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Tamara_Lowe_and_Lance_Wallnau " It is the Lord that gives thee the power to get wealth Ē. The ability, the power to get wealth comes from God; He does it by empowering you with gifts and talents. Despite your gifts and talents, you still need the power of the Holy Spirit of God to guide you to achieve success. There are too many obstacles in your path; the enemy of your soul sets too many traps; you cannot navigate the darkness of this world without God. Your passion, your drive to succeed is your calling and your gift is your ability, your unction to function. Together they allow you to enter into a state of convergence where you can operate at peak performance at all of the time. When you are operating in that state; you have the X factor, the It Factor; It is the Synergy of the Holy Spirit of God exponentially increases your capacity to function in your gift. If you are not making money; if you are not generating wealth; know that God is using you for something else that does not required money. ďMoney answers all things; it takes money to move the worldĒ, but seek first Godís way of doing things or the spirit of Mammon which is in money will destroy you. Your wealth comes from God; if you havenít got it yet, may be your time hasnít yet come.

Visit Tamara Lowe for an assessment of your talents; she can help you package your gifts and talents and market yourself:

Our site is a true platform where people from all walks of life can come in to express their views and ideas, offer solutions to the problems that plagued our world. Monetizing your gifts and talents can be a solution if you are in need of money; contact us and let us know if monetizing your gifts and talents is a the solution for you.

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