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   Don't Complained!
    Why not?
  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation.
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge that God provides, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.

Claim Your Rights!
    What right?
  • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
  • Only by becoming sons of God can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, Christ is the answer against Negation


N E W S   U P D A T E

Third World Counties
By ZBob

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Understand the Cause of Poverty

Dear Friends:

Newsmen are only concerned with serving the public and the only way to serve the public is to allow free expression of the truth. Though controversial, but none the less the truth, I am sending you a piece containing a truth that will surely affect your readers.


Time the Maker:of all things

“Time is the maker and the destroyer of all things. In time all things are possible. Time I am, I have come to engage all beings”. A man looks into the past in order to assess the present not to dwell in it. Though painful it may be for some to recollect the past, but necessary to appreciate where we come from, what have been done and accomplished in our lives. Christ has made it possible for a Blackman to stand next to Whiteman as an equal and not feel inferior, this is progress. But in order to appreciate it I must take you in a trip not far back when James Crow law of segregation was the law of the land, when Apartheid was the word for the season. The stain of servitude and vilification is still imprinted in the psyche of older people who lived in that period. All was done in the name of passing white for light, it was all the works of darkness.

Am I a Bigot:Let the Truth Determines that

The devil got his latitude to operate in this world because God was not present. When God withdrew His presence and cursed the ground; ”Cursed is the ground for your sake”, the devil got his latitude to operate and dispensed as he saw fit. Possibilities to attain and to achieve in this world were given to whites because whiteness reminds the devil of what he always wanted to be. He wanted to be the light of the world; therefore he promoted white as light. He was called the angel of light but failed to be the light. Since white is the closest representation to light that the devil will ever reach on the spiritual plane, he promoted whiteness as a way to enlighten the world. In order to do that he must first negate anything that reminds him of what he is. Since black represents the absence of light, cutting off blacks out of the possibilities of this world should help promote white as light in the world.

The way it was

The way it was For a long time all that could be attained in this world were to be attained by whites, the world of Attainment belonged to the white race. If you where not white you were restrained and held behind. Negation was a tactic used by the devil to promote himself as the light of the world. He tried to promote whiteness as light because he could not achieve spiritual enlightenment for humanity. For a long time the devil promoted whiteness as enlightenment for humanity by negating blacks. Everything done or could have been done by blacks was cut off from the world of Attainment; Attainment in life belongs to the white race and Negation belongs to the black race. Not long ago it was a struggle for a black man to express his inner being as if held by an inertic force; his thoughts and feelings could not rise up outside of him. He was locked in as a prisoner within himself. While the White man was free to express himself, he excelled and prospered; the Black man stagnated and lagged behind. Like the Cherubin who guarded the gate of paradise, preventing man from experiencing the blessed state, the devil guarded the Black man, restraining him from expressing his thoughts and feelings.

The adversarial system that is driving humanity is set up on the struggle between blacks and whites, using Negation to restrain blacks and Attainment to excel whites, creating disparities between them. Blacks become the steps stools upon which humanity stands. In fact our sense of self came from the process of negating blacks and affirming whites. By pitching one against the other, the devil is able to sustain the adversarial system that is driving humanity. We are driven by impulses; we behave despites of our selves and behind these impulses are forces put forth by the devil to maintain his kingdom of darkness. We are in the dark because we are not conscious of the works of darkness. We don’t know why we are driven to negate someone or affirm someone. We need the light of Christ to guide us out of the darkness of this world.
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Falsehood:What it is

Blacks for a long time were considered inferior to whites; that is a lie from the pit of hell. It is falsehood in the making; it is the works of the devil. Falsehood is what seems to be; it has the appearance of truth but cannot stand the test of time. Soon or later the truth will prevail. Truth is that which is, it is eternal and it changes not. Jesus is the true light of the world. He is revealing truth and knowledge, illuminating all hearts. The devil is falsehood; he tried to pass lies for truth, plunging man into darkness. His lies don’t stand the test of time. We now know that blacks are not inferior to whites but were restrained by the devil in order to promote the adversarial system in the world. You now can call me a bigot if the truth allows you.
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A World to Come

A time soon will come when dispensation on earth will be given to all according to righteousness not whiteness. We need to make our leaders accountable for righteousness and justice if our nation is to prosper and excel. There would be no need to emigrate, leaving our countries behind to escape poverty if our leaders were righteous men. Our countries could be prosperous like the countries we sought refuge from. Call me a bigot. See other reading:
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