Rage Against Change!

Bill Oreilly"In you and in your seed, I will bless all of the family of the earthĒ; this utterance means that black, white, red and yellow, every race that made up the human race will be blessed. The anger that is directed toward President Obama as if he is taken away the privilege of white people from them is a lie from the devil. The idea that only whites are entitled to the blessing of God and that the abundance of the earth belongs solely to them is falsehood, a lie from the devil. Godís intention is to bless the human race; not just the white race. It is fear that is fuelling this anger, the uncertainty of tomorrow. He sees the advancement of black people as an existential threat. The only remedy we have for his fear is to tell him to trust God; because He promised to give us all a future and a hope. The devil deceived us all to accept his system of dispensation as coming from God. God loves this country and wants it to move forward as a whole, not just one group. Blacks are lagging behind; because the system of dispensation that is set in the earth designed it that way. It was not Godís intention to have a system that is based on affinity to color; the devil designed the system that way to promote himself in the world. Geniuses will be born in the earth in any race hence this system is changed. God wants to establish a system that is based on righteousness, not on affinity. The possibility to attain, to achieve is given to all by righteousness in Christ. The word all is inclusive, not exclusive like the devil wants it. God wants to bless all of the family of the earth as long as they obey His law, His statutes and commandments. The blessing of God is the product of righteousness which is in Christ Jesus. Jesus will make us all sons of God after Him, after His righteousness. Everyone should know this truth that when Godís will is done in the earth, the whole world benefited; black, white, red and yellow. Our site is there to bring the truth of God to expose the darkness of this world, makes way for His light to enter into our hearts; contact us and let us hear your views, offer your solutions
BiteSizeAwareness is a platform for expression, go ahead, express yourself, lets us know what you feel, what is the pulse of the nation. BSA

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