Human Spiritual Development!

Enlarge_Picture"Man is the seed of God destined for perfectionĒ; "perfection is the ultimate of life". God placed the seed of perfection inside of us; it will be that which God intended it to become. This is why people are driven by the need for recognition, the need for greatness; they will do anything to fulfill that need, to catch up when they are lagging behind, left behind. God will engage the human consciousness at certain points in time, to give it greater level of awareness. When people missed those points of engagement, when they failed to make the choices that God placed before them; they are left behind, some are far behind and in need to catch up. They are at a dead end or reached a plateau in their stage of spiritual development. This drive doesnít subside; people will do anything to fulfill Godís intention; His word will not go void without first fulfilling that which God intended. Some will try to take the leap without going through the steps, getting through the process; they will commit acts of terror to satisfy this need. Without the spirit of God to guide them; they are the enemy; they become the enemy of humanity, allying themselves with the devil. My job is to bring Godís truth to them, to help them move forward. This is what this site is all about; contact us with anything that has to do with human spiritual development. See: Sphere of Influence
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