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Changing the Human Condition in your Country

Wisdom is the principal thing, but what is wisdom but applied knowledge. Knowledge is power only if you apply it in real life. The kind of power you seek depends on the type of knowledge you seek. Salomon was a wise man, he was knowledgeable about many things, and he had lots of knowledge. How do we arrive at having knowledge depends also on how we live our lives. Knowledge is not a matter of book learning; it is also a spiritual gift. God speaks to us and reveal knowledge and understanding to us, if we live upright. If we live our lives according to the will of God; He will bestow knowledge upon us. Knowledge is power, because it makes us relevant in most situations, unlikely situation where others will fail for the lack of it. Powerful people are lovers of knowledge; they seek it. Some knowledge are passed down to us from our parents and grand parents; the wisdom they have acquired are passed on to us, but not all knowledge are good and beneficial to us. As Haitians we inherit knowledge that are considered powerful or a source of power by many; but such power have been detrimental to us in many ways. It is the source of destruction and suffering for many Haitians. It is a forbidden knowledge, because it is in direct opposition to the will of God. The kind of knowledge we seeks depends on the type of power we seek.

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Knowledge is Power

Righteous living is the key to the blessing

Knowledge is power; you need the right kind of knowledge that will lead you to the right kind of power. God is spirit and spirit gives power. "It is the spirit that gives lifeĒ. ďMy words are spirit and they are life". Why the knowledge possessed by the Haitians doesnít lead them to life. Without life there is no power, there is only a reflection of power. Life, power and spirit are interchangeable; if there is one without the other, there is no balance, there is only death. There is death in the Haitian Voodoo tradition because there is no life in it, the knowledge that leads to the Voodoo power only brings death, therefore nullify its power. That knowledge is misleading because it is only lead to a reflection of power never the real thing, never to the life giving spirit. There was a time when human beings depends on intermediary spirits for guidance, to gain knowledge of the plat world for medicine. These days are long gone, humanity is far advanced spiritually to come to God directly through Christ. We no longer need intermediary spirits for guidance, we now have full access to the spirit of God through Christ Jesus. Look at Israel and the Jews; they have the right kind of knowledge. What they are able to accomplish with what they have, explains the fact that they have the right kind of knowledge. They are able to flourish in the middle of a desert. They are able to survive despites surrounded by many enemies. We Haitians donít have the right kind of knowledge, because that knowledge we have doesnít lead to the improvement of our lives. There is no better contrast than Haiti and Israel when it comes to the right kind of knowledge. The Israelites have the right kind of knowledge because they donít have any mistrust between them; they donít have to go to God to protect themselves against each other. They have a sense of community. They are able to hear and speak the same lingo and see the same vision. They are able to function as one people, one collective."Where there is unity, God commended the blessingĒ."We worship what we know and you people worship what you donít know". We worship the life giving spirit because that knowledge was given to the Jews.

Levels_Of_Awareness As Haitians, you fallow the traditions passed on to you by your ancestors without knowing the source, not knowing what is required. Your sons and daughters are claimed by intermediary spirits that present themselves as dead ancestors, they are taking them one by one from this earth without fulfilling their destinies. These demons spirit cannot give life, improve the condition of life or have anything to do with life. They only have to do with death. They are a reflection of life, not life itself. Why is it that you are still accepting such demonical activities without questioning them? You need to know what benefits they bring to your lives and know how they can improve your lives. You need to know the facts; you need to know if these spirits are fallowing the order of the universe. If they donít; they cannot help you. They are using you for their own purpose. You need to know the will of God or you will remain their slaves. These demons that you are worshiping have no legal standing in this world, part of this world; they need you to operate. Why must you give them access and let them make your lives miserable. You are doing something that you donít know. You donít know the consequences of what you are doing. Your country is trashed because of them. You are been looked down upon by people around the world because they diminished your standing. These demons that you are worshiping have their own limitations. They cannot help you progress in this world. They donít have the authority. Their power can only operate in the dark, not in the open. God wants you to develop your own abilities and not to depend on spirits that have no power to push you forward. The ancient civilizations such as the Incas of Peru, the Aztecs of Mexico are no longer here with us as a people because the world has left them behind. They could no longer conform to the order of the universe. They were bent on holding to their ancient ways. They were not flexible enough to make the shift when time requires it. They could not keep up with the advent of modern civilizations. They were one dimensional being. The knowledge they possessed was their downfall. Such fate also awaits Haiti, if Haitians donít try to learn the origin, the purpose for the spirits they worship. When the past no longer fits to carry us into the future, we have no future. Right now the future of Haiti is bleak. Haiti is losing is sovereignty as a nation. There is no law and order. The land cannot support anyone who wants to do good, the past is standing in the way.

How Can Haitians Change:the Voodoo Tradition

Declassified_The_Seed An open society free of fear and mistrust is the solution for the Haitian problem The Haitians keep hording on to the Voodoo tradition because they seek protection from its power. One of the promises of Voodoo is that it offers protection from evil spirits to those who practice it. There is a mistrust that is built in the psyche of the Haitian people that others are out to do them, do them harm. Most Haitians seek Voodoo protection because they fear that their neighbors, strangers or even family members may harm them for a gain, if they prosper and excel. They need the voodoo power to protect them. With this kind of fear restraining them; there is no prospect for progress. What they fail to realize is that the power they seek in the Voodoo does not improve their lives, but make it worst. It brings them mistrust and bread fear among them. They need to wake up and smell the coffee. Their lives are crumbling around them, they are degraded and look down upon by other people; they need some power that will uplift their spirit, not bringing it down. They donít need any false power that will offer them protection from their own people. Whatever power they seek, if it does not improve their lives, it is good for nothing. You donít need it to defend against anyone; you donít have to fear your neighbor because you should love your neighbor as yourself God said. Most Haitians believe that they need that power for their protection. What they should ask themselves is protection from whom who or from what? ďGod has not given us the spirit of fear, but the spirit of love and of sound mindĒ

Separation Salvation is from the Jews, because the knowledge they received leads them to God. God is spirit, God is salvation, for it is the spirit that gives life, and it is the spirit that empowered you to improve your life. Now if the knowledge that you posses does not lead you to the spirit that will empower you to improve your life, it is not the spirit of your salvation, it is not is of God. Why do the Haitians insist in applying a knowledge that leads them to a false power? Why possessed such knowledge; why even seeking after it? Since the power the Haitians received from their knowledge of Voodoo does not improve their lives, it is not true power; it is only a reflection of the real thing. God is the only real power for it is the only power that brings salvation, improve human lives. ďI come so that you may have life and have it more abundantlyĒ. I come to give you the spirit, My words are spirit, the knowledge I give you is your path to the spirit; it is the spirit that gives life, it is the spirit that help you improve your life, it is the spirit that is your salvation, God is your salvation, Jesus is your redeemer. The Haitian people need to accept the fact that the knowledge they possessed donít give them true power. If that power does not help them improve their lives, however spectacular it seems to be, it is false and only a reflection of the real thing, it is not true power.

Read_On I donít believe that the Haitian people seek deliberately after this knowledge, the knowledge they have inherited came from the Voodoo tradition passed on to them by their ancestors. They inherit it form their ancestors; it is in the land, the culture. God said that He will give the inheritance of those who practice wickedness to the jackals of the wilderness. ďThou they build, He will tow downĒ. God did not intend for them to succeed in their endeavor. Whatever power they seek, they will be defeated. There are two predominant traits in the Haitian Voodoo tradition; one is fear and the other mistrust. Yet God said that He had not given us the spirit of fear but of sound mind, of power and love. Which means that we should be clear headed at all the time.

There are many ways to explain the reason why the Blackman is lagging behind. One can say that it is a universal principle or law; or that some forces are at work in the world is responsible. The Blackman is not responsible for his condition; he is simply a victim of forces beyond him. It is easier to say that Negation is the cause and Christ is the solution. Christ is the solution because Christ leads us to God, the source, the spirit that sustains and gives life. We cannot do anything thing without the spirit, therefore it is encumbering upon us to seek after the spirit, if we want to change the condition of our lives.

Tales: of Terror

Twitter_Nutshell_Awareness You can hear it in the music, in the fables and in tales coming from people all over the Haitian communities. They give you a clear picture of what is going on in the soul of the Haitian people. Only recently reported in the Miami Herald the tale of eight Haitians deported back to Haiti for taking part in the resurrection of dead people. Seven of them were US citizen or legal residents yet this country was willing to send them back because this country doesnít want anything to do with such terror. Why were the Haitians engaged in such activity; I believe because they had the power. They had that power; they have used it before against their own countrymen and now they want to use it in this country. That knowledge was passed on to them by their ancestors. If knowledge is power, the Haitian power does not embrace life nor add to life; rather it takes away from life. It is a false power; because it is a reflection of power. It gives the impression that it empowered the individual, but rather it disarms the individual from accomplishing great things in life. Had this knowledge improve the living condition in Haiti, it would give the Haitians power; then it would not be a power in reflection but in actuality; it would be true power. What I am trying to do is to convince the Haitian people, the futility of holding on to something that lead them no where, instill in them a false hope and causing the world to look down on them. I believe that it is time for the Haitian people to rise up, take off the veil that kept them in darkness, mesmerized and face up to reality. True power is what helps change lives. Are their lives change by this power; I think not. I think that it is time for the Haitian people to renounce this knowledge that that has kept them in bondage and begin to embrace true knowledge that will lead them to the sprit, the spirit that gives life. They need to fallow the lifestyle prescribed by Jesus. You can see the teachings of Jesus Christ in the portion Jesus literally. These teachings will help the Haitian people find God. ďGod is spirití It is the sprit that gives life. Everything we do and everything we are repose on the spiritĒ. The lifestyle prescribed by Jesus is the true path to the spirit. Here are some of the teachings of Jesus Christ that can shape the life style we live: Ēlove others as you love yourself, turn the other cheek, forgive your brother seven times seven, deny yourself and pick up your crossĒ. These teachings I have explained their literal meanings and how to apply them in our lives as a way of life. They are the true path to the spirit. ďI am the way and the life; I am the life and the light. I am the light of the worldĒ. The inner light, the light that comes from the spirit with in can be found by fallowing the lifestyle prescribed by Jesus Christ. Thou the Haitian music is an hypnotic and melodious music that is pleasant to hear, yet the words associated with it pay homage to the dead, ancestral spirits, and it is filled with mistrust and sexual immoralities that the average person donít want to identify with. ďGod is not God for the dead but for the livingĒ. People shun away from death, but celebrate life. The undertone in the Haitian music is rooted in death, things that donít uplift the human spirit. I believe that is one of the reasons why people are slow to respond to the Haitian music. All in all I want to breed life into the Haitian culture. I want to bring God into it, enlarge it so that people can begin to express new feelings in the art, music and dance, feelings associated with life, not death.

The Only: Possibility!

Ladder_of_Awareness God is the only way out for the Haitian people. I have taken the steps to teach the Haitian people about their possibility in Christ. I believe that man is primarily a spirit being, encased in a human body; everything he does, is done by his spirit. God intent is to infuse man with His spirit, so that he can enlarge manís spirit and turn man into His son and make him just like Him. The Haitian situation is two folds; it is an individual and collective problem, it is personal and universal at the same time. It is individual, because it is rooted in our own tradition, the Voodoo tradition. It is universal because there are forces at work in the world that universally restrained black people and keep them behind. I want to teach the Haitian people about Negation, the force that restrained blacks and keep them behind; and also Godís plan to redeem humanity out of the grip of this force. The second fold of the Haitian problem is that it is an individual problem. God does not redeem man collectively, but individually. God redeemed humanity as a whole, but salvation comes to us individually. We each have our individual parts to play in our redemption. Though God made it available to all, we each must take the steps to accept it and make it part of our lives; though these forces are in the world restraining blacks, there is no excuse for the chaos that is taken place in Haiti. The Haitian problem is first a personal problem in that it is rooted in our tradition. The root cause of the Haitian problem is in our Voodoo tradition, the tradition that gives us our sense of pride our African identity. The tradition that gives us power is also the source of our demise for it is a power that works in reflection. It is a reflective power because it is a self promoted power that doesnít help meet the needs of others but itself. It does not improve lives; change the conditions of life for the Haitian people. You hear the term ďA creator that does not create anythingĒ this is the Voodoo tradition of the Haitian people. This tradition is the moving force in the Haitian culture. It is where Haitians gets their identity. It promises power but when brought to light the power dissipates. It only operates at its best in the dark, never in the open. It is a subversive power, it is suggestive yet real and it is devastating to the Haitian people. I want to bring the light of Christ to the Haitian people. Why this Voodoo power is non-effect, not improving lives? It is so, because its time is no more; it belongs to a distant past of humanity. God is no longer in it. when God is not in something, the devil takes over. ďIt is the sprit that gives lifeĒ. ďI am the life and the lightĒ. It is the sprit that illuminates our path out of a dark situation, gives us the awareness and the cognitive ability to solve our problems.

CLEAN_SLATE_PRIJECT The steps that I am taking are to educate the Haitian people about their possibility in Christ. The light of Christ can help them break the chains of the tradition that have kept them behind, and help them break free of the universal forces that restrained blacks around the world. I want to teach them the lifestyle prescribed by Jesus in His teachings; it can help them enlarge their spirit.

God is not mock; He has a law and order that He wants you to fallow in order to find Him. Those who donít want to submit to that order will be left behind, left to bit around the bush and remain at the edge and never enter into the blessing. They will see the world prosper and excel, except them. I am talking about those who blatantly violate the law of God, using the law for their own benefit, promoting their own agenda. They will be part of the rejects, the left behind. They will have a power but a reflective power that doesnít uplift the human spirit. It is a power that doesnít give life. To enter the blessing you need to be imbued with the spirit of God. The Voodoo tradition in Haiti does not lead man to the spirit of God, the source of power, the life giving spirit, but to death.

A World to Come

A time will soon come when we will gain strength and power by embracing our fellow human beings; embracing each other weaknesses and short comings. When we have applied the teachings of Jesus in our lives, meaning deny the self and take up our cross; we would have rejected the process of division and separation of the devil. We would have denied the devil a platform for expression in the world.

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