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  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
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  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
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Changing the Human Condition in your Country

Indeed there was twin in her womb”; Jacob and Essau illustrate duality of existence, the struggle between the forces for good and for evil, between the blessing of God and the cursing of God. The whole of human existence revolved around these two poles, these two opposites. Jacob represents those who seek God and seek His face. Jacob represents the seed of righteousness, the blessed world, those that are under the blessing of God. “and thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shall spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south: and in thee and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” Essau is the cursed world, Essau are those that are cut off from the blessing of God, they shall be called territory of wickedness, seed of wickedness, “I have hated and lay waste his inheritance for the jackals of the wilderness, they may build, I will tow down” These two verses pretty much explain the duality of existence. Every utterance pronounced against man in the bible represents a human condition, a stage of human spiritual development. Life is a perpetual struggle between the forces for good and the forces for evil. We are living in a world of duality, nothings that exists, exists without its opposite. The disparity between the achievements of blacks versus that of whites are resulted effects of the struggle between the forces for good and for evil, the forces that restrained and the forces that propelled forward.

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Duality"Indeed there was twin in her womb"

Third World: Vs Industrial World

Zblogging As night is separated from day as such the Industrial World is separated from the Third World or the Under-developing World. They are two separate reality; distinct in demography, ecology and culture, two sets of people with different mode of thinking, leading two different reality, one is far behind, and the other is far ahead. This duality of existence seems to move people in two separate directions, forward and backward. This trend was of the past; we must look back into the past in order to evaluate the present. In a far not too distant past, associated with this backward movement were blacks and anybody with a dark complexion. Today it is not so, there is an overwhelming impulse for the world to move forward as a whole in one direction, blacks, whites, brown and yellow; every shade of people moving forward, fulfilling one of God promises for humanity; blessing for all of the families of the earth.

One of God promises for humanity is to bring the human race into the abundance of life. The way God wants to accomplish this objective is through the spirit. Righteous living is the way God provided for us to achieve spiritual awareness. Spiritual awareness will quicken us, help us increase our intuitive power; make us more cognizant so that we can adjust our perception to the reality of the world around us.

When we talk about the spirit, we are talking about a human being capacity to understand, to see and hear, we are talking about the intellect, the cognitive ability, the intuitive capacity, the ability to process thoughts, to obtain the clarity of mind necessary for inspiration. A man needs to enlarge his spiritual awareness in order to see things in his environment, understand others, so that he can share his thoughts and ideas, capturing the subtleties of life so that the reality of the world may not pass by him and he remains unaffected.

My concern is that the disparity that separate the Industrial World and the Under-developing World don’t get bigger. While people in the Industrial World are building wonders and those in the Third World or the Under-developing World are still building huts made of mud.


A Case: Study

Enlarge_Picture Consider the whole island of Hispaniola to represent the two classes of people in Haiti. Haiti the smallest side of the island; represents the elite class. The people who made up that class are white or mulattoes and rich or well off. Santo Domingo the largest side of the island; represents the masses. The people that made up that class are black, poor and usually oppressed. The struggle between these two classes of people in Haiti represents a microcosmic view of a greater struggle that is taking place right now in the world; it is the struggle between the forces for Attainment and the forces for Negation. In order to understand the struggle between the two classes of people in Haiti, one must first go as far back as genesis in order to trace its roots. In the book of genesis from the bible it is said that God said to Adam: “as to the fruit that is in the middle of the garden, you shall not eat of it, lest you shall die”; the fruit that God referred here; represented the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. The knowledge of what is good and what is evil was reserved only to God, not for man. Having this knowledge on earth would bring duality in to the world. Before man consumed the fruit of separation, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil there was no opposition in the world. Everything flows only in one direction without opposition; there was no one to defy God’s will. Everything that God created was good and there was no one to say that it wasn’t. The struggle in Haiti represents a war between two opposing forces; the forces for good or Attainment and the forces for evil or Negation. One of these two forces is driving humanity to attain and excel forward and the other force is restraining humanity backward, keeping it from moving forward. The force that is driving humanity forward, promotes attainment by driving people to excel and move them forward while the other force that is restraining humanity backward, trying to negate people and cutting them off out of the possibility to attain and partake in the abundance of this world. This struggle between the forces for good and for evil further manifests itself as a struggle between the races, between black’s people and whites people or between anything that can resort differences. This system of opposites is what is driving humanity right now; it is the engine behind everything that we see or enterprise in the world. It is the adversarial system that is in place in the world right now. It is a struggle between the forces of Negation and the forces of Attainment, understand how these two forces work and operate in our lives is to free ourselves from becoming a casualty of the war between them or victims of the struggle between good and evil.

For years the opposition which represents the elite class in Haiti blocked every efforts put on the way by President Aristide to help the poor. While Aristide was blaming the opposition for his failure, the Haitian people suffered, humanity suffered, the elite and the masses in Haiti suffered.

The Frailty: of Life

Christ_For_Better_Living There are two schools of thoughts, two separate worlds, with two separate reality; where one school encourages us to be tolerant toward each other, to love each other as we love ourselves, and to embrace each other weaknesses and short comings. In this school of thoughts, strength and power are not measured by how much we can impose ourselves on each other, but by how much compassion and understanding we can show toward each other, in the face of trying circumstances. In the other school of thoughts, power and acknowledgement come first; human life is expendable. The Muslims falls in the latter category school of thoughts. In the game of life, we are all puppets at the mercy of powers beyond ourselves, dictating the course of our lives? Do we see ourselves as ponds in the hands of powers that dictate the course of our lives? Are we doing the bidding of these powers, driven blindly by their impulses, compelling us to negate some and affirm others? Which impulse am I to succumb to and allow to lead my life? Am I going to fallow Islam or Christianity? As a man do I have a choice; can I oppose these forces that seek to dictate my life? It seems that struggle for good and evil is taking place all around us and that we are compelled to participate. I am obliged to take side and my heart dictates that I should take side in the favor of life. I believe that any power that negates the human existence at the expense of its own end, I cannot fallow. If God dictates the Muslims to destroy life indiscriminately then this God is not the same God as the Christians God’s. If Christ be for me then I should fallow Him. If He ordered me to love my fellow men, then his bid for my life is not for Himself. The Muslims are preying on the frailty of life, using the fragility of life to prey on each other like animals do in the jungle. Life has no value to them. Upholding their cause is the ultimate end, everything else is pond. When I look at a Muslim, all I see is a human being that has been defeated, with a bruised ego in search for redemption. He will do anything to be acknowledged. He feels the need to be acknowledged in order to take his rightful place in life. I believe that this approach to life is self defeating, the Muslim wants to destroy the very person to whom he look for recognition from. He wants to be acknowledged, forcefully, at all cost. The path to destruction is wide and easy, it requires very little efforts to fallow it. It is easy to point a riffle in front of another human being to display self control and restraint is hard. It is better to be an ass rather than be nothing at all; this is the intensity of the need for recognition. This need that is driving Arabs and Muslims is so overwhelming that they will loose their humanity to get it. There is a vexation of spirit, something that is driving them, only God can fix. He knows the true reason for their anger. I am sure that God will put an end to this destructive behavior soon, as soon as it is exposed for what it is.

A Lone: Voice

Ladder I am the lone voice in the midst of the people, calling them out and bringing to their attention the awareness that there are forces at work in the world that are driven their lives. They cannot hear me because they have been mesmerized and enchanted by the impulses coming from these forces. I don’t know how to explain it and make it plain to people that this process is taking place in the subconscious part of the mind short of going to the street raising my hands and scream at them. I have written many pages about it, but people are not getting it. I need to drive the truth to them and awake them to the reality that is taking place; the reality of this life is that the advancement of the world is sitting on the shoulders of the Blackman. All that humanity has achieved, it has achieved at the expense of the Blackman. Knowing this fact my question is; what does this revelation doe to the psyche of people, blacks and whites. For a long time whites were assumed to be superior to blacks, not knowing that there was a force at work in the world repressing the Blackman from advancing forward. Blacks had to be restrained from advancing forward because they need to be used as steps stools for the world to climb on. I would like to seat in a public sitting with people of all sort; news casters and writers explaining to them the reason why the Blackman is left to lag behind. I would like to do it in such a way that it does not offend people, nor inspire them to resist the truth. The truth that I am revealing is so tragic that it will change our perception of reality. Talking about this truth has been the hardest for me or for any man for that matter, rather black or white

There is a new struggle emerging amidst of this one, it is taking a new dimension, yet still it is the same battle that existed between blacks and whites, between the forces for Attainment and the forces for Negation. It is still the result of man consuming the fruit of good and evil yet it is at another dimension. It is now in the dimension of our faith and beliefs; a person is negated or affirmed based on his or her beliefs. The struggle between Islam and Christianity is about beliefs rather than color. This is a new twist in the battle between the forces for good and evil. People are negated or affirmed because they either want to move forward or stay behind. Islam is the religion of the past, a humanity that was and refused to move forward. Their beliefs systems are of the past. They are more about the letter of the law than compassion. Christianity in the other hand is the religion of the future because of its flexibility to change. Christianity embraces change. Their beliefs systems are based on the individual, compassion and love rather than fallow the letter of the law.

Concluding: the Matter

Bible_Sequel This collection of writings on the subject of Negation, I now conclude. This is an attempt to put in words, give a name and a face to the disparities that exist between blacks and whites. Most of you must agree with me that there is a reason why whites excel and flourish and why blacks lingered and lag behind. The disparities that exist between blacks and whites are facts of life for blacks all over the world and Negation is the fundamental cause. What we have been dealing thus far are the resulted effects of a cause that is so dynamic that it sprung all of these conditions that create disparities between blacks and whites. The disparities that we have seen between blacks and whites are symptoms of one cause that is too elusive for people to understand without a revelation from God. We have seen the results of Negation in the world; we have seen how blacks are restrained and lag behind while whites excel and propel forward and we have also seen how whites react with prejudices toward blacks only because of the disparities that exist between them. I have discussed earlier how the forces of Negation work to restrain blacks and create disparities in the achievements between blacks and whites; in that I have given you a true account of what is driving whites to discriminate against blacks.

Time: is the Maker

Time As time past, blacks began to accept the revelation of the promise of God for their lives; they are able to receive the spiritual strength they need to counteract the forces that kept them behind. As time past, it becomes more difficult for whites to justify their prejudices toward blacks and it also becomes more difficult for the devil to use color to promote his adversarial system in the world.

Declassified_The_Seed I have discussed the true motive behind the forces of Negation and I have also discussed how Negation became the source for the adversarial system that exists in the world. I also discussed the plan of God for redeeming humanity from the grip of Negation. I hope that I have shed enough light on the subject of Negation to give you a new understanding of the condition of the Blackman in the world and the promises of God to change this system of things and to bless all of humanity. “For that He came to destroy the works of the devil”. I believe that the solution for getting rid of the world of poverty, close the gap and overcome the disparities that separate blacks and whites lies in understanding Negation and also accepting the provision that God made to get humanity out of its grip.

I hope that trough these writings I have justified the condition of the Blackman and make a case for eradicating poverty in the world; I must now conclude with another subject that matter the most. What matter the most in life is that we arrive at accepting the provision that God made for us through Christ to bring us into His blessing. Everything that I discussed thus far about Negation is of nature’s whims; they are all caprices of nature; they are of man and of the flesh. What matter the most is that we enter into the blessing of God trough the provision He made for us. Through Christ, God intended to take man out of the consciousness of nature into a spiritual consciousness. He wanted for man to identify himself with the spirit. “What is of the flesh is of the flesh and what is of the spirit is of the spirit”. God is spirit and we are created after the spirit of God.

Practical: Application

I propose a comprehensive study on the subject of Negation. This study will focus primarily on finding the reason why people of color around the world lag behind consistently behind whites, secondly finding the reason why poverty and stagnation prevail mostly among blacks than whites and why whites excel and prosper in the world while blacks stagnate and decay. The writings pertaining to the subject of Negation should provide a head start for those who are interested in making a real difference in overcoming poverty around the world. I believe that the key of overcoming poverty lies in having real knowledge about the cause and the solution; that is knowing the truth. We should begin by knowing the law of God, the promises of God for our lives and an understanding of the spiritual cause behind the reality that we perceive.


Levels_Of_Awareness Without a comprehensive study of how Negation causes poverty, stagnation and extremism in our society even project as big as the Global Initiative put forth by former president Clinton will end up be another rain drops trying to fill up the vastness of the ocean. Such project will be absorbed without noticeable difference. Project like this must incorporate a campaign to educate people with spiritual And scientific knowledge and inform them on the real cause of poverty before there can be real change. Only global warming can help melt the ice caps and only the ice caps have enough water to affect the level of the ocean. We need knowledge that can create global warming in the consciousness of the people before we can begin to see a noticeable change in human conditions such as poverty and social stagnation around the world.

“For that He came, to undo the works of the devil, to bring to light the works of darkness”. The devil has shrouded his works in mystery. We are too entangled in the web of the devil to understand what he is doing. We need the spirit of God to reveal to us the mechanism by which the devil operates in the world. We need to see the engine that creates poverty and stagnation. We need to uncover the works of the devil.

SeparationAnd God said: Lo! The people are one, nothing will be restrained from them that which they imagine; let us come down and confound them". Here God pronounced a sentence against man or the consequence for trying to do things collectively without the spirit of God in their midst. This sentence is a license for the devil to operate in our lives, keeping us confused and bewildered. As long we are confused and bewildered, we can never understand each other, see things as each other see them and solve our problems collectively. Looking at those who are lagging behind, I see a fallen humanity without God. They cannot achieve what they are striving for in life because God put a barrier in their way. Their lives without God give the devil permission to use them for his personal end. In order for them to be free from this sentence, they need first to be infused with the sprit of God. They need to be baptized by the spirit of God. They need to live the life prescribed by Jesus Christ. Without God these people are constantly living in an estate of bewilderment and confusion. They cannot speak nor see the same vision as each other; consequently they cannot come together as one to achieve great things. There is one thing in common with all third world countries; they are all lagging behind. The majority of the third world populations live in a state of fixation, fixating their attention on their primary need to survive. They live in complete oblivion of other people needs; they are more selfishly oriented, consequently their thoughts life cannot rise pass their immediate needs to include the needs of others. They cannot get the inspiration they need to create things outside their immediate needs because they are not seeking to help others.

Zbob Poverty and stagnation are more prevalent in third world countries, where the majority of their populations are of darker complexion because of Negation. It is still an enigma that science cannot explain with certainty, why people of darker complexions lag behind in achievements, while lighter complexions excelled and flourished. There is an underline cause for why blacks are restrained from advancing in the world. There is a disposition in the hearts of man to negate the Blackman and to affirm the Whiteman; as a result, blacks have been denied their existence and their possibilities to partake in the abundance of this world. They are obliged to fixate their attention on their primary need, the need to survive.

There is now a more subtle shift in the forces of Negation; it now included Arabs and Muslims. Islam has constantly restrained Arabs and Muslims from advancing forward, from leaving the past to embrace the new. Arabs and Muslims are been left behind out of the attainments of this world. They now live their lives .0with a bruise ego that is driving them to extremism. They don’t want to be left behind; they want to be acknowledged.

I believe that people with third world mentality have one thing in common with poverty and stagnation; it is the resulted effect of a sentence pronounced by God for man egocentric tendencies to do things without including Him? Can this give the devil the legal rights to keep them behind? I believe that this world is too complex and too intertwined to pin down the cause of poverty. I can only say that it is the works of the devil and we need God to overcome it. In the mid time we can only embrace people with our actions and compassion knowing that has a plan for their freedom.

A World to Come

A time will soon come when dispensation on earth will not be given to us by our affinity to the forces for Attainment or Negation but by righteousness. Transformation of our slums and ghettoes will not be achieved by technology but by awareness, awareness of the forces that restrains us and keep us behind.

On to the next subject
"The Individual Vs the Collective"

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