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  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation; God’s word has the power
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.

Claim Your Rights!
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  • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
  • Only by becoming sons of God through Christ can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, you need the spirit to help free yourself, Jesus will baptise you with spirit and fire; Christ is the answer against Negation

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Changing the Human Condition in your Country

Making a case for the spirit entails that some of the human problems that we see in the world can only be solved spiritually. The spiritual world is too engulfing, too fleeting for us to pin down, it requires a keen sense of understanding, a sharp spiritual awareness to catch with the reality of the spiritual world. The problem of poverty that is all pervasive among blacks around the world is a spiritual reality that must be dealt spiritually, no social effort can solve it. We must admit that there are other problems in the world only God can solve. Without spiritual understanding, we are just beating around the bush, never to solve those problems. It requires a certain disposition “d’esprit”, a willingness to face the truth no matter what, in order to embrace the spiritual truth. For centuries man has tried to overcome the disparity that separate blacks and whites in the world. However he tried, he failed; whites always excelled and blacks always stagnated behind. This problem is consistent around the world; until it dawn on man that there are forces at work in the world responsible for the disparity that we see between blacks and whites. Until recently that it becomes apparent that there is an adversarial system that is running humanity. We also know that this adversarial system is designed to maintain the disparity between blacks and whites. We also know that our very perception, how we assert ourselves in the world and how we get our sense of identity are based on resorting the difference between blacks and whites.


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A Case for the Spirit


God is Spirit

Levels_Of_Awareness "I in the Father, you in Me and Me in you, the father has life in Him"All in all we have been talking about the spirit, the source that sustains life. When we talk about the spirit we are talking about the energy that makes you who you are. One can say that the father of the Haitian liberation was Jean Jacques Dessalines, because he had spunk or spirit. There was something in him that burned and made it impossible for him to accept the injustice and mal treatments of the white French colonials. He wanted to pass on the same spirit to his fellow countrymen. He told them if they did not rise up against their white masters, they were not men; they were dead in spirit. What make this man great, it is not Voodoo but the spirit of god within him. Because he lived a certain lifestyle; because he stands for justice; he was able to fuel his spirit. Any man, who lives by the rules of the spirit, will have the spirit. Christ gave us a pattern of lifestyle to fallow and if we fallow it, it will be impossible not to have the spirit burning inside of us. It takes the spirit to gives us awareness, to wake us up so that we may be conscious of what is happening around us. When people live in the filth and not conscious of it, it is because their spirit is dead, meaning asleep.

It Is The Spirit That Sustains Life

People want a justification for the human condition, they want to know the reason why things are the way they are. They want to know why things stay the same, stagnated and never change. Haiti is a perfect example of the human condition that is in a state of stagnation; it hasn't changed in hundred of years. It is called the poorest country in the Western hemisphere; the Haitian people want to know why Haiti lingered behind, stagnated, cut off out of the blessing of God. I want to tell them that the reason is to be found in the culture. It is the past that is holding them behind. God is not in the past, but in the present. If you are holding on to the past; you are not in His light. In a culture where dead people are worshipped as god, where people run to their ancestral spirits for strength rather than God, the results could not be otherwise. It is the spirit that gives life and when it is departed, there is no life, this is simple logic. If apart from God there is no life, then if God is not present, whatever kind of spirit it is, if it is not connected to God, it cannot give life. God is the source, the life giving spirit; when you are disconnected from Him, you are dead in spirit.

The spirit is ever present, in the now, in the present; when the spirit is departed, what is left is dead, lifeless, death. You see why there is no creativity in Haiti, no upper-mobility, no clarity of mind, but bewilderment, confusion and chaos; God is not present. If the Haitians are worshiping intermediary spirits and these spirits are left behind; disconnected from God; did not make the grade; God is not with them; how can they expect anything better from them. Where God is not present, there is no life. "The Father has life in Him and apart from Him there is no life." Jesus said “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love and of sound mind”.

"Everything we do and everything we are rest on the spirit" God has given us the spirit of love and of sound mind; sound mind is of God, a mind to create, excel and prosper. God is not mocked; if you don’t make the grade, failed to live within the constraints set by God, you will be left behind. What can they give you if they did not make the grade themselves? They are pinned down within the confine of the underworld; they cannot rise to higher levels of awareness, until they make the grade. Jesus said: ”Yoke with me and learn from Me; I am the way and the life, no one come to the source but by Me”. It is all in the life, the selfless life. If we yoke with Jesus; he will raise our vibrational frequency to match His own. We will be able to vibrate at His level, free of the influence of these intermediary spirits.

When someone is dead there is an implication that the spirit has departed from the body or the body is dead because the spirit has departed from it; in either case both mean the same. “God is not God for the death but for the living”. People must learn to know when something is dead and that life no longer resides in it; they must let go and go on. They must leave the dead alone. The dead have no power to life, gives life or promote life. Let the dead bury their dead Jesus said. If you have the spirit; you shall not taste death, but pass from death to life.

The seeming life that is in a dead body is only because of the maggots that are trying to consume it. The same goes for when someone left a house, the seeming life that is in there is because of the creepy crawlies that are roaming around there since is no one to clean up the house. What I am trying to say is that no matter how promising the cult of the dead seems for the Haitians, they are dealing with something that is dead, there is no life in it. The activities that they are involving in are strictly of the dead. The power they have is of the dead, they don’t promote life. I know that the Haitians are fascinated by the feats of the dead spirits; but what they failed to realized is that everything they do are limited to the dead; nothing in them promotes life. The shivers they received when dealing with the dead spirits are not from a higher source; these spirits are limited to their world. They have no power in this world, the world of the living. They are using the ignorance of the Haitian peoples, impressing them and make them believe what they do has life, but in fact they don’t. They can only operate under cover in the dark, subversively not in the open. They are bared, limited to their under-world.

The Teacher The results are obvious; those who worshiped the dead only have death to show for their beliefs. I was once a zealous seeker after money, I wanted to use gambling to get money. The victory to me was in succeeding to take the wealth of the wicked and use it for good. I want it to use gambling money to finance my organization. After many tries, I realized that gambling was a close door. Like a bird trying to escape flying through a glass door, not realizing between the freedoms it seeks and the gage is in is a barrier that separates them. God has closed that door. We must realize that when a door is close we must move on to the next and when something is dead we must leave it alone. Without this ability to discern these two things, we are bound to fallow a dead spirit that has no life in him. We are bound to linger and lag behind. God is not God for the dead, nor does He lives in the past. He lives in the present. When I talk about spirit, I am talking about the part of us that is sustaining us; that gives life; a source of power. Just like most Buddhists don’t believe in a personal God, but they get access to the spirit of God by the discipline they apply in their lives. They may not have a personal relationship to God as the Christians do, but still by the lifestyle they chose to live, they get access to the sprit of God. Why the Haitian lifestyle does not lead to God? If there is a discipline applied in the Voodoo religion why it is that God does not recognize it? I believe that it is so because that discipline does not lead to God; as I quoted earlier from the bible that “God is not God for the dead but for the living”.

Levels_Of_Awareness Should we accept the status quo and resign ourselves to the fact that this is the way things are and there is nothing that we can do about it. Should we undertake the task to change the world from within or change it from without? Martin Luther tried to change his world from without and had a certain degree of success, but I intent to change my world from within. I can do that by making people understand the mechanism that creates the disparity that exists between blacks and whites, keeps blacks restrained and behind. I want people to understand that the condition of the Blackman is the fuel that is driving the system of things that is running the world. I don’t want to ameliorate the condition of the Blackman by just doing cosmetic things but to change it radically. If that entailed changing the world system, so be it. The way this system works is that someone has to be a sacrifice, use as pond, becomes footstool for someone else to stand on. You must deny some one, negate someone in this system of things in order to assert yourself. Jesus came to reverse, destroy the way this system operates. The condition of the Blackman is what I want to talk about it until people get it. I want people to understand that it is the system that is responsible for blacks to lag behind, to create the disparity between the achievements of blacks and whites. I want to show that it is the mechanism that is in place that has vilified black people in order to promote the agenda of the devil. I want the truth to erase the stain that continued to impede the psyche of the Blackman, the stain of servitude and vilification. “For that He came to undo the works of darkness”. I want to bring to the world the light of Christ that can help dispel the darkness of this world. The works of darkness is so shrouded in mystery that it required a revelation from God to shed light on them. I want to put out a website that will help people explore the difference between inner light and out manifestation of light. I want to show people how the forces of darkness tried to pass whiteness as illumination for the world. This site will attempt to show how the condition of the Blackman is tied up with the very impulse that is driving humanity. I want to show how every aspect of human life is tied up with the condition of the Blackman. I want to take people by the horn and keep them from getting discourage, I want to keep people from resign themselves the condition of the Blackman. I want for people to start talking about it, I want to help unmask it and make it plain for people to understand it.

Alternative_Education Immunized_them I want to help free the Blackman from the forces that keep him bound. I want to help free the Haitian people from the fixation that kept them living in a Third rated World mentality. I want humanity see the Haitian condition in a new light; I want people to understand the forces responsible for the human condition in Haiti. I want people to understand the role the forces that are restraining humanity backward and the role they played in the human condition that exists in Haiti. I want people to see the Haitians ply as a direct consequence of the forces that have restrained blacks in general all over the world. Still bounded by the collective, still bounded by the universal, can an individual break the boundaries, the pull and the fixation that have kept him bound (? ) “Seek ye the truth and the truth shall send you free. When a man enters this world he is born into a collective that determines his country of birth; he is bound and driven by the same need that is the driving force of his people. He is born into a race that determines his universal boundaries. He is bound by the same constraints and stigma placed on his race. These limitations are universal, because they belong to any individual of his race in whatever country his race is found. He is also born in a particular family that determines his personal limitations. How he balances all of these constraints placed on his life and his desire to be free, determine his individual life. Life is a balancing act between balancing the constraints set God to guide his spirit and the impulses coming from his body. Life is a pull and push, a struggle between the forces for good and the forces for evil. Jesus said to be in the world and not of it. We must take the middle ground, be balanced.

Read_On People are born into the world trough a country as if it was a type of placement. Judgment is placed upon them as they enter the gate of birth; limitations, boundaries and constraints based on ancestral ties such as family ties such as race, color will factor in to set boundaries in each individual. Though a man may transcend the collective that he is part of, but he is still bound by it because he is forever links to the country of his birth, the gate through which he enters the world. “He will baptize you with spirit and fire”. The lifestyle prescribed by Jesus is the way to quicken the individual and help him pass the course and send him to the next level of awareness. The lifestyle prescribed by Jesus makes a man fluid as the wind. Jesus said that those who are born of the sprit are like the wind, no one knows whence it comes nor where it goes as such are those who are born of the sprit. The teachings of Christ can make a man fluid and flexible that he transcends the collective and the ancestral ties that keep him bound. A man can become so fluid that people can no longer pin him down, except to say that he is a human being, just a man without country, race or color, a free man.

Prelude: Making My Case for Getting Involved in the Haitian Situation!

Humanity_Future_Whole I will bless all the nations of the earth

In your seed I will bless all the family of the earth”.

For that He came to undo the works of darkness, to destroy the works of the devil

If these statements are true, they are therefore the premise for my work. If Haiti is a nation and if the Haitian people part of the human family, then I must preach Jesus Christ to them. I must preach Jesus Christ because in Him lies the key for taking Haiti out of his dilemma. I must promote His works and His mission as my own; I must look for blessing for the Haitian people in His teachings; in fact for blacks in general. I must do so because they have come short of the blessing of God. I must do so because the key to the blessing of God is in the teachings of Jesus Christ. The teachings of Christ are pathways to the spirit. We need the spirit for everything. “It is the spirit that gives life” Everything that we do depend on it. I am talking about what gives us spunk and zest for life, the energy that enhances our cognitive faculty. I’ll show them the link between the teachings of Jesus Christ and the blessing of God.
It is the spirit that gives life
I am the way and the life
I am the life and the light
I am the light of the world

Go With the Flow

Ladder_of_Awareness All I am interested in is to find out what is it that is holding back Haiti from moving forward. I want to be able to do something about Haiti no matter how impossible the task appears to be. If a man is willing to fallow the constraints set by God, then he has a chance to affect the collective and the impersonal. The situation in Haiti is a problem for Haitians as well as for blacks around the world because it encompasses both the collective and universal. A man cannot resign to the fact that he is helpless in the face of overwhelming power against him. He must try, even when he knows that his chance for success is unlikely. An example of a man who had tried and succeeded is Martin Luther king. He succeeded to make a dent in the collective and universal that had placed a grip over his people. Had he not tried, blacks in America would still be riding in the back of the buses and this country would still be at war with itself. Tremendous amount of resources would have been tied up in dealing with civil unrests; many contributions made by some Americans would not possible for the welfare of this country. I think that it is encumbering upon a man to try to change things, no matter how insurmountable the odds may be against him. When I look at the situation in Haiti, I am not proud to be Haitian; but I am fine to be just a human being. As a human being, I feel that it is my duty to change the things that affect me in an adverse way. The conditions in Haiti affect me in an adverse way, because they reflect upon me as Haitian and part of the collective. I am Haitian, therefore whatever that affects Haiti affects me. Unlike the descendants of Syrian, Italian and other foreigners who were born in Haiti; they are fortunate to be able to hide behind their parents and grandparents national origins. It is for that reason many of them hence on a plane bound outside Haiti, loose their Haitians identity. I intent to change that by not only expose them, but to also bring change at the core of the Haitian culture that could make any human being proud. The first thing that I am going to do is to re-align the Haitian belief system with the purpose of God. I want the Haitian culture to reflect the law and order of the universe and for that I must reach to the core of the Haitian belief system. What is now wrong with Haiti is the soul of the Haitian people; therefore I must remold their feelings and their thoughts process to be in alignment with the will of God. Cultures that are not in alignment with the will of God will be left behind, cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world; Haiti is one of such cultures that do not yet align with the will of God. They are stuck in the reality of the past, relying on ancestral guidance that no longer fits to carry them forward. They are like former Indian civilizations that were here and no longer here now because of their insistence to stay with the reality of the past. Haitians don’t realize that they are left behind; they continued to draw their strength from a source that is bound to the past and can no longer move them forward. How do I convince the Haitian people that it is not their fault that they are left behind, but the source they rely on for their strength is wrong; the tradition that was passed to them by their ancestors need adjustments? How can I convince the Haitian people that they must relinquish their identity with the very tradition that give them power if they want to move forward. I must convince them that there is more to them than the world has seen; if they relinquish the past. I must convince them that the source that they are holding on so dear is their downfall. I must help them understand the reality of the past, so they don’t just reject it, but to understand it. If they understand it; they will be able to embrace it, without been restrained by it

Comparative Study

Declassified_The_Seed Something fundamental in our belief system must undergo an overall; something in it must be re-evaluated, because that something is pinning our country down. We cannot grow as a nation, because we are pin down by the past. I know that the soul of the Haitian people is embedded in the Voodoo tradition; to let go of it is to give up our identity; however I must ask every Haitian to trust me. The reason that I am questioning our beliefs system is for our own good. I am Haitian; I know what it is to have an identity crisis. Most well off Haitians as soon as they take a plane for outside the country, don’t consider themselves Haitians. I know their ply and for good reason. They have been look down upon and their financial status haven’t spare them the humiliation of been considered a no body, just another Haitian. I must ask you to trust me; I don’t want to take away anything from the Haitian culture that can help diminish our standing in the world. I want to reassure you that the only way for us to find ourselves, our true identity and our standing in the world is to let go of the past. We must let go of those things that are holding us back, forget those things that robbed us of our place in history as a nation and begin to embrace those things that will contribute to our growth and development. This is our only sure way to reclaim our place in history. We are loosing our place in history right now because we are been left behind. Our culture cannot keep up with the trend of time, our tradition cannot support our people, feed our people, provide comfort for our people; our people must seek refuge elsewhere outside the country to find a better life. Something must change; I am asking all of you who are afraid to let go of the things that holding us back for fear of loosing our identity; I must reassure you that by letting go, you will find your true place in history and that people will look down on you no more and you may become the symbol of hope for many. I know that many of you will be on the defensive; saying that there is nothing wrong with our tradition and our belief system; our tradition is what gives us strength and power. Many will congregate against me because of that; but I will say to you that all I am interested in is to find the reason why our tradition cannot help improve the living condition of Haitian people. I’ll say to you that there is something in it that I need to undo, something in our belief system, whatever it is that has stunned the growth of Haiti as a nation.

CLEAN_SLATE_PRIJECT I want to do a comparative analysis of the Jewish culture with that of the Haitian culture. I want to find out what is it in the Jewish culture that make the Jews turn a country like Israel, the size of Haiti, a country with eighty percent desert land into a prosperous land, a booming economy with bourgeoning art, and science, etc. I want to see what is it in the Haitian culture that makes it stagnated and lingering behind. I want to know what it is in the Jewish culture that can be accounted for their success. I come to the conclusion that there is a duality in the world, a kind of struggle between the forces that are restraining us and the forces that want to propel us forward; a kind of duality depicted in the bible by the story of a twin birth where one child represents the seed for wickedness and the other the seed for righteousness. I want to know why despites all the efforts to plant the seed of righteousness in Haiti, always end up get choked the seed of wickedness. To my knowledge no one has yet tried to good in Haiti and not end up dead and those who start with good intentions always end up doing the wrong things. Nothing that stands up for righteousness and justice can grow in the land of Haiti. One has to stop and ponder upon this fact, why can good take hold in the land; why those who want to do good in Haiti always end up dead, while the country continued to stagnate and decay. One has to become familiar with what God is promoting in the universe. God is promoting good things in the universe; this is why those who are seeding seeds of wickedness can never prosper, nor excel and move forward. I believe that God has put a block against them. God has said that He is not promoting the seed of wickedness in the universe. “Thou they build, I will tow down”. God has not given them a heritage to be glorified and proud of. This is why it is dawn on me that there is no way for the Haitian Voodoo tradition to prosper and excel; God has put a block against it. Like a boat that is tied down and cannot move, as such the Haitian Voodoo tradition is tied down by God. It is time for the Haitian people to recognize that they are tied down and what is tied them down is in the culture, the Voodoo tradition, in the belief system and the knowledge that has passed on to us by our ancestors, it is in our source of power. The power we get from the knowledge passed on to us by our ancestors is a dark power; it does not operate in the light. People are willing to bend the laws of nature for their own selfish gain. This is what is wrong with voodoo. People are using it to do evil, instead of good. It is a power that has not brought us any improvement in our lives. I want to know why the Jews prosper amidst of so much difficulties; I want to know how they managed to take a country about the size of Haiti and turn it into a prosperous land. I want to know if it is because they are on the side of God doing what is in line with the universe. I want to know if they are been guided by the forces for good.

In this world there is indeed a twin; two separate cultures, with two separate reality. Why do the Jews prosper and excel and why do the seed of good take hold in the land of Israel? Why does God promote that kind of seed in the world? Zbob

I want to change Haiti, not to turn it into a copycat, but to allow the land to welcome those who want to plant justice, righteousness, prosperity and to forgo those things that held are holding us back.

A World to Come

In you and in your seed I will bless all of the family of the earth”. This is the future we are hoping for, this is the world to come that we are hoping for, where everyone will be blessed, everyone will be able to partake in the abundance of this life, not just a few as it is now, by affinity to color or what a person’s color represents.

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