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The Power of Convergence: Call Zbob

Azor_PerformingHaitian Master Drummer and singer Lénord Fortuné, also known as Azor:   was given the title of Ambassador for the Haitian Culture. He was a man living in a state of convergence, constantly operating at pick performance effortlessly, in the gift and the talent that Goad gave him. He has reached the tipping point, a state of self actualization, operating in the gift that God gave him. See what the Power of Convergence can do for you, it is a tool that you can use to teach yourself how to tap in the same realm that gave him his influence, his genius in the world. Every now and again God send someone that set the mark, set the precedence for others to follow, in excellence and perfection. Sometimes people forget and God has to remind them by one in a million chances that someone will come that effortlessly and at ease perform with such perfection that makes people amaze, ponder and questioned; Azor was such a one, such individual.
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Level_Six I am taking advantage of the situation while the country is in a state of awe, amazement, pondering on the genius of Azor to introduce to them the one tool that will help them tap in the same realm that gave Azor the influence, the genius that he had in the world. While they may have to use the power of convergence tool to help them tap in the same source that made Azor the genius that he was; they need to know also that God had placed genius inside of them, the seed of greatness. The power of Convergence tool can help them do both, discover their gifts and their talents, find their calling, their assignment in life, but also teaches them how to work with God so that He can help them achieve the success that they want; give them the influence they need to impact the world for His glory; the x factor that will distinguish them from the rest. Let Zbob gives you a quick understanding about the x factor, how you can the x in your factor, the exponential factor, the Third Factor

Beat_Rasonance Speaking of the Haitian beat is not to single out any particular culture, but to show how sound vibration is responsible for connecting people to their past; the concept of entrainment comes from resonance of sound vibration. You are God’s representatives in the earth; you were created to bring order out of the chaos of the earth, to takeover the works of the devil. You have a responsibility to guard your gates from giving access to the devil through what you eat, what you watch on TV and listen to. You don’t have to physically associate with bad company to be influenced by their evil. There is the scientific principle called entrainment; musical sound vibration is a perfect way to entrain you, which is to practice together until you learn. Just because a sound resonate with you, don’t necessarily means that you have to give in to it. I see that happen a lot in Third World cultures, Haitian, Cuban and other Latin cultures; I watched their TV shows. Those idiosyncrasies songs they sing, that resonate with them; they make no sense whatsoever, but they take the people back to an era that is no longer fits for them, for the present. This is the reason why they resonate so much. Because there is an unconscious aspect to them; they are powerful tools for the works of darkness to perpetuate the past. There are countless of folksongs, idiosyncratic songs, lyrics that don’t make sense, but they resonate deeply with different culture; because they connect them to the past. It is the past that seeks to perpetuate, keeping us back. In the case of Haiti, the past, these songs are the main stream, not the exception, overwhelmingly the majority. This is the source for restraint, retardation and backwardness. Cousin, who represents the peasant in the Haitian folklore needs an overall, must graduate to the next level where God wants the Haitian people to operate; it is the level of the heart.

Beware of the catchy tunes or the infectious beats that you hear on the radio or listen to while watching videos on TV; they can entrain you to a past that is responsible for keeping you behind. You have to be selective, deliberately choosing what you listen to. You may not be ready to willfully shut them out of your mind; they will entrain you and keep you bound to a past that is no longer fits you.

Your gifts and talents can be put to use to glorify God in the earth. God is not God for the dead, but for the living; you have to be mindful of the works of darkness, what is going on in the world around you. See the impulses that move us.   Silence Zbob Close

The Way it is!
In the Haitian folklore, Cousin is an alter ego, a persona in the Haitian folklore that represents the Haitian peasant of an era gone by, he needs to graduate to the next level, moves on to the reality of the present consciousness. I think that it is up to the Haitian people to accept the reality that God is creating for them. Humanity has moved on forward; God is not God for the dead, but for the living; He lives in the present. If your deeds are worthy enough to glorify God; they will move on to eternity; if not, they will fade away and give way to the new. “The first shall be last, making way for the new”; this is the way of things. We all have the past in us, but we live in the present. We don’t live in the past, we re-enact the past to remind us of where we come from, but we are the present.   Silence Zbob Close

The Power of Convergence will help them Synergy operate at maximum capacity in their gifts and talents, help them operate at pick performance. I happen to be lucky enough to hear about this individual on a radio station (Carrefour), a very popular radio show that provides information on events and politics of Haiti. I want to join them in their effort to give credit to where credit is due, pay homage to an individual gift and talent that brought the Haitian culture to the international scene. God gives people their gift and talent and it is their gift and talent that make way for them, if they can maximize their gift and operate at pick performance. The Power of Convergence can do for people what came natural to this individual. God gives you your gift and talent and places the passion in your heart and calls you to do what you do. Most of us despites of our gift are not operating at pick performance at all time. Mr. Azor was operating at genius capacity because he was in a natural state of convergence. He has achieved a state of actualization where he was operating at pick performance at all of the time. In this state, no one can compete with you; you are the best at what you do. This is what we are trying to teach the Haitian people, how to enter into a state of Convergence, how to operate in your gift at pick performance like Michael Jordan, Tiger Wood and Azor when they are at their best. Our objective is to help people realize that it is God that gives them their gifts, assigns them a sphere and calls them to do what they do. Our aim is to help people tap in the realm that will give them influence in the world. I say to people that just because you don’t know God does not mean that He does not care about you or calls you to do what you do. He was influential in the world because he was operating effortlessly at what he did; he was the best at what he does. He did reached a state of actualization in his development where he was operating at pick performance at all the time, at genius capacity. His genius was recognized but he still lacked the influence that would have given him the power to impact the world. I did not ear of him until that day. The power of Convergence is a tool to help people tap in the realm that will give them influence in the world, help people achieve maximum out put in their gift, their talent, teach them how to subordinate their egos to God so that He can give them the influence they need to impact the world. God is all there is, the earth is the Lord and its fullness there of; because some of you don’t know God does not mean that He is not in their lives. I also want to use this occasion to clarify something erroneous in the Haitian culture. A friend of Mr. Azor mentioned on the radio show that day that Lénord Fortuné or Azor can recite all 101 nations in the voodoo pantheon in less time than people or devil to be able to do that. This is typical of the Haitian mentality associating God given gift with the devil. I think that it was Freudian slip on his part. I believe that he was not aware of it. My question is: why can he perceive Azor talent comes from God, why must he be a devil (diable), why can’t he be divine instead of (diable) for his gift and talent. God gives you your gift and calls you to do what you do. I respect greatly the Haitian culture, like any other culture they all come from God; some are advancing forward and some are lagging behind. The Japanese have Shinto and the Haitians have Voodoo. Azor was a master of the drum; he was highly respected in Japan for his talent. The Japanese Shinto religion main instrument is the koto and the Haitian Voodoo has the drum as their main instrument. Both culture are ancient and similar, the difference between the two is the percentage of the population that are still stuck in the past in an era when the population depends on the forces operating in that era.   Silence Zbob Close

Take Haiti for example, the intermediaries that guide the African culture we inherit. The majority of the Haitian population depends on them for guidance. They are great, they did a great job guiding the Haitian people, give them knowledge of the plant world for medicine, and protect them from the forces of nature. They are still doing a great job for those who still need them, people who live close to the earth. There always going to be a remnant of people that will need them in the future. This is the way things work. As people get educated, advancing forward, they will need other forces to guide them; these intermediaries cannot take them further; they have their limit. The Japanese people during the Samurai era were living a life as spiritual as the Haitian peasant today. They depend on the forces of that era to guide them, but today the majority of the Japanese people moves on forward. I think that we need to embrace our culture and learn from it. As people develop spiritually, mentally and intellectually, there are new forces ready to guide them, the old ones no longer able to guide them forward. This is the situation of Haiti and many other countries that made up the third world. Education, revelation is the only way to get new forces that can help and guide them forward. It is all depends on the percentage of the population, the degree of negation in the population.

The Formula for Human Development: Solving Social stagnation, Poverty

The next thing that I want to do is to introduce to the Haitian people the formula that will help them understand their condition and human condition as their everywhere around the world. I am not boasting; I am simply stating the fact just like Albert Einstein the formula E= mc2 as such I am introducing the formula that will help solve most human developmental problem. The formula is H = N/A where (n) represents the degree of Negation over (a) Attainment, the degree of negation in proportion to the degree of attainment. Here is a simple illustration of the formula:

Negation_in_Action You can simply use my formula to explain the human condition in terms of stagnation and retardation that exist in any country in the third world, the percentage of the population that are under the forces of Negation Vs the percentage of the population that are under the forces of Attainment. Azor was popular in Japan, this is the reason why I use Japan as a parallel to explain the situation in Haiti, the human condition in Haiti and why Haiti is the way it There is no difference between Japan and Haiti, why one country excelled and the other country doesn’t is easy to explain with my formula. Something is negated in a country because it is no longer playing the role it used to play in the past; it is no longer capable of pushing humanity forward; therefore it is fair game for the forces of darkness to use. The way the ruler of the darkness of this world operates is to use what is left behind. Every time we miss our marks, we are fair game for the forces of darkness to use us. Awareness, education, revelation are the antidote against the forces that perpetuate these human conditions.  Silence Zbob Close

I asked the Question: And God gave me this Formula

The_Human_Development_Formula I am not boasting, but I can say without pretension that my formula can help explain any human condition around the world that has to do with human development, be it social stagnation, developmental retardation. The H=N/A is the percentage of the forces for Attainment versus the percentage of the forces for Negation operating in a person's life, a country or region. This formula is no less important than that of Albert Einstein theory of relativity as such it can help us solve any condition that human beings are confronted in the world that has to do with their development. I mean the development of the seed of greatness that God placed inside of them. God placed the seed of greatness inside of all of us and when that seed stops developing, it becomes the seed of wickedness, the source of terrorism, social stagnation and poverty in the world. Should I boast myself? No one is paying attention therefore I should. I believe in it, I stand by it. Take any human condition in the world in term of development, Haiti for example is closer to us or Africa is further away from us, the state of stagnation and retardation in these two places is directly proportionate to the degree of Negation is to the degree of Attainment operating in those two places; the percentage by which Negation is to Attainment. Northern Ireland had a similar human condition resulted with the Negation of Catholics Vs the degree of Attainment for Protestants. Catholics were negated, marginalized, denied, cut off and cut out of the possibilities of their country while Protestants were affirmed and given the possibilities to attain, prosper and excel forward. In Iraq before the fall of Sadam Hussein, Sunny Vs Shiites; Sunny were affirmed while Shiites were negated; it is depending on the degree or percentage of one force Vs the other operating in a country, in an individual life or region. Blacks in America Vs whites or lighter skin Mexicans Vs darker skin Mexicans, whatever that will serve to contrast differences in achievements between one person and another, between a group of people and another, one race of people from another.

This formula does not solve the problem of poverty; it simply helps explain the cause of poverty, stagnation and retardation in human development. The antidote against poverty is righteousness, righteous living, aligning ourselves with God, with the law of the universe, understand the mechanism of the human nature, the human spirit in relation to God. God is the solution; people who missed their marks, failed to make the choices that God placed before them are subject to the rulers of the darkness of this world rather than the guidance of the inner light of God. As a consequence some of them are left behind, cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world. This system of dispensation sustains itself on the failure of those who missed their marks. People can use this formula to explain any human condition resulted of development in the world such as social stagnation, social retardation, poverty, why nations failed, how nations are formed, why there are developmental similarities in region, etc.   Silence Zbob Close

What do I want to achieve: With this Formula

I don’t know what to achieve with this formula, but I wanted to solve the problem of poverty in the world, I want to explain the reason why it affects disproportionately people of darker complexion and God gave me this understanding. This formula will help explain the intricacies and the complexities of the human condition. People have searched to explain the cause of poverty for decades, every time we put our hands on the cause, it changes. No one can pin down with certainty and say for sure what is the real cause of poverty in any given nation? There is an underlining condition of poverty that no one wants to face; it is race. The face of poverty is black; the majority of people that are living in object poverty, social stagnation and retardation are black. No one knows why Negation affects disproportionately people of darker complexion. This is where the problem becomes complex for us to solve. It has to do with the ruler of the darkness of this world. Poverty in the world could have been easily a universal condition associated with all races. This formula simply points us toward the cause, failure in human development. It has to do with t he balance of the forces for Negation and the Forces for Attainment in any society. It does not fully explain the reason why Negation affects disproportionately people of darker complexion. There are disparities in achievement in any society between people of darker complexion and people of lighter complexion. It is my belief and conviction that this has to do with the rulers of the darkness of this world. I also believe that this is one of the reasons why God send His son to undo the works of darkness and to destroy the works of the darkness of this world. This system is called the darkness of this world simply because most of its works are done below the conscious mind of people, subconsciously. I personally believe that disparity in achievement is a mean to resort differences and that this disparity is the crux of t he problem and why this system must go.  Silence Zbob Close

Why I Choose Azor: Because he was in a State of Convergence

Awareness_in_Nutshell I used this individual as an example to explain the power of convergence because this individual has achieved a state of self-actualization, he was in a state of Convergence. He was operating at pick performance at all the time effortlessly. I want to tell you that you too achieve the same state of actualization by fine tuning your gift, find out what you are best at and your passion, what you are called to do using the Power of Convergence as a tool to help you achieve your maximum potential. This tool will help you discover your gift and your calling so that you can operate at your best effortlessly. When you tap in the source of your gift; you will begin to operate at maximum level at all of the time. This is what the Power of Convergence can do for you; helping you tap in the source, discover your passion; your calling and your assignment in life. Your gift will make way for you if you can fine tune it in order to discover what aspect of that gift you need to develop and discover what is your assignment in life for your gift. This is what the Power of Convergence can do for you. Click the links above to download Part I and Part II; Proclaiming God's word.  Silence Zbob Close

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