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   Don't Complained!
    Why not?
  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation; God’s word has the power
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.

Claim Your Rights!
    What rights?
  • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
  • Only by becoming sons of God through Christ can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, you need the spirit to help free yourself, Jesus will baptise you with spirit and fire; Christ is the answer against Negation

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Looking back: at what we learned

"Revisiting the past in order to assess the present", we do that all of the time. Every now and again we must look back at the past, where we came from in order to understand where we are and where we are going. This is what this page is all about. We want to review what we have discussed, talked about on this site with you so that you can have a better understand of where we are and were we are going. There is an Aim, there is an objective and there is a goal that we want to achieve.

We want to take you somewhere; we want to help you understand the forces that affect your existence. Surely you are affected by forces that are shaping your life, rather you are aware of them or not, they affect you. God wants to fee you of their influence, make you a free agent, a free human being. For a long time blacks did not know what affect them, what forces are at work in the world keeping them down, restraining them, keeping from advancing forward, but today they do. Thanks to site like ours, Bitesiseawareness.com that is dispensing knowledge and understanding, unveiling the works of darkness. Below is recapitulation of everything that we have discussed thus far on this site. Chances are, we miss certain things, feel free to roam the pages, click every links, and you will find them. Send us a note if you have comments or want to add something.

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What We Talked About: Recapitulation

Art_and_Culture Some where on this site you will find all of the information presented here on this page; this is a recapitulation of everything that we discussed thus far on this site. On the main picture you are looking at two columns; on the left side, we put everything that has to do with the forces that are restraining humanity behind, all of the problems and their causes that created the human condition that we see and on the right side of the picture the one solution for all of them. There is only one solution; God has already provided in the form of Jesus Christ. He is the solution, the antidote against the system of separation and division brought into the world by the devil. Linking the one solution to the problem is time and the one element that can reduce time is Christ. On the left side of the picture, we put a symbol for Negation, the cause for stagnation and retardation in the world. We talked about social stagnation, the cause of poverty, retardation in human development. We also talked about Negation as a force, the greater whole of Negation as the cause or the percentage of the population that is under the forces of Negation. We talked about the Under-developing World or Third World and the reason why there is a Third World. We talked about The Babel Syndrome or Third World Syndrome as the cause and the main reason for why there is a Third World; we also talked about why there is a failure of leadership in the Third World.

Treasure Trove of Learning: Haiti is a Treasure Trove of Learning

Culture We talked about Haiti as a Treasure Trove of Learning, a microcosm of Africa, a humanity past, a consciousness that belongs to a distant humanity past, when human beings used to depend on intermediary spirits for guidance, to gain knowledge of the plant world for medicine, etc. Today we have medical science to give us what we used to gain from our interaction with spirit guides. Haiti is a battleground where we learn the lessons that we failed to learn earlier. We also talked about countries as classrooms and why people are bundled together in countries, by regions, etc. We talked about Haiti as a miniature Africa, where we can learn what is happening in the greater world of Africa, the human condition that exists in the countries of Africa. We talked about everything that has to do with human social and spiritual development, poverty, social stagnation, developmental retardation, etc. Right now some of the things that we talked about on this site are been played out in the current government of Haiti. Haiti presents to us with a unique opportunity to learn about human spiritual development, why we have failed states, social stagnation around the world. We talked about The Babel Syndrome also called the Third World Syndrome, the greater whole of Negation, etc. All of the problems that we have right now in Haiti have one fundamental cause and that cause is the greater whole of Negation, the percentage of the population that is under the spell of Negation. Had the Haitian population more than fifty percent white or lighter skin, Haiti would not be in that struggle. The system that is running the world in some way is responsible for keeping Haiti in the condition that she in. However you slice it or try to balance the equation, Negation is the main factor responsible; this system does not favor black people to prosper and excel in this world. This is fact of life, if you study this site, you will discover the main reason, the fundamental cause for why this system does not favor black people to prosper and excel in this world. Without the disparity that separates blacks from whites, there is no adversarial system in the world. We also talked about the greater perspective for why a person will take on a physical body, ascending and descending are the two main [things] that regulate how we experience the world. We also talked about why white people enjoy the abundance of this world and why black people don’t, what forces are at work in this world preventing blacks from partaking in the abundance of this world; the reality behind the privilege of white people in the world. The details, the reasons for all of those things can be found right here on this site. The Babel Syndrome, the cause for the human condition in the Under-developing World, the Third World, social stagnation, developmental retardation are all played out right now in Haiti in the Presidency of Michel Martelly. He cannot explain adequately his vision to the Haitian Parliament simply because he is fixated on his own needs, not the needs of the collective, the Haitian people. The members of the Haitian Parliament are no different; they are in a state of fixation; their attention gets fixated on their individual needs, which in turn rob them of their ability to see the reality of the world around them. They cannot respond to the needs and the demands of the environment around them. This is the main reason why there is an Under-developing World, a Third World in our midst. They are slow to react to the changes in their environment; their cognitive ability is diminished, while the subtle changes are happening around them. We also talked about terror, the different phases of terror in human history. We talked about the terrorist as a product of failure in our human development, the development of the seed of perfection, the seed of greatness that God places inside of us, what happen to it when it is not developed. We talked about how the development of the seed is tided up with terror; rather it was the atrocities of the slave owners toward their slaves during slavery, Hitler and the Nazi toward the Jews or Muslims extremist toward the West, such as Alquaeda, Bin Laden, etc.

Human Motivation: needs are prime motivators

Getting_Stuck We talked about needs as prime motivators and that they are the driving forces in our lives, the driving forces behind our behaviors. We also talked about human needs as levels of awareness, individually or collectively, such as a country, a nation. We also talked about how our unmet needs can become our fixation of attention, the real cause for The Babel Syndrome. “Cast all of our cares upon Him”, that is transferring our attention off of our needs to a higher power, free our attention to flow up and down the various steps of the Ladder of Awareness. We talked about the human consciousness as different levels of our needs and how our needs are different levels and also how they arranged in a hierarchical order. Some of us are at the bottom of the ladder of awareness where our attention gets fixated on single needs. There is a parallel between a need and a level of awareness.

The Dynamics of Life: Forces that Shape Humanity

Synergy_Convergence We also talked about the four dynamics of life, Attainment and Negation, Acceleration and Stagnation, the forces that shape human existence, the forces that propel humanity forward and the forces that restrain humanity backward. We talked about the dispensation system on earth, this system of things that is running the world, how the possibility to attain and partake in the abundance of this world is distributed to people by affinity to the color of their skin. We talked about why skin color plays a role in the dispensation system, the cause for the adversarial nature of this system. Finally We talked about the seed, the enmity that exists when the seed of perfection, the seed of greatness stops developing, why there is an enmity between those that are moving forward and those that are moving backward, why the good seed, the seed of perfection becomes the seed of wickedness when it stops developing. Why this enmity is the cause for the adversarial system that exists in the world, this adversarial stance that exists between those that are moving forward and those that are moving backward. We also talked about the one solution for all of the problems and what linking all of the problems to the solution.

The Left Side:
On the one side, we talked about the problems and their causes; and on the other side, we talked about the One solution; and finally we talked about what links the problems to the solution.

The Solution :

Remnant_of_Consciousness Finally we talked about God as the solution, because God is the consciousness that encompasses all, everything. Because everything is in God, He is the cause and the solution. We talked about how time links both problems and solution together. We talked about God in His aspect of time and the provision that He made available for us to accelerate time, how you can accelerate time, compress time and expend time through Christ. “With Him, by Him and for Him all things were made and nothing that was made, was made without Him, in Him was life and the life was the light of Man”. God is the object and the solution for our problems. God is like a time release capsule that slowly releases Himself into our system. We can accelerate the process through Christ; because God made Jesus Christ the provision, the valve that will release Him into our system. So if we can get access to the valve, we can shrink time. The problems of the world can only be resolve over time. The only way for us to expedite the process, is for us to understand what matters in life, what is essential in life, the purpose, the reason for this Universe, for this life. “Perfection is the ultimate of life”. God wants us to be as perfect as He is and for that we need to embody His spirit, be apprehended by Him. “With Him, by Him, and for Him”; the whole universe is of God; we cannot separate from Him and retain His nature. We are certain that we miss something that we already talked about before and did not remember to recap. Everything that we talked about thus far is related to the development of the individual, the seed of perfection, the seed of greatness that God places inside of us. We are sure that a light has been shone to the world through these tidbits of knowledge. God is making knowledge available to us all, unveiling the works of darkness. The world will be a better place, because of it.

A World: to Come

God wants to reconcile the world to Himself, making humanity whole again, no division, no separation, one spirit and one flesh. The world is split up right now, because of the devil. Since day one the devil’s intent was to split humanity and separates us from God. But God in His love and mercy had a plan to redeem us from the grips of the devil. God sent us Jesus Christ to destroy the works of the devil. “Now is the ruler of this world cast, the darkness of this world cast out.” A world will soon come when God’s will be done on earth as it is done in heaven, when humanity will be whole and one again.

On to the next subject
"soon to come"

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