Sphere of Influence!

Seven_Spheres_of_Influence "Spiritual Mountains are Spheres of InfluenceĒ. God assigned you to a particular sphere, because it is where He wants to work with you so that He can take a particular territory from the devil and gives it back to you. Countries are founded on spheres; they are the foundation of a nation. There are seven spheres of influence that God can assign you to work with Him; click on each sphere in the picture to know what it is and to see if you a have a passion to work in that sphere. Where your gifting and your passion meet; this is your state of convergence. When you are in that state; you are operating at peak performance; you are in your calling, doing what God calls you to do in the earth. Our job is to help you work with God so that He can help you maximize your potential, gives you the influence that you need to impact the world for His glory. The X Factor, the Exponential Factor is the Synergy of the Holy Spirit of God working with you, empowering you to achieve success in your assignment. You cannot be the leader that you want to be without the Synergy of the Holy Spirit of God empowering you. You will not be quick enough, fluid enough to make the necessary adjustments when the world is changing around you. A leader has to be able to see the future before it arrives so that he can take his people to their future. I am explaining the seven mountains, your spiritual inheritance, click each Spiritual Mountain or Sphere of Influence to find where God wants to work with you. If your spiritual mountain is not in line with the Spirit of God; if the sphere that God placed you to work with Him is not inline with His Spirit; it will not be allowed to prosper and move forward. ďAnd I lay waste his mountain for the jackals of the wildernessĒ; leaders who are using their positions for selfish reasons, using corruption to gain power, leading their countries away from Godís principles run the risk of having their countries dissolved as nations.
You cannot get to our mountain top without Godís help; The Power of Convergence
is a tool to teach you how to let God work with you, to help you maximize your potential. See: Invitation to Leadership

Our job is to bring Godís truth to people, help them move forward; contact us with your leadership questions, how to building nations. Please send BiteSizeAwareness a note telling us how you can help improve the human condition. BSA

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