to understand the mystery that surround and in him. Since voodoo in the Haitian culture means “mystery”, the unexplainable; we need to shed a light on that mystery so that the Haitian people can move on to a greater reality. There are certain facts that belong to us physically and spiritually; they will not change because of the religion we practice or the color of our skin. God is Spirit; therefore, we too are spirit beings created after His own image. God alone can reveal to us the mystery of the spirit.

Humanity is no Longer a Child: Grow up

Humanity is not a child any more; the human consciousness has come a long way when man used to live closer to earth, with the plants and the animals. Human beings needed knowledge of the plant world and the animal world to survive. Nature was his friend and his enemy at the same time. The intermediaries were there to guide man, gave him knowledge of nature, etc. his consciousness could not yet grasp the greater things of God. Today man is no longer a child; the human consciousness has evolved to where human beings no longer have the need to be guided from without by intermediaries. The spirit of God can now lives inside of man, guiding him from within. The spirit used to come upon man to guide him from without, now the veil is rendered, heaven can come down and earth can rise up to God. The ascending and descending of the angels of God is possible, thanks to Jesus Christ; souls can ascend to God and souls are descending from God to bless the earth. He is the ladder that is on the earth, upon which the angels of God can ascend and descend from heaven.  Silence Zbob Close

The Past is Still Present Among Us: in our way of life

Awareness_in_Nutshell The humanity of the past did not go away; is still here among us. It is no longer prominent, but it is still exists in the fringes among the tribes of Africa, Asia. The consciousness of the past has not gone away; we will find it in Africa, the birth place of humanity, in Asia, in Haiti where the past is preserved. Christ is liberating souls to experience the fullness of their spirit; the intermediaries will become unnecessary. The true mediator between man and his creator can take place. Jesus Christ becomes Lord of our lives replacing the intermediaries. We can have full access to the spirit of God where the spirit of God can be poured in us without measure.   Silence Zbob Close

Simplifying the Equation: God is simplifying things

“The entrance of thy word gives light”. “The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple”. God is simplifying things, making thing easier for you to understand. Everything that you want to know about the Haitian culture, the voodoo religion; since you cannot separate a man from his spirituality; collectively, voodoo is the Haitian soul from a greater perspective of God. God wants to shed a light on the mystery that surrounds the Haitian people and the voodoo religion. Click these links to download Part I and Part II; meet the authors.

Concluding the Matter: Conclusion

Conclusion There are certain things in this world that only God can do; Haiti is one of them. Anything that has to do with the human spirit is a mystery; God alone can deal with the hiden nature of man, the human spirit. God is Spirit and man is a spirit being enclosed in a human body. The Haitian culture is unique because of its spirituality. The Haitian culture is a mystery because of its religion, perhaps only time can fix it. God said that He is time and that in time; He will engage all beings. I am sure that the time for the Haitian people is here now, the Haitian people simply have to grab it, take hold of it and make it part of their own.

It is time for the Haitian people to partake in the greater light of Christ, partake in the blessing of God. There is only one ego, one personality that we are all going to be dressed on or vested on, it is the spirit of God, the love of God, the character of God, we need to start here and now. God said that at the end of the age, He will pour His spirit on all flesh. We are now living in an age of accelerated living; the past no longer fits us. The knowledge that we inherit from our ancestors of nature, of the plant world and the animal world was for a time. The stinger that makes it evil, must be removed out of it; this is the source of harm, it is causing more harm than the good it was given for. This knowledge that we receive of nature from our ancestors has given us an edge over the elements, gives us a chance to cope with the forces of nature. In the process, this knowledge of nature also gives us knowledge about ourselves, about human nature that can be exploited for selfish reason, giving those who possess that knowledge power over the uninformed. We in the Haitian society have used that power to our detriment. It is not that God will not bless the Haitian people; it is simply the fact that the spirit of God cannot dwelled in our activities. They are a turn off for God. God is love, compassion and order. Jesus has the knowledge of nature, the power over the elements, but He only used it when He had to; He did not use it in every occasion, at every whim to turn stone into bread or call on legions of angels to defend Him. He knows how to control Himself; the Haitian people don’t know that yet. They are violating the law of God, the order of nature for their benefits. There are consequences, but the consequences are as such that God will not partake in their activities. If God is not, the provision is not there as well. This is essentially the cause of poverty in Haiti, the cause of lack and suffering. If God is not there, there is no life. “The Father has life in Him and apart from Him, there is no life”.  Silence Zbob Close

I have done all that I can do to explain a mystery that cannot be explained. I am sure that in the process I hurt some people, put them in a corner that they don’t belong. All that I can say about that is that I am driven by the desire to do good, to see the Haitian people excel and move forward. This is all that is required of me; if anyone one desires to do the same; God will not fault that person. I am sure that in time God will correct that person. Go ahead; take the first step and God will do the rest.


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