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The Faces of Poverty

   Don't Complained!
    Why not?
  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation; God’s word has the power
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.

Claim Your Rights!
    What rights?
  • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
  • Only by becoming sons of God through Christ can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, you need the spirit to help free yourself, Jesus will baptise you with spirit and fire; Christ is the answer against Negation

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Changing the Human Condition in your Country
God is in the business of healing and restoration, the past is like our sins, hence forgiven by God, He remembers them no more. He said: “Lo I am doing a new thing” we are a new creation in Christ Jesus. He is making the world whole again through Jesus. I only use the past to get a reference point, to see where we came from, how far God had brought up from the depth of darkness to His marvelous light. Christ is showing us a better way of being. He is showing us how to prosper without using the sweat of our brows, struggling with the flesh; He is showing us how to achieve great heights without climbing on top of our fellowmen, using them as foot stools and pedestals. He past is no more; God is not God for the dead but for the living. He lives in the present. The past is what was and now is no more, God is to be found in the present for He is changeless, but us we are for ever becoming, always in a perpetual state of becoming, ever climbing the ladder of perfection. We shall behold Him as He is when we arrive at that state where He is, perfect as He is. Jesus said for us to strive to be perfect as God is perfect. “Who is man that the Lord may remember him?” He is the seed of God destined for perfection. Help one another reach that state of perfection through kindness, love and compassion Jesus admonished us; these are the sources of our strength. “Love ye one another as I loved you”, He said Negation is a killer, an agent for separation, division, pride and self assertion. We must deny the process by which we arrive at our self assertion. We must deny the self in order to be in the light of Christ Jesus said. We must deny the self in order to stop the kingdom of darkness to get access to our lives. Every times we take up our cross, embrace our humanity, we are denying the devil a platform for expression in the world.

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Ladder of Reconciliation

And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it”; Jesus is the ladder of reconciliation upon which we ascend to God and descend from God; God is reconciling the world to Himself through Jesus Christ. Reconciliation will be possible when we have embraced the short comings, the pain and the suffering of our fellow human beings, when we have denied the process by which we have arrived at our self identity, when we have lived the lifestyle prescribed to us by Jesus in His teachings. “If a man wants to follow Me, let him denies himself, take up his cross and follow Me”. This teaching taught us how to deny the process by which we arrived at our selfish identity, how to love one another as we love ourselves. It is when we lived these precepts and make them part of our lives that we are filled with the spirit of God and that His spirit can empower us to prosper, excel and flourish.

Jesus is the ladder of reconciliation upon which we climb up or down to God, ascending and descending the ladder of awareness. God wants us to operate from the level of the heart, the level of love. He sent His Son to demonstrate what it is to love and be loved, to show God’s love for us. It is out of the level of the heart that God can reach us and make us flexible enough to climb the various level of the ladder of awareness. Jesus helps us climb the ladder of awareness one level at a time, until we reach the divine level of our awareness; reach God. God wants to reconcile the world to Himself and bring humanity back to His original intent. God intended that man shall live with no wants and lack, to depend on Him to fulfill his needs. This original intention is what God wants; He wants every human being to be blessed equally, regardless of race or national origin. This newsletter will explain the mechanism that is keeping poverty going around the world, helps us understand the forces that affect us. It is essential that we understand the mechanism that is running this world, how these forces work in the world, if we are going to get rid of poverty around the world. Affirmation is what God is using to bring us back to Him. You are God’s beloved, God loves you; you are affirmed by God, this is what Jesus came to show us. Negation is what the devil uses to separate us from God and from each other; negation is responsible for restraining and keeping people from advancing forward. Negation gives you your selfish awareness. You cannot be aware of yourself without negating someone, you must deny someone before you can assert yourself; Jesus came to show us another way, a better way.


Understanding the Forces that Affect Us: Attainment and Negation


Enlarge_Picture In order to understand these forces, I must first explain the roles they play in our lives. Hence we understand their role and how they affect people, we can begin to be conscious of their existence and able to take deliberate steps to call on God to free us from their grips. Without God we have no mean to cope with them. They are the driving forces that run our lives; they shape our existence. We are move by them subconsciously. We act and react by their impulses, yet we are not aware of them. Now God is making this knowledge available to us now, revealing these forces that were hidden from us. Who can believe in what I am saying; to whom the arm of the Lord reveal. Jesus is the Arm of the Lord, the light of this world revealing to us hidden truths, bringing to light the works of darkness.


AFFINITY: the working of Attainment and Negation

Levels_Of_Awareness Attainment and Negation are the two forces behind the advancement and restriction of the world. They are responsible for acceleration and stagnation in human development. They propel the world forward and restrict the world from moving forward. They are the machinery behind the adversarial system that is running the world.

Attainment is a force that help affirmed white people in the world. In the world of attainment, all that could be attained, ought to be attained by whites. The world of Attainment belongs to the White race. Negation is a force that helps negate blacks, deny them their existence and cut them off out of the possibility of this world, what this world has to offer. The world of Negation belongs to the Blackman. In the world of negation, the Blackman is doomed to experience the lowest that this life has to offer. He has been vilified and put to servitude and used as fuel to propel the world. This is the way the system is designed to promote the works of the devil. These two extreme points of progression of visible light mark the lowest and the highest point of achievement in the dispensation system that exists in the world. The interplay of these two forces and their methods help sustain the adversarial system that is driving the world.


The Breaking Point:Ascending and Descending Forces

Ladder_of_Awareness The Breaking Point is a point of intersection between the forces that oppose us and the forces that seek to propel us forward. When the forces for Attainment intersect with the forces for Negation, we are at a breaking Point, a point of conflict. We are now at the Breaking Point; God is revealing to us that the forces that used to keep us bound, are now releasing us out of their grips. We are now at a point in the flow of time when one force will intersect the other. It is at this point in time that God will intervene in our lives to minister a change.

I must warn you before hand that giving you the understanding of Negation and how it works in human lives is not going to make the impulses that are driving us go away, but knowing the promises of God for our lives and focus our attention on them will speed up the process. The more you try to understand Negation the more engulfing it becomes. Only the power of God can help us overcome it. I believe that as God gives gifts to people to help them cope with Negation, as such focusing on God, we too without gifts will be able to free ourselves from Negation.

The Works: of Darkness

For that He came to undo the works of darkness, to destroy the works of the devil”. The darkness of this world is the unconscious manipulation that is taking place in our mind; it is the displacement of falsehood for truth, it is the lies that we are given to us for truth. The works of the devil are cunning, elusive and fleeting, we cannot pin them down on our own. We need the light of Christ to unveil the works of the devil. The revelation that we are now receiving are of God. Christ is revealing knowledge that was once hidden from us. For a longtime we have been manipulated, pulled here and there like puppets, at the mercy of forces we have no control. Christ is releasing us from the grip of these forces, from the darkness that ruled the world. We have been made to accept falsehood for truth and darkness for light. We are made to believe that whiteness is light and to promote whiteness, is to illuminate the world. These are the works of darkness; they are the works of the devil and are of the flesh, physical and not of the spirit. Jesus tells us that He is the life and the light. He gave us a pattern to fallow, a lifestyle that we must live that guarantees us to be in the light. “If any man walks with Me, he shall not walk in darkness, but has the light of day”. We must walk in the footsteps of Christ so that we can have the light of Christ. Jesus is the way and the light. His way guarantees each one of us to be a light in the world.

Falsehood: Vs truth

Separation Somewhere around the curve of time God is waiting to reveal to the world the reason why the Blackman lags behind. Falsehood is what seems to be; it is naught and shall pass away. For a long time the Blackman was told that he was inferior to the white man, today we know that it is falsehood, a lie concocted by the forces of darkness, the forces that restrained humanity; it does not stand the test of time and now is passed away. Truth in the other hand is what is. It will not change with time.

Justiffying: the Condition of the Blackman

CLEAN_SLATE_PRIJECT Let us begin with the assumption that evolutionary science does not have the answer, the answer to the premise that white people are superior evolving species than black. I believe that the supporters of this theory of evolution are wrong in their assumption, because they based their theory solely on the achievements of Blacks comparing to that of whites. They draw their conclusion that whites are superior to blacks not taking in account that there are forces at work in the world restraining blacks and keeping them from advancing forward. I am going to make that clear to you in a minute.

If evolutionary science cannot justify the disparities that exist between the achievements of blacks and whites, then I must look for the spiritual to explain them. In order to look in the spiritual for answers, let us first start with the premise that man is a spiritual being and that he is encased in a physical body and has a soul to operate. I believe that the condition of the Blackman on earth is spiritual. I believe that it is so because I am basing this conviction on the Christian belief that man is a spirit being and that he is the seed of God destined for perfection and that God is spirit and that man is made after God’s own image. Everything that we do and everything that we are rest on the spirit; it is the spirit that gives life. Jesus said that “God is spirit and apart from Him, there is no life”. It is the spirit that gives life to whatever human conditions that we see around us; therefore if the condition of the Blackman on earth does not measure with that of the Whiteman, I must look for the cause in the spirit. The supporters of the theory of evolution believe that the Whiteman has superior intellect; therefore they are higher evolving species. However they don’t take in account that the intellect is a tool for the spirit in man and that the restrictions imposed on the Blackman are of the spirit not his intellect.

A Scientific: Proof!

Apart of a single gene mutation responsible for the physical differences between blacks and whites, there is also a spiritual cause responsible for the disparities in their achievements. Science will prove that there is an active force in the world that is responsible for restraining blacks and keeping them from advancing forward. This force is Negation. It is interwoven in our perception. It is what allows us to differentiate between ourselves and the rest of the world. It is what gives us our self awareness. Blacks are a casualty of spiritual warfare, between the forces that restrained humanity behind and the forces that are propelling humanity forward. How man acquires his sense of self is a flaw in human spiritual development. It is a product of the devil, the spirit of separation that has separated man from God. Closing the gap, help overcome the disparities that separate blacks and whites require a new understanding of self; how man acquires his self identity. You cannot be in the light of God without first deny that process Jesus said.

This: I believe

Alternative_Education Immunized_them
I believe that as long as there are opposites in the world, race is going to be an issue. I believe so because of the adversarial system that is running the world. It is unfortunate that blacks had to be used as fuel to maintain this system of opposition. It is unfortunate because blacks are made to become symbols of Negation. What is negation? Negation is an inertic energy that is restricting the human soul by affinity to color, keeping him from advancing forward. I can prove that it is so; because without this force there would not be any disparity between the achievements of the two races and no adversarial system in the world. Human beings would not be egocentric, self centered. This force keeps black people from advancing forward in order to create contrast in our perception. Human beings assert their egos by resorting out differences among themselves. It is this sorting out of differences and by using these differences to assert their egos that perpetuate the works of Negation. What makes Negation such a devastating affair is that it forces us to consume the fruit of separation, the knowledge of good and evil, the forbidden fruit. Human beings are perpetually consuming the fruit of separation, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. By consuming the fruit of good and evil we are fuelling and maintaining the adversarial system that is driving the world. I believe that the Blackman is a victim of this adversarial system because of his color. His color represents the absence of visible light or the beginning of the progression of visible light. We gain our perception of things in the world through the effects of visible light. The interplay between lesser light and maximum light create duality in our perception, hence gives us the impulse to negate or affirm. It is this duality in our perception that is maintaining the adversarial system in the world and caused blacks to be used as fuel to maintain it.

Dispensation: a Matter of Whiteness

Why the Whiteman excelled and flourished in the world? Is it the result of his superior intellect as evolutionary science wants us to believe or is it the result of spiritual forces that operate in the world design to propel or restrain humanity. The correlation between the achievements of the Whiteman and his color has a direct correlation between his color and the forces for Attainment, not of his superior intellect. The same inertic force that restricted and denied the Blackman his possibility to achieve has also a correlation with his color and the forces for Negation. These two forces interplay together to propel and restrict humanity. They are the driving forces behind humanity achievements. They are universal forces that run our world or humanity as a whole. They are the adversarial forces that are driving our world. Without an awareness of how they work and operate in our world, we are forever remained at their mercy, like puppets, we are pulled here and there by their impulses, doing their bidding.

Keep up: With the Myths

Why poverty and violence are interrelated and why are they associated with the life of black people. Recently I heard from a radio host an extreme viewpoint about black people. This viewpoint speaks of the underline feelings of white people toward blacks. I must assume that the viewpoint expressed by the host on that radio station was also his own, because he was quoting from a book that he was in complete agreement with. “If you were to abort all black babies born in this country, the crime rate will go down”. This extreme viewpoint among many others like it are symptoms of the ignorance that people have about the real cause for why blacks are living in the condition that they are in. This incident points me to a greater urgency to reveal the cause for the condition of the Blackman. I want to do so in order to prevent the world from repeating the mistakes of people living during the dark ages. These people were burning their fellow human beings at the stick, just because they did not understand their gifts, their geniuses and the unusual abilities. They considered the gifted as witches and they put them to death at the stick. Now I can avoid a repeat of the past by helping people change their point of view on the condition of the Blackman and help them see the condition of the Blackman as a greater part in the scheme of things. I can bring knowledge of the real cause for why crime and violence is so pervasive in the black populations than whites. Scientists will tell you that sometimes if you can not pin down the real thing because it is too evasive, you can look for its signature or its effects on other things. In this case the condition of the Blackman has of the tell tale marks of Negation, the fact that the greater whole of the population is black; but also because they are tricked to reject the solution against Negation. Negation is a force that has tried to restrain and hold the Blackman at the lowest level of human existence, the level of survival where people are driven by their immediate need to survive and will do anything to be alive. This is the main reason why crime is prevalent among blacks than whites. When we speak of the condition of the Blackman I am referring to the matter of fact, the state that describes the life of the Blackman. You have to look at Negation, the fact that the greater whole of the population is black; but also because they are tricked to reject the solution against Negationas the cause. In general for every ten whites that are living well in the world there is only one black that escape the clutch of Negation and able to live well as a Whiteman. Of the two forces I described earlier, one of which I am focusing on is Negation. I am focusing on Negation because of the way it affects black people. I am focusing on Negation because it is the machinery that is restraining blacks and holding them behind, it is the machinery that maintained poverty and stagnation in the world.

The Intricacies: of Darkness

Here is how Negation works to restrained black people and keeping them from advancing in the world. As some of you may be familiar with the hierarchical structure of human needs put out by psychologists. In this psychological model, it is believed that human beings are driven by needs. These needs are arranged in a hierarchical structure, starting from the lowest or basic needs, and survival to the highest needs, self less love or divine love. Negation keeps the Blackman in a state of fixation, forcing him to keep his attention on his basic needs, preventing him and denying him the possibility to partake in the fulfillments of his other needs. In order for the Blackman to fulfill his other needs, he must engage in a struggle with the Whiteman who is the recipient for Attainment. In the mind of the Whiteman all that could be attain in the world belong to him, after all he is affirmed in the world, the world of attainment belongs to him while the Blackman is negated and his existence denied. Had God not made provision for the Blackman, he would have been doomed to stay at the bottom of the hierarchy of needs. I believe that God intended this knowledge to be made available for the world to know about it. I am taking the lead to reveal it to you as God has revealed it to me. God does not want us to revert back to the dark ages; this is why He is making such knowledge available to us.

“For that he sent His son to undo the works of darkness, He sent his son to be the light of the world, to bring to light the works of darkness”.

Pinning: Down darkness

Zbob The reason why it is so difficult for us to pin down the cause for the condition of the Blackman is because the works of the devil are shrouded in mystery. He is doing his entire works through us subconsciously. We are doing the bidding of the works of darkness daily, without knowing it. Jesus is the light of the world; He is making knowledge available to us. The devil is the instigator of darkness; his works are a reflection of a false light, not the true light that comes from within. His works are falsehood, the truth in reverse and shall pass away.

A World to Come

A time will soon come when dispensation on earth will not be given to us by our affinity to the forces for Attainment or Negation, but by righteousness. Transformation of our slums and ghettoes will not be achieved by technology but by awareness, awareness of the forces that restrains us and keep us behind.

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