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NEGATION Our site is about knowledge and understanding; understand the forces that affect human development and shaping human existence. We are about understanding the forces that restrained humanity backward and the forces that propelled humanity forward. We are teaching people about their possibilities in Christ, show them how to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ in their daily lives, teaching them the precepts of a Lifestyle that guarantees them an increase in their cognitive ability, their intuitive capacity, quicken them so that they can become more responsive to the needs of their environment, help them perceive the subtle changes that are happening everyday in their lives. Our site is also a platform for expression, where people can express their views and share their ideas, offer solutions to the problems that affect our world. On this site you can report a human condition in your country, your community, something that displeases you and you would like to change. You can propose a solution; offer your expertise and financial support to a project that is close to your heart.

Pricking your Spirit
We are like machines, computing machines; if we donít understand something we simply ignore it and push it back in the background, this is what happen to this system of things; it is too complex, to intricate for us to deal with; we simply push it back in the background and it becomes subconscious. This is the reason why this system is happening in us subconsciously, in the dark regions of the mind. We behave solely by impulses; we donít always know consciously what moves us to behave the way we do. Blacks are discriminated against, cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this life for reason we are not so sure about. Fifty years or so ago, blacks had no possibility to enjoy the gifts that God bestowed upon them in this world, all that could give them a change to enjoy life and partake in the abundance of this life was denied to them. Today it is not so and we know that the reason that had given to deny them were false, falsehood, lies of the devil. ďFalsehood is what seems to be and it is naught and shall pass awayĒ. We are dealing with the darkness of this world; this system is operating in the recess of our mind, in the subconscious mind. It is not without cause that Jesus called it the darkness of this world and its maker the ruler of the darkness of this world. I challenge you to read some of the articles below. Some of them may have been written in anger, but they are a true depiction of this system of things, the works of darkness. What we used to hold as truth is now not so truthful anymore, it is what seems to be, falsehood. God is simply exposing it to the light of Christ. Contact me: Zbob

Note: We cannot talk about changing the human condition without talking about race. It is almost impossible to talk about poverty, stagnation and donít see black people. The face of poverty in the world is black. It is almost impossible to talk about race dispassionately and objectively without judgment; especially if you are a Blackman. We are a product of our past; whatever we went through will determine our future. No one wants to talk about race; and for good reasons. Every time you want to talk about race; you are caught in it. It is too complex, too illusive, too fleeting for us to say for sure what it is; yet it is all around us. It is in the market place, in the church, in government and in every fabric of life. Can you talk about race dispassionately and objectively; most people canít, but I can. I can put aside my anger and frustrations because I let the truth heal my pain. I have been talking about race precisely because I can be objective about it. I let the truth remove all that is false about me and let me be objective. What is the truth that we must know; what is it that gives the Whiteman so much power to be able to put a race of people trough so much pain and humiliation, with such impunity? "The proof is in the puddingĒ. It is the system of things; the system that is running this world. It has nothing to do with us individuals, it is the darkness of this world, the ruler of the darkness of this world. It is the system that works to favor the white race to be in the descending order in this world; the popular term for it is white privilege. Click to see a diagram: This System of Things   The Working of the system

What is Wrong with this System?
What makes color an issue is the system of things, this dispensation system that is negating blacks and holding them down is what makes race an issue. God system will be established when race is no longer an issue. When we stop talking about race, know that this system is no longer operating. The machinery that is driving this adversarial system is race. It is the disparities among the races that set them apart and cause them to resort differences among themselves; especially the two extremes color of the spectrum of the human race, black and white. These differences are essential to maintain the adversarial stance that is driving the system. What makes this system wrong is that it takes away from blacks and denies them their possibilities and allows whites to have it all and blacks to have nothing. Why is that you may ask; the devil set it that way; that is obvious. What gives the devil the right to set up the system that way it is because he is a manipulator; he has an ego complex and tries to make the world just like him, egocentric. He manipulated the word of God in his favor to put us under his control. If the devil had his way, whiteness would be the acceptable measure of perfection; we would not strive to be as perfect as God is perfect. He wanted to make whiteness the ultimate of life, the true measure of perfection. It is not by accident that you see Asians and non-whites are bleaching their skin trying to be white. They are driven by the impulse to negate that which is black and to affirm that which is white; it is all happening subconsciously. This why this system is called the darkness of this world; we are not aware of it. There is an impulse to affirm what is white in the world and to negate what is black in the world.
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