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The Faces of Poverty

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  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation; God’s word has the power
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.

Claim Your Rights!
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  • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
  • Only by becoming sons of God through Christ can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, you need the spirit to help free yourself, Jesus will baptise you with spirit and fire; Christ is the answer against Negation

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Changing the Human Condition in your Country

If there is any challenge for mankind in the next century; it is the eradication of poverty. Poverty is account for many of the world ailments such as hunger, aids, venereal diseases and all of the social related diseases known to man are caused by poverty. Eradicated poverty and you will reduce crime all over the world. Poverty is the sources for restlessness of the human spirit. When the human spirit is restless, trouble arises. For centuries man has tried to eradicate poverty but to no avail. The cause of poverty seems to be elusive as finding the cause for the disparities between blacks and whites. It is a complex problem, a quagmire that no man has yet able to pin down. It now dawn on man that the true cause of poverty lies in the spirit realm. Poverty is a spiritual condition that can only be solved by understanding the spiritual principles behind it. The study of man as a spiritual being rather than solely a physical being is a start, because the rules that govern the spirit are different than those that govern the physical. If the problem is deemed spiritual, therefore it is useless to try to solve it with physical means. This has been the problem for humanity all along, trying to solve a spiritual condition with physical means. I am glad to announce to the world that the elusive cause of poverty has been found. The Babel Syndrome has been isolated as the definite cause of poverty around the world. Sine it impedes people mentally, rendering them incapable to communicate to each other, confusing them; this therefore is the one indisputable cause of poverty around the world.


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The Cause of poverty: The Babe Syndrome

Enlarge_Picture All is in all, everything is intertwined with everything else, the works of the devil are too elusive, too fleeting for us to pin down, and we can only see them in reflection, in retrospect. We need the light of Christ to help us unveil the works of the devil. What is happening in the world, the poverty that is so persistent, the Negation that is keeping black people lagging behind all around the world, the state of bewilderment and confusion that prevailed in the Third World are all of the works of the devil.

The Babel Syndrome as it is often called: Third World mentality, is a bewildered and confusing state of mind where people cannot hear and see the same vision, nor can come together as one unit to accomplish great things. I will say that those who are of that state of mind are on the ascending order of life. They live their lives in a state of fixation. Their attentions are fixated on a primary need, the need for survival. They cannot break their fixation and reach other levels of awareness outside of their immediate fixation. They lag behind in many ways. They live their lives in a state of stagnation. They are the source of poverty in the world. They come into the world to receive blessing from God, but the devil is standing in their way, using Negation to hold them in their state of fixation. The Third World is under the influence of the forces of darkness. The people of the Third World live in a state of bewilderment and confusion.

And behold a ladder was set up on the earth and its top reach to heaven, there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.

Twitter_Nutshell_Awareness Jesus is theLadder of Reconciliation, reconciling the world to God, bringing those who are cut off from Him into the blessing. Consider the world to be a school where countries and nations are the classrooms, which country a person is born depends on the law of God. The law of God assigns a person to either an ascending or descending order. We are all angels of God caught in the law by sin. We are born in the world, into a country, a family that will determine the outcome of our lives. Each country has its place in the plan of God, the devil is busy turning countries into gates of hell where people will experience pain and suffering. It is our duties to bring the light of Christ into the works of the devil. Jesus came to undo the works of the devil, to bring us life and brings life more abundantly. The devil came to destroy and to rob us of our happiness, through pain and suffering he established his kingdom. Christ came to destroy the works of the devil and establish the kingdom of God. Jesus is the Christ, the burden remover and the yoke destroyer, knowing this truth will make the gates of hell powerless against you. What are gates of hell? Gates of hell are places of birth. When a man enters this world, he enters through a place where he incurs judgments. Judgments are placed upon him according to sin or inequity of his forefathers. What forces will influence his life, is he going to be born in a poor family, a poor country or the opposite are all determine by the law of God. The devil cannot impose on us anything which the law does not allow him. The devil used the law of God or the judgments of the law to establish his kingdom.

The law of God is perfect converting the soul, the judgment of the Lord is true and righteous altogether”. Jesus said:

Upon this revelation that I am the Christ, the burden remover and the yoke destroyer, the gates of hell shall not prevail against you knowing that truth”.

The Babel Syndrome: Third World Mentality

My aim is to help change the machinery that continued to create poverty and social stagnation in the world; my aim is to help free people of the syndrome that creates Third World Mentality. What is the Babel Syndrome or Third World Mentality? Here is an example of Third World Mentality. What makes a well educated and financially well-off individual drives his SUV everyday to the market place, buys his food in a filthy market and not bother with flies and the cinch that rises up his nose? What makes such an individual insensitive and irresponsive to the needs of his environment? There is inertia, a lack of cognition, a sluggishness that makes this individual apathetic to the world where he lives. There is indifference, a lack of care, a kind of fixation on self, an overwhelming need for acquiring things, as if driven by a primal need for survival, completely oblivious to the needs of others; this is typical of a third world mentality. What are the characteristics of a third world person? Why is there communality among the Third World people? There is bewilderment, confusion, lack of coherence, lack of cognitive ability, an inability to link thoughts with others, the ability to perceive the same vision and to come together collectively, unite behind a single idea as one to achieve great things. These are the characteristics of a Third World mentality.

I believe that education is the key to change the human condition in the Third World, however, there required a separate education, a curriculum apart from what is usually taught in the classroom. I believe that lifestyle is the key to change the condition of the Third World and free the people of the Babel Syndrome.

Consider the whole world to be a school; college or university, a learning institution of some sort and the countries of the world are the classrooms. These classrooms are graded by levels of awareness and the levels of awareness are measured on the scale of human needs. Human beings are driven by needs, our conscious mind are preoccupied at one time or another by one need or another. When a particular need grabs our attention and our consciousness becomes fixated on it; it is this fixation that determines our level of awareness. There is usually a particular need that preoccupies the collective consciousness of a people, of a country causing a country to enter into a state of fixation. It is this state of fixation that becomes the driving force of that country. It is this fixation that also determines the level of awareness of that country, the collective. There are levels of awareness, the level of awareness each country occupies is determined by the level of need that preoccupies the collective consciousness of the people.

My aim is to help break the fixation that keeps a country or its people bound to a particular level of awareness. My aim is to people free and make them flexible enough to move along the whole scale of human needs. Human needs are prioritized by level of importance, starting from the most primal need to the highest of human need, from survival to the divine. It is the fixation on a given need that determines the level of awareness of an individual or collectively a country. Consider all of the Third World countries to be in a state of fixation, driven by a particular need. Usually this need is a primal need that occupied the consciousness of the people; making them oblivious to all other needs. My aim again is to help them break that fixation, make them fluid and flexible so that they can move along the whole range of human needs or all of the levels of human awareness. I see a potential for the LOPC project. I believe that education is the key to eradicate poverty around the world, but with the right knowledge. I believe that I can incorporate the gift of a computer to a child around the world with the knowledge that will help change their lives. Imagine the world to be a place of terror, knowledge and understanding have made it less terrifying to live. I want to bring them the knowledge that will help change their lives. I want to bring them a new lifestyle that guaranteed a change in the inner life. If there are going to be any change, a fundamental change in the third world; that change must first come within.

I want to bring to the children of the Third World the lifestyle that guarantees them the inner light of the spirit: Why Enlightenment, Spirit and Lifestyle are Interchangeable? Why do we need to live the lifestyle prescribed by Jesus Christ? We need to live the lifestyle prescribed by Jesus Christ so that we can have the light of Christ that will dispel the darkness of this world.

Declassified_The_SeedI am the way and the life; I am the life and the light”. “In Him was life and the life was the light of man"; the bible is talking about lifestyle. Tom Cruise visited Japan and discovered that there is spirituality in the lifestyle of the people of Japan. I believe that the way we live our lives and the style we chose for our lives will determine how much of the spirit we have in us. It is possible to have more of the spirit, acquire more of it and store more of it by the way we live our lives. “I come so that you have life and have it more abundantly”. It is the spirit that gives life and it is the life that we live that makes it possible to have more of the sprit. There is a relationship between the way we live our lives and our cognitive ability. “Everything we do and everything we are repose on the sprit; it is the spirit that gives life”. Carlos Castaneda says that it is possible to live our lives by the spirit, store the spirit or make it dissipate by our idle talks. Spirituality is all around us, but we don’t know how to how measure the spirit, know who has the spirit, when do we know that something is of the sprit, add to the sprit or take away from the sprit.


Levels_Of_Awareness Superstitious fears dissipate the sprit, while deliberate living adds to the spirit. It is possible to be walking dead, become vacuum cleaners, sucking up all spiritual energies around us by the way we live. “If a man walks with Me, he shall not walk in darkness but has the light of day. If he walks in the dark and stumble, it is because the light is not in him”... If a man lives in the midst of people who don’t live by the rules of the spirit, live their lives in darkness and if the darkness is all around him and cannot see his way out of the dark, it is because he does not have the inner light of the spirit, he does not have the intuition and the cognitive ability to perceive and understand the needs of his environment. It is important for us to understand the spirit and how to have more of it, because God says that He will bless all the family of the earth and that at the end of time He will pour His spirit on all flesh. We must look forward the baptism of the spirit promised by God before we can be blessed, for it is the spirit that gives life. “After me shall come the One who will baptize you; he will baptize you with spirit and fire”. John was referring to Jesus Christ. Jesus said that He is the way and the life, the life and the light, therefore we need to fallow the life prescribed by Jesus Christ so that we may have the spirit and receive the blessing of God.

Lifestyle is the key to change poverty and social stagnation and free the Third World of the syndrome that is keeping the people of the Third World behind.

A Sure Way: to Break the Fixation

Breaking the fixation of our attention off ourselves and place it on God is a sure way to free ourselves and be able to move our attention on to other levels of human needs. When we entered this world, we are forced to focus our attention on a particular need. We see and relate to people in the world through the prism of that need. The need for recognition, the need for subsistence and the need for procreation are some of the needs that captured our attention and caused us to enter into a state of fixation. The key to break that fixation that is keeping us operating at a Third World level is for us to learn to cast all of our cares upon God.

Cast all your cares upon Me”. This is the key. As we relinquish our cares upon God, we are able to break the fixation of our attention on any given need. When a person is born into the world, his consciousness enters into a state of fixation. His consciousness becomes preoccupied by a particular need. That need becomes the driving force in the person’s life. It causes us to exclude all other needs. We become unable to operate in the world at our full human potential; one need takes precedence over all other need. Intuition, inspiration, vision and other higher needs are not explored. As a result of our fixation, we become one dimensional being; often our lives are plagued by bewilderment and confusion. We cannot understand each other thoughts and feelings, making it impossible to join together people collectively to achieve great things. We are caught in a third world mentality, often called the Babel Syndrome. This state of bewilderment is the cause for poverty in the third world. One remedy for it is for us to learn to cast our cares upon God. “Take My yoke upon you”. This is Jesus talking to us. This means that to join with Me, casting your burden upon Me. We are in it together; with My help, you can do it. I can help you break your fixation of yourself by placing it on Me. Your need, I can help you fulfill so that you can be free to explore other needs.

In Search: of a Solution

Ladder_of_Awareness I want to transform the Haitian culture, and expend it so that it can serve other people from other cultures. A culture is the soul of a people; it is reflected in the music, art and dance. It is what binds people together as a unit; it is also what connects them to the outside world. When a nation stops growing; we must look at the dance, the art and the music to get a feel or reflection of what is going on in the soul of the people. The human soul comprised the intellect and the emotions; they determine our experiences in life. If I were to express in a mathematical equation the value of life, the soul will be equal to our life experiences. The Haitian people have stopped growing; something has stunned their growth. I am in a quest to find out the root cause for it.

Man is a dual entity; he is an individual and also part of a collective. He belongs to a country, a nation or people. I want to know if the human condition in Haiti such as poverty, social stagnation the result of deeds of individual Haitians or the consequences of some cosmic scheme that no individual can be responsible for. I see a communality in all the different cultures of black people around the world. I want to know if that communality not the result of a greater scheme. I wan to know if the Haitian condition is not the result of the works of the devil, a casualty between the forces that are restraining humanity behind and the forces that are pushing humanity forward. I see that all of the black cultures have one thing in common; they are all lingering behind. I am in a quest to find out the cause for stagnation in black cultures around the world. I want to know what it is that is holding them back and keeping them behind. I may know the cause and the solution; however I want to take a journey of discovery. I want to take the steps with you to show you what makes the people the same in every black culture. I want you to show you why they are lagging behind.

I want to begin this journey with the collective; with what’s makes a country, a nation or people a unit. I am always amazed at the tenacity of the Jews to endure as a people; at what it is that makes them unique in their identity and unbroken despites all adversities. I want to know what it is that kept them together as a people, despites loosing their country and living in exile for years. I want to know the reason why they still remained together as a people. I came to know the reason quite by accident one day; when I overheard a host of a Jewish radio station said: tradition. The host said that tradition is what keeps the Jewish people together. I believe that if tradition is what gives the Jewish people their unique identity and keeps them together, then there is a parallel with them and the Haitian people. The Haitian people despites living with adversities and terror in their lives are still holding on to the Voodoo tradition. They are one and in one accord when it comes to Voodoo. They believe that Voodoo is the source of their strength, the source for their freedom and their hope out of poverty. I believe that the two cultures are parallel because they are both holding on to their tradition, where one tradition allowed one people to prosper and excel, while the other tradition holds back and restrained the people backward. I want to know what it is in one tradition that allows its people to prosper and excel and the other keeps its people in decays and lingering behind. One can see clearly the duality of life in action in these two cultures. One excels and prospers because God is in it, the other one doesn’t because God is absent in it. The reality of the two cultures is obvious; one flourishes and excels and the other stagnate and lag behind. Now what I want to know if the Haitian condition is caused by the Voodoo tradition or is it the cause of a greater scheme?

Zbob Speaking of the greater scheme, why blacks all over the world are lagging behind? Because there is communality between the cultures of black people around the world, because they are all suffering the same fate, stagnate and lingering behind, I must say that it must be a greater scheme beyond any individual person can change. I must conclude that the cause is a cosmic scheme beyond the power of any single individual. If so, does it matter that anyone tries to change it? What if Martin Luther King did not fight for civil rights for black people in this country, conditions would have still remained the same. I believe that it is the duty of every individual to try to change the human condition, rather he will succeed or not. I still believe that God redeemed humanity as a whole, yet it is still encumbering upon us individuals to accept it.

Thou the gift of salvation is available to all, not all take advantage of it. I refuse to accept this fatalistic view that no matter of our individual efforts, we cannot change the collective. I believe as it takes one candle to light many, as so it takes one man to set precedence for many, to serve as pattern for others to a collective free.

Beauty: and the Beast

Levels_Of_Awareness Is Haiti another victim of the same fate that befall every black culture around the world or the result of the Voodoo tradition that has held Haitians back since their conception of Haiti as a nation? Haitians and Jews are two separate cultures with two different set of knowledge and arriving at two different set of reality. The reason for using these two cultures as examples is that one has the right kind of knowledge and the other one doesn’t. Knowledge is power; only the right kind of knowledge when apply will lead people to the right kind of power. “ My words are spirit and they are life”; which means that My words are knowledge that I give you power and they are food for your spirit. This knowledge will make your spirit grow and expends your life. The right kind of knowledge that Jesus is talking about is the knowledge that leads you to a better life. A better life is salvation; when you are redeemed from a life of pain and suffering. When the Samaritan woman questioned Jesus about the difference between His religion and hers, she was asking Him about the difference in their way of worshiping God. Worshipping is our way of getting spiritual strength, increase our spirit. He answered her saying that she was worshiping what she does not know or she did not have the right kind of knowledge about God, she did not have the right kind of knowledge that lead to the spirit, but He does. He was saying to her that she did not have the right kind of knowledge that will lead her to God; and that the right kind of knowledge that will lead to God was given to the Jews. The Jews know how to find it. “Salvation was given to the Jews”. Time is now for the world to have the right kind of knowledge that will lead to the spirit. “God is spirit and those that worship Him, shall worship Him in sprit and in truth”. The time is now when this knowledge is given to all that seek the spirit; not to her race or to the Jews but to all that seek the sprit. They need the right kind of knowledge that will lead them to the sprit. “If you love Me, feed My sheep”. If you love me teach Jesus said; people the truth, the right kind of knowledge that will give them the power of life. “ My words are sprit and they are life”. The spirit has the power of life. My words are the knowledge that you need to show you the way to the sprit, show you the source of power that gives life.

ZbloggingYou worship what you don’t know and we worship what we know." Because you don’t have the right kind of knowledge, you will not find the truth spirit that give life. You will not find God. You cannot worship God, if you cannot find Him and you cannot find Him, if you don’t have the right kind of knowledge. You will not have the power you need to improve your life. “For salvation come from the Jews”. Only to the Jews were given the right kind of knowledge that will lead them to God. Why the Jews prosper and excel and why the Haitian don’t; why the Haitian linger and lag behind; it is because the Jews have the right kind of knowledge and the Haitian don’t. The knowledge that the Haitian have don’t lead them to power, because that knowledge does not lead to the true spirit. “To the Jews were given salvation”; to the Jews were given the right kind of knowledge that will empower them. The power you need is the power that leads you to life, improve your life, not holding you back and keeping you in stagnation. Israel is eighty percent desert, the land is barren, yet the people prosper amidst the desert. They overcome their enemies despites been out numbered. Even in exile they prosper, because they had the right kind of knowledge”.

A World: to Come

ZbobA time will soon come when dispensation on earth will not be given to us by our affinity to the forces for Attainment or Negation but by righteousness. Transformation of our slums and ghettoes will not be achieved by technology but by awareness, awareness of the forces that are restraining us and keeping us behind. We will be free to express ourselves without encumbrance and interference from Negation. Our thoughts will flow without opposition, we will be able to communicate our thoughts and feelings to one another, because we will have the same spirit through Christ Jesus

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