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  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation; God’s word has the power
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.

Claim Your Rights!
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  • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
  • Only by becoming sons of God through Christ can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, you need the spirit to help free yourself, Jesus will baptise you with spirit and fire; Christ is the answer against Negation

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Changing the Human Condition in your Country
You can talk about it willingly or talk about it forcibly; however facing the reason why there is so much disparity between blacks and whites is an inevitable situation in the life of every politicians and men of God. No preacher or politician, not even with a ten foot pole would want to touch this subject. I believe that the reason why this is so is simple; it is because the task appears to be insurmountable and that they don’t want to disturb the power that be or change the status quo. They rather live their lives in the comfort of certainty than to take a stand for change. I sincerely believe that there is a relationship between poverty and Negation. I believe that preachers and politicians or any man that held a leadership position should undertake the task of learning more about Negation. I believe that if there are going to be any headway in human development and if humanity is going to excel and flourish in this new age, leaders must first begin to understand the working of Negation. I believe that understanding Negation will give leaders the understanding of poverty and social stagnation. I believe that if we are going to avoid a repeat of the past, seeing rioting and destruction in countries such as United States, South Africa and France, seeing displaced anger brought by years of Negation, leaders must try to understand the complexity of Negation and how it affects people of darker race.

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Facing the Truth

Radiant energy propagates along the line from black to red, to yellow and to white, affinity determines how the attributes of these colors affect you. This system of dispensation is modeled after the wave of radiant energy, how it propagates from lesser light to maximum brilliance of light. This line of progression is the pattern for dispensation in this system of things. How light alternates between the two extreme points of progression is how the adversarial system is set up. There is always going to be disparity in achievements between blacks and whites until this dispensation system is gone away. “And for that He came, to destroy the works of the devil” The system of things that is running the world is of the devil, designed to promote himself as the light of the world. By suppressing blacks or anything done by blacks in the world he insured to promote whiteness as light. “for that He came, to undo the works of darkness, to destroy the works of the devil.

Enlarge_Picture Stop beating around the bush and let us face this fact that there is indeed a truth that needs to be revealed and talked about. We need to know the reason why the Blackman is left to lag behind and why the Whiteman excel and prosper. We need to get at the core to explore this enigma and find the cause. We see the results for years and the persistence of it. It seems to be a universal fact that all over the world blacks are lagging behind. Poverty affects disproportionately people of dark complexion. We need to focus on the real cause for this condition. We need to focus our attention on race, because I believe in it rests the answer for getting poverty out of the world.

If there is any good thing coming out of this disaster, it is that it helps us open our eyes to a greater problem: it is the question of Negation. No matter how taboo and forbidden it is to talk about Negation, it is in our best interest to face it and understand it. We need to talk about Negation because without Negation race would not be an issue. Throughout the ages man has quested for understanding, understanding about life, immortality and unexplained phenomenon. One of such quest is trying to explain the question of Negation. The Blackman wants to know why he is left to lag behind by His creator while the Whiteman excel and flourish. He wants to know why he is left to stagnate and lingered behind. Negation is the impulse to negate that which is black or done by blacks in the world. This impulse is imbedded in the psyche of man and it is interwoven in nature. It drives people to negate the Blackman, to deny him his existence and to deny him his rights to partake in the abundance of this world. It is said that except that a Blackman received a special gift from God that can help him elevate above the forces of Negation, he is doomed to experience the lowest that this life has to offer. If this saying is true, then Katrina has finally open up our eyes to the forces of Negation

A First Hand Experience: Attainment and Negation

Ladder When I came to this country in the late nineteen ninety’s, there were only black people living in the neighborhood where I lived. Contrary to what I learned about this country when I was a kid, blacks were supposed to be the minority and I should have seen fewer of them and more whites in my neighborhood. I was surprised that wherever I turned there were only black people and no whites in sight. I did not know the condition of separation in this country. Negation is fact of life in this country, not a speculation; the spirit of separation has taken hold in this country. Then one time I got landed in jail for failing to appear in court for a minor traffic violation and there again I witnessed the same situation repeating itself; there I only saw black people in jail, no whites. I asked my self if there were no white people living in this country. Again I was taken to a public hospital just to find the same scene repeating itself again; there were only blacks getting care in the emergency room and no whites in sight. Still the same scene repeating itself again last week when Katrina hit New Orleans; while I was watching TV, it finally came to me that there is a greater cause or universal force at work in the world, something that I could not explain that I must question and find answers; something was keeping black people behind. There, on TV watching this disaster unfolding, I saw that ninety nine percent of the people seeking shelter in this disaster were blacks, the rest were Latinos and some poor whites. I was able to read the same lines from their faces that depict their lives as I have seen earlier in other images coming from Africa. They are the same lines, the same images that I have seen, they are the same people and they are all blacks. They are images of poverty, lack and stagnation. Then in a flash, it all makes sense to me, it is the result of Negation. Negation is a force that restrained human beings yet affects blacks the most and anything done by blacks in the world. It is a force that is out to deny them their existence and their possibility to partake in the abundance of this world. It is a force that helps create contrast in our perception, it a driving force in this world. It helps keep black behind so that they can be used as foot stools for humanity to stand on. It is the works of the devil, to promote whiteness as light. My only solace comes from the fact that Christ came to undo the works of the devil and to give us access to life and that we may have more of it, abundantly. “Now the ruler of this world is cast out the darkness of this world is cast out”.

Unnatural Disposition: the working of Negation

Ladder There is an unnatural disposition in the hearts of men to cut off from life and to deny existence to anything black or anything that reflects the attributes of blackness. It is a force and it operates as impulses that drive human beings to negate blacks and to affirm whites. This impulse serves to resort differences in our perception, either to affirm or to negate the self. It is the machinery that is driving humanity either forward or backward. It is what gives us our adversarial system in this world. We have not questioned this system of things because it is happening below the conscious mind. We are affected by it, yet we cannot pin it down, say what it is. I don’t think that the creator intended blacks to be used as pedestals for humanity to stand on. Blacks are the casualty of the system of things that is running the world, the devil machinery to promote himself as the light of the world. In this system of dispensation blacks have been used literally as benchmark for resorting differences in the achievements of humanity. Whites have the most in achievements in the world because of the literal meaning of the attributes of whiteness. The devil literally wants to literally pass whiteness as light. Whites are affirmed and facilitate to partake in the abundance of this world because of the attributes of whiteness; and blacks are negated and denied their possibility to partake in the abundance of this world because of the attributes of blackness. The attributes of black and white depict points of progression in the achievements of humanity. Dispensation on earth is a model after the attributes of light. Different points of progression of light mark the possibility for achievements. The degree of Negation appropriated to a race or the possibility for achievements for that race correspond to the color of that race. “Time is the maker and the destroyer of all things, Time I am I have come to engage all beings”. As time progress it becomes very difficult to maintain dispensation on earth solely base on color. As the thoughts came to me regarding the flow of time; I concluded that we are indeed at the Breaking Point. It is a point of intersection in the flow of time when the forces that used to keep us bound are releasing us out of their grips; the time required and demanded of us to change. Katrina has finally opened up our eyes to the true reality that exists fro blacks in the world. There is indeed a flaw in the dispensation system of this world. Are we to accept the status quo and that the world should remain as it is or should we trust God that He will change thing as He promised. There is a humanity that is lacking and lagging behind and there is a humanity that is accelerating, widening the gap greater and greater between those who are far ahead and those who are far behind. Katrina has made it plain for us to see the unintended consequences of Negation. And we are seeing it right now in New Orleans. We have seen the effects of Negation before in Africa, and we have seen how the world responded to the aids crisis and the ethnic cleansing in the Sudan. The world has responded with an indifference that could only be motivated by Negation. There is indeed an impulse to negate the Blackman in the world and there is an impulse to affirm the Whiteman in the world; the world is divided indeed between black and white, between Attainment and Negation.

Katrina the Eye Opener:It Takes a Disaster

Moon_Shot Do you know why it is taboo to talk about race in the face of the obvious? Do you know why there is so much resistance to talk about these things publicly, even when we are affected by them? I’ll tell you why! It is because to talk about these things invoke in us the adversarial system that is in the world or the very machinery that is driving humanity. To talk about these things invoke in us the struggle that is between good and evil, between Attainment and Negation and between black and white. People rather put on their sacks of cloth after a disaster, doing acts of kindness toward each other and embracing their humanity by loving one another than to talk about these things. The reason for this resistance is primal, it is imbedded deeply in the human psyche, and it is happening subconsciously, too fast for our conscious mind to grasp. It is said that the heart has its reason that reason itself does not know. We don’t always know the reason why we act, what moves us and compels us to act, nor what impulse is driving us to react. I know the reason for this resistance; it is an innate mechanism in our spirit that keeps us from seeing each other as enemy. As this adversarial system is made to come to light in our conscious mind by these talks, there also arises in us the impulse to suppress it. We are suppressing it because there is an innate fear in us to avoid the consequences of consuming the fruit of separation, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Human beings are perpetually consuming the fruit of separation the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil even today and we are doing it subconsciously. From my previous writings I explored how Negation came to life and how this adversarial system is sustained in this world. It is sustained by using blacks as foot stools and as pedestals for humanity to climb on. We see clearly before us from this disaster the resulted effects of Negation. We see what Negation has done to humanity. We see how Negation has kept blacks lagging behind and used as a mean to create contrast in human perception. I believe that it is with good measure that people don’t talk about race; because to talk about race is to resort the disparities that exist between the races and compound their differences. There is always the underlining thought in the back of my mind invoking the feeling of envy or hate which I don’t know, but considering my ply against the success of the Whiteman, I cannot help resist the thought. I must balance my thought’s life, I must suppress the impulses that rise up in me, compelling me to hate or despise the Whiteman for his success. I must learn the real truth behind my lacking and let it erase the stain of servitude and vilification that is imbedded in my psyche.

Unveiling: the Works of Darkness

Twitter_Nutshell_Awareness The law of God is perfect converting the soul”: P19-7 The devil cannot do anything to us which the law of God does not allow him. He uses the law of God to gain permission or to get access to human lives. He maintains his grip over humanity by inciting people to violate the law of God. The resulted consequences for violating the law of God is what the devil uses as tools to exercise power over human lives. The punishment for violating the law of God opens doorways by which the devil gets entrance to human lives. The devil cannot do anything to us without first justify it by the law and get permission. This is why he is an instigator, tricking us to violate the law of God so that he can get justification to act against us.

The consequences for being under the law gives the devil a canvas to operate on earth; but thanks to God Paul said: “If a man is in Christ he is not under the law” Yet still, he is a victim of the law which operates in his environment. For example blacks are negated because they are under the law of the first born and the law of the first born is what the devil uses to justify negating blacks and keeping them lagging behind. “The first shall be last making way for the new”. “And the first came out red and his name was Essau”. His birth rights or access to the blessing and to participate in the abundance of this world was taken from him. The devil did use the law of God to incite man to consume the fruit of separation, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, creating a consciousness of separation in them, secondly he uses blacks to sort out differences in our achievements thus perpetuate the process of human beings consuming the fruit of separation, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Thirdly he used Negation to set blacks and whites apart from each other. Fourth he used Negation as an instrument to turn blacks into fuel to propel humanity. All of that works, the devil did using the law of the first born to get permission from God to use blacks as an instrument for negation.

Christ a Pattern: for us to fallow

If human beings were to take heed of the teachings of Christ, humanity would have undermined the works of the devil by now. For ample Christ admonished us to love one another and to forgive one another. This is the sure way to undermine the basic principle by which the devil operates and gets entrance in human lives; the devil get access to human lives by inciting people to consume the fruit of separation, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. By creating a system of negation; he creates contrasts in our perception of each other, this in turn forces us to sort out our differences among ourselves. One way and sure way to counteract this Negation is to fallow the teachings of Christ. Christ teaches us to love one another. By loving one another as we love ourselves we are denying ourselves the sin of consuming the fruit of separation, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. This sin is what gives rise to Negation and Negation forces us to sort out differences among ourselves causing us to feel elevated above one another. If we were to take up our cross as Jesus asked us, meaning embrace our humanity, we would have denied the devil a platform for expression in the world. he would not have a place to operate.

Katrina is a natural disaster that is teaching us the lessons that we failed to learn. Through this disaster, people are able to see Negation in its unintended consequences and at the same time we see the outpouring of selfless love coming from each other, we see both the problem and the solution in the same disaster; the poison and its antidote. Blacks have been the victims or the resulted consequences of laws that give the devil rights to negate them and used them as pedestals and as foot stools to elevate himself as the light of the world. Blacks have been denied their existence and their possibility to partake in the abundance of this life, because of the devil. They have been used to create contrast and to sort out differences in the achievements of man; all of which point toward negation. Negation is a tool used by the devil to advance his own agenda.

Levels_Of_Awareness The Blackman wants to know why he is left to lag behind and used as foot stool for humanity to climb on. He wants to know why he is denied his possibilities to partake in the blessing. Yeah the struggle is about the blessing. What is the blessing? The blessing is the abundance of this world. “I came so that you may have life and have it more abundantly”. The abundant life Jesus was talking about means a flourishing life, a life without lack and wants, and an accelerating life without stagnation. “In you and in your seeds, I will bless all of the family of the earth”. These words are words of a promise that God made to us. It was a promise made for our future and the seed that we are expected to come has already came and He came in the form of Jesus Christ. Christ came to bless us. So if the struggle is about the blessing then if in this system of things the Blackman has not been blessed but I as a Blackman I should look for the blessing not in this system of things but in the seed that God promised to come. This present system has denied me the possibility to partake in the abundance of this life. The question I asked earlier was; why the Blackman is left to lag behind, why he is denied the possibility to partake in the blessing. Who is responsible for his denial in the blessing? Who dictates that the Blackman shall be used as foot stool for the rest of humanity? Then there arise again the question from this saying: “the law of God is perfect converting the soul”. Why is the law in place and why it is working against me, speaking for the Blackman? If there is any solace for me as a Blackman, it is not in asking the reason why whites are the recipients of the blessing and why blacks have been used as step stools but to look forward to a new thing, a new possibility in Christ. Christ came so that we all can have life and has it more abundantly and He came to undo the works of the devil. Apparently I should look toward Christ for my blessing, because this system of dispensation is tinted by the devil

looking: for Answer

CLEAN_SLATE_PRIJECT He does not matter how we arrived at where we are, what laws were violated, there has to be a reason to justify the condition of the Blackman. The devil manipulated the laws to establish his kingdom. Blacks are casualty in this system of dispensation. Still as a Blackman, I am interested in knowing the cause or reason why I am in lack. Whatever the reasons might be, rather that the Blackman has sold out his birth right by putting his hunger first or his physical needs first, the bible seems to say that he didn’t care for his birth right; and that gave the devil right to deny him of his blessing. Rather that the Blackman was doomed from the beginning to be servants or the least, we learned from Katrina this incredible lesson; we must embrace our humanity or will be left with the stain of Negation. If whites have not responded to this disaster the way they did, they too would have been stained with inhumanity, they would have invoked another furry of the law which is found in this saying” By thy sword shall thou live, and shall serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shall have the dominion, thou shall break his yoke from your neck. “By man made or by nature the yoke shall be break. Thank God for Katrina, it takes a natural disaster like that to open up our eyes to the works of the devil. Negation is of the devil. It is what is fuelling this system of things.

Woven: into life

Recently I heard from a radio host an extreme view point about black people. This view point speaks of the underline feelings of white people toward blacks. I must assume that the view point expressed by the host on that radio station was also his own because he was quoting from a book that he was in complete agreement with. “If you were to abort all black babies born in this country, the crime rate will go down”. This extreme view point among many others like it are symptoms of the ignorance that people have about the real cause of why blacks are living in the condition that they are in. This incident points me to a greater urgency to reveal the cause for the condition of the Blackman. I want to do so in order to prevent the world from repeating the mistakes of people living during the dark ages. These people were burning their fellow human beings at the stick just because they did not understand their gifts, their geniuses and the unusual abilities. They considered the gifted as witches and they put them to death at the stick. Now I can avoid a repeat of the past by helping people change their point of view on the condition of the Blackman and help them see the condition of the Blackman as a greater part in the scheme of things. I can bring knowledge of the real cause for why crime and violence are so pervasive in the black populations than whites. Scientists will tell you that sometimes if you can not pin down the real thing because it is too evasive, you can look for its signature or its effects on other things. In this case the condition of the Blackman has of the tell tale marks of Negation. Negation is a force that restrains and held the Blackman at the lowest level of human existence, the level of survival where people are driven by their immediate need to survive and will do anything to be alive. When we speak of the condition of the Blackman I am referring to the matter of fact, the state that describes the life of the Blackman. In general for every ten whites that are living well in the world, there is only one black that escape the clutch of Negation and able to live well as the Whiteman.

Zbob Of the two forces I described earlier, one of which I am focusing on is Negation. I am focusing on Negation because of the way it affects black people. I am focusing on Negation because it is the machinery that restrained blacks and held them behind, it is the machinery that maintains poverty and stagnation in the world. Here is how Negation works to restrain black people and keep them from advancing in the world. As some of you may be familiar with the hierarchical structure of human needs put out by psychologists. In this psychological model, it is believed that human beings are driven by needs. These needs are arranged in a hierarchical structure, starting from the lowest or basic need, survival to the highest need, self less love or divine love. Negation keeps the Blackman in a state of fixation, forcing him to keep his attention on his basic need, preventing him and denying him the possibility to partake in the fulfillments of his other needs. In order for the Blackman to fulfill his other needs, he must engage in a struggle with the Whiteman who is the recipient for Attainment. In the mind of the Whiteman all that could be attain in the world belong to him, after all he is affirmed in the world, the world of Attainment belongs to the Whiteman; while the Blackman is negated and deny his existence. Had God not made provision for the Blackman, he would have been doomed to stay at the bottom of the hierarchy of needs. I believe that God intended this knowledge to be made available for the world to know about it. I am taking the lead to reveal it to you, as God has revealed it to me. God does not want us to revert back to the dark ages; this is why He is making such knowledge available to us. “For that He sent His son to undo the works of darkness, He sent his son to be the light of the world, to bring to light the works of darkness”.

The reason why it is so difficult for us to pin down the cause for the condition of the Blackman is because the works of the devil are shrouded in mystery. He is doing his entire works through us subconsciously. We are doing the bidding of the works of darkness daily without knowing it. Jesus is the light of the world; He is making such knowledge available to us. The devil is the instigator of darkness, his works are a reflection of the whiteness that he tries to establish as light, not the real light that comes from within. His works are falsehood, the truth in reverse and shall pass away.

A World to Come

A time will soon come when dispensation on earth will be given to us for our righteousness. "The government of this world rests on His shoulders and in righteousness He shall lead the world

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