Haiti a Microcosmic World of Africa!

Haiti_Microcosm_of_Africa" Haiti is a microcosm, a microcosmic world of Africa". Haiti is a journey of the human consciousness, a blast from the past. Haiti is a reflection of Africa. Africa is the motherland, the place where man first walked the earth; it is rightly so that it is lagging behind and far behind in many ways. The human consciousness that lived there thousands of years ago doe not go away without a remnant of sort present in the now. The everlasting nature of the human spirit makes it so that the human consciousness just does not disappeared; it simply transformed, acquired greater capacity, greater spiritual awareness. God engaged the human consciousness at different points in the flow of time, giving it greater spiritual awareness, getting it closer to the identity that He created man to be. Some of us are not always conscious or aware of the changes that are taken place around us; some of us cannot even catch up with the reality of the present and are stuck living in the reality of the past. Those that are lagging behind must continue to live, but often the consciousness of the past they are holding on cannot sustain the reality of the present. This is why we have two worlds of people, two separate realities, where one world of people is moving backward toward the past and the other is moving forward, accelerating faster toward the future. The devil does not want a humanity whole moving forward; this is why he is doing all he can to keep some people backward. Africa is the place where many are lagging behind simply because the consciousness of the past cannot sustain the reality of the present. “The first shall be last, making way for the new” this has been the way of the universe; but Jesus came to give us greater possibility, helping us take the quantum leap of faith to our future. We don’t have to consume time as it was in the past, with Christ, we can move to our future. The devil wants to keep us back, holding the past against us. Jesus is doing a new thing; we are no longer subject to the law, but to the grace of God. We can move to our future, regardless rather we have missed our marks, come short of the possibilities of this world; Christ is making the difference. Our job is to destroy the Haitian culture, but to bring God’s truth to the Haitian people so that they can move forward. This is what this site is all about; contact us with anything that has to do with human spiritual development. See: Sphere of Influence
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